Tuesday July 3, 2018

Show Notes for Tuesday July 3, 2018

"If you have no critics, you'll likely have no success." --Malcolm Forbes

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Vermont became the ninth state to legalize marijuana Sunday. The move is expected to add $20 million in revenue to the state’s economy. (https://goo.gl/EaV2zK)

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Daniel Hughett, 35, who was arrested in Alaska for DUI after he drove a
front loader through town. Three separate people called Anchorage Police to notify that someone was driving a massive front loader erratically through the downtown area and smashing into parked cars. Hughett allegedly stopped into a gas station and hit the building before buying something and leaving again. He eventually ditched the vehicle and began walking through a neighborhood at which point police located and apprehended him. https://goo.gl/shac4p
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Jurassic World 2 was the big winner at the Box Office this weekend, easily beating the Incredibles 2. (https://goo.gl/URrmH5)

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Police officers in Kentucky rescued a raccoon with its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter.

Toys R Us closed its last U.S. stores Friday. The company, which also owned the Babies R Us chain, was hobbled by $5 billion in debt. As the last of the U.S. stores close, more than 30,000 workers will be looking for work.

If your diet failed, there’s a chance your significant other is to blame. A new survey (by OnePoll) shows one in four Americans has failed a diet because their partner led them astray.

In Italy, a 54-year-old suspected thief ignored health warnings against over-exercising and apparently died from a heart attack after his victim chased him for over a mile.

A woman who is well known to the Secret Service was arrested this week after she hopped the White House fence for a fifth time. (
A survey by the Center for Disease Control found that just 23% of Americans get enough exercise. (https://goo.gl/638Fcm)

A video has gone viral of a Florida man talking on his cellphone while he rides on the hood of a car at 70 mph. (

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John Wayne starred in 142 films including The Quiet ManThe Shootist, The Searchers and Stagecoach.Veronica Lake (the film noir actress) starred in I Married a Witch, The Glass Key, So Proudly We Hail! and Sullivan's Travels. 
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Mereswine    (MER-swine)
-A dolphin; a porpoise.

From Middle English mereswin (“porpoise, dolphin”), from Old English mereswīn (“porpoise, dolphin”), from Proto-Germanic *mariswīną (“dolphin, porpoise, cetacean”) from Proto-Germanic *mari (“sea”) + Proto-Germanic *swīną (“swine, pig”), equivalent to mer- + swine.
So, in short, it means “Sea Pig”.

Used in a sentence:
“The obscure legend of the camelopard and the mereswine is the most tragic love story I’ve ever heard outside of the Jerry Springer Show.” 

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After scaling a barbed wire fence, a 19-year-old Georgia man ran across the tarmac at Atlanta’s busy airport and pulled himself up onto the wing of a Delta jet and began pounding on the aircraft’s windows as shocked passengers watched from inside. Jhyrin Jones was arrested minutes after running up to the airplane, which had just landed. Jones, who had stripped to his underwear, gestured to passengers while ranting incoherently. The agitated Jones mounted one of the jet’s wings and began pacing and banging on cabin windows. Jones was subdued by airport police and charged with trespassing, damage to property, and obstruction of law enforcement. He was also hit with a public indecency count for exposing himself to the plane’s stunned passengers and crew. (https://goo.gl/sg5LYn)

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A man wearing only boxer briefs and tennis shoes snarled rush-hour traffic in downtown Los Angeles last Wednesday after he climbed a busy freeway sign, hung protest posters, danced repeatedly, and apparently mocked his would-be rescuers. Reporters and passers-by shot videos of the man’s antics as he climbed around and on the freeway sign, eluding firefighters wearing harnesses and police officers trying to get him down. The southbound lanes of the freeway were closed as firefighters placed inflatables underneath the man and extended ladders to him. The traffic snarl spread onto connecting freeways and surface streets. The standoff ended when the man eventually did a backflip off the freeway sign down to an inflatable below. He was unhurt and quickly arrested. (https://goo.gl/TwCvHx)
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A Florida woman went to the emergency room with a lawn dart
impaled in her breast implant. - FAKE NEWS

Priscilla Ann Etheridge, 66, who was arrested in Florida for shooting at 
her son because she didn’t want him to get the last word in an argument. 
FLORIDA - https://goo.gl/gwkGJe
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German 12-Year-old Boy Plants 1Million Trees, Takes Over UN Program to Plant a Trillion More LINK TO STORY