Friday September 14, 2018

Show Notes for Friday September 14, 2018

Today we talk with Jordan Goodman "America's Money Answers Man"
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One of Jordan's books -
“The Ultimate Guide To Student Loans" (529 plans from state to state) (also have info on IBR programs) or call 1-855-870-6005
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September 14th
National Virginia Day
National Live Creative Day
National Cream Filled Donut Day

National Eat a Hoagie Day

"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more." --Tony Robbins

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I'm going to give you the name of a REAL place...I want you to tell me if it houses a GOLF COURSE or a REHAB CENTER!
Cottonwood Tuscon in Tuscon, Arizona ….. REHAB

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A man in San Antonio, Texas was arrested after sheriff’s deputies found 200 pounds of marijuana inside his home. The man, identified by authorities as 29-year-old Robert Hernandez, was arrested Friday after officials with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office's narcotics unit executed a search warrant at his home. The Sheriff’s office said, “Narcotics deputies seized several bags of marijuana which were inside a refrigerator and located multiple bags of marijuana throughout the residence totaling to approximately 200 pounds.” They added that the deputies also “seized a 9mm handgun with a magazine, packaging materials, and a digital scale in the residence.” Hernandez was arrested officially for possession of marijuana 50 lbs-2,000 lbs. He was taken to a local jail. (
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The hot fashion trend in Hollywood right now is for people to dress like Pee Wee Herman. (
John Travolta’s house from the film “Saturday Night Fever” is on the market for $2.3 million. (
“The Real Housewives of Dallas” Stephanie Holman said the reason that she thinks her season is the only one without a divorce is because of how dedicated her and her cast are to their marriages and families. (
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A Wallet Hub survey found that 55% of millennials are willing to go into debt in order to get one of the new iPhones unveiled this week. (

A North Carolina man was arrested after his pot brownies were eaten by four children in his family. He told the cops he thought he had separated the pot ones from the regular ones. The good news is the kids are gonna be fine. (

A growing number of Germans are accusing British women of ruining Oktoberfest by showing up in scantily clad outfits. (

Apple unveiled their new iPhones Wednesday at a star studded event in Silicone Valley. It’s called the iPhone 11. It’s the biggest, most expensive iPhone ever. (

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There's an island in Japan you can visit that's inhabited only by friendly bunnies.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Lalochezia (lah-loh-KEY-zee-uh)
-The use of vulgar or foul language to relieve stress or pain.

One example is cursing after hitting one's thumb with a hammer.

From Greek lalia (speech) + chezo (to relieve oneself)

Used in a sentence:
"Indulging in copious amounts of lalochezia is the one thing keeping me from defenestrating my computer!”

The co-owner of a lobster wholesaler in New England may soon face some real-life Maine Justice. The Portland Press Herald reports that Matthew Bellerose, a longtime employee and part owner of Maine lobster wholesaler “Sea Salt,” allegedly created an account for a fake customer who bought thousands of dollars’ worth of lobster without ever actually paying for any of them. It appears that Bellerose didn’t eat all the lobsters himself, but instead resold them. His partners claim that they lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 million to $2 million. Bellerose reportedly admitted to his crimes and apologized via text, but with those lobsters long gone, his former partners are seeking $1.4 million in damages.
Police said a 34-year-old Thompson, Connecticut man not only identified himself as a state trooper, but tried to pass himself off as the commander of a local state police barracks in order to score some free beer and shrimp cocktail. Adam Viens was charged Monday with impersonating a police officer after police said he could “take care” of an impaired driving arrest for a defendant. State police said 47-year-old Keith Barnes contacted troopers in August and said Viens, through text messages, identified himself at Lt. John Aiello, commander of Troop D in Danielson. Barnes said he was charged in June with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and bumped into Viens after an appearance at Danielson Superior Court. Viens reportedly claimed to be a state trooper retired on disability who could help with the situation. However, Barnes stated that, “At one point Adam said he lost his wallet in Boston and asked if I could hook him up with beers and shrimp cocktail.” State police said Viens has a long criminal record with six arrests in the last thirteen years with charges ranging from first-degree robbery and assault to criminal impersonation and failure to appear.
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A Jupiter, Florida woman was arrested for wearing a stolen dress to her 

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Football Fans Destroy Young Man’s Car, Community Immediately Rallies to Restore It.
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