Saturday October 6 & Sunday October 7, 2018

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Today we visit with Janice Robinson, a singer with a hit from 1995 who now appears on X Factor UK. She may win the whole thing! -

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October 6th
National Orange Wine Day
National Plus Size Appreciation Day
National Mad Hatter Day
National German-American Day
National Noodle Day

October 7th
National LED Light Day
National Frappe Day

National Inner Beauty Day

"What we think, we become." --Buddha

"It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving." --Mother Teresa

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A patron found a loaded gun in the bathroom of a New York restaurant run by Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.  (

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A Tennessee inmate found escaping prison was the easy part — getting back in proved much more difficult. Robert Fusco, who is already serving a 68-year sentence for especially aggravated kidnapping, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to accusations he escaped prison only to attempt to sneak back in days later with a cache of contraband. 37-year-old Fusco escaped from the Morgan County Correctional Complex, a minimum-security facility, on January 5th and was captured two days later trying to smuggle drugs, cellphones, and tobacco into the prison. He reportedly was trying to sneak in the illicit items to sell on the prison’s black market. Neither the state’s department of correction nor prosecutors have revealed how Fusco escaped the prison. Fusco was among eight people, including two former correctional officers, indicted earlier this month as part of the contraband scheme. (
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Actor Michael Rapaport is suing Barstool Sports for firing him and claiming he has herpes. (
Shia LaBeouf has moved on from Mia Goth and is now dating FKA Twigs. (
Bravo announced that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel will NOT be returning to the show following his allegations of sexual assault. (
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A software developer has made a new app that aims to get children off mobile phones by having their parents call out instructions as the kids play at the park. (

A new survey found that people between the ages of 16-24 experience loneliness the most. The study also found that the more Facebook friends a person has, the more lonely they feel. (

The Securities and Exchange Commission has yanked Elon Musk’s twitter privileges after he tweeted a joke about Tesla that jolted the stock market. (

Germany now has an adults only Oktoberfest where adults can drink beers and get naked in full sight of others. (

An Indian man has grown a 22-foot mustache that is now the world’s biggest mustache. The Indian man has been growing his mustache for thirty years and spends three hours per day grooming it. (

Amazon is bowing to outside pressure and raising employee pay from minimum wage to $15 an hour.  (
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Richard Nixon once smuggled a suitcase full of weed through the airport for Louis Armstrong.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Clinomania (KLIN-oh-MAY-nee-ya)
-An excessive desire to lie down and stay in bed; morbid sleepiness.

From clin-, word-forming element meaning "slope, slant, incline," from Latinized form of Greek klinein "to lean, slope,” + Late Latin mania "insanity, madness," from Greek mania "madness, frenzy; enthusiasm, inspired frenzy; mad passion, fury”.

Used in a sentence:
“Clinomania is really holding me back from achieving my life goals!”

In Georgia, two DeKalb County pre-K teachers resigned after students accused them of tying their hands behind their backs with zip-tie. Oak View Elementary School suspended the two teachers after a parent said they tied two young girls’ hands behind their backs as a form of punishment. The school’s principal sent a letter to parents on Thursday that said: “Steps were taken immediately to investigate the allegations that were made including removing the Staff members from duty pending resolution of the investigation.” The investigation is ongoing, but the news station reported the two teachers have resigned. The mother of one of the two girls, who had their hands allegedly zip-tied, told Channel 2 she’s furious that this happened to her 4-year-old. One mother was quoted as saying, “Oh my god, that’s like being in jail in handcuffs. How can someone do this to a 4-year-old child?” The names of the two teachers have not been released. (

After allegedly burglarizing a fraternity house, a 25-year-old woman reportedly was caught with her pants down by a house member. The woman, identified as Melissa Lenz, allegedly entered the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Oklahoma City University on Sunday through the front door, which was unlocked. She then went into a room, where she stole hundreds of dollars in cash and a set of car keys, according to the report. During that time, Lenz also reportedly defecated in the middle of the same room. Jennifer Rodgers, the Oklahoma City University police chief, told the news station a fraternity member, who has not yet been identified, walked in on her while she was in the process of defecating. At that time, Lenz “screamed and pulled up her pants” before slamming the door.
Though Lenz allegedly escaped the house through an open window before police arrived, she was later located and arrested. The stolen items were returned to the fraternity member. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A 17-year-old male has been arrested after police say he stole an AR-15 
and tactical gear from a Palm Beach Sheriff's deputy's unmarked police car. FLORIDA -  (
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North and South Korea Have Begun Clearing the Mines in the DMZ