Show Notes for Friday October 26, 2018

Show Notes for Friday October 26, 2018

Today we talk to Papatya Tankut, RPH, Vice President of Pharmacy Affairs at CVS Health about New Information about the Flu and Flu Vaccine.

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October 26th
National Financial Crime Fighter Day
National Tennessee Day
National Day of the Deployed
National Mule Day
National Pumpkin Day
National Mincemeat Day
National Pharmacy Buyer Day
National Frankenstein Friday

National Breadstick Day 

"No matter how dirty your past is, your future is still spotless." --Drake

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Authorities say a Florida man hid packets of heroin and other drugs inside his 5-year-old's shirt while police were executing a search warrant. West Palm Beach Police say they entered Frederick James' apartment on Friday. They say James grabbed the child and carried him against his chest as a shield. The Palm Beach Post reports James released the child without incident but police later found heroin and fentanyl packets hidden on the boy. The child was decontaminated in a neighbor's apartment. Two other children were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Heroin, fentanyl, and marijuana were all found inside the home. James faces several charges including child endangerment and drug sales.(
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A video has gone viral of Paula Abdul falling off the stage at her concert in Biloxi, Mississippi on Saturday night.

Ratings for Alec Baldwin’s new talk show fell by over 30% when he interviewed Kim Kardashian on Sunday night.

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A Dartmouth study found that rap videos pose a serious health risk because they glorify marijuana and cigarettes to young people.

A study by Wayne University found that sleeping with your ex can be good for your emotions.

Former Carolina Panthers receiver Ray Carruth has been released from prison after serving 19 years for murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

Hurricane Michael unearthed several 19th century shipwrecks after storms surges in Florida last week.

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis was thrown out of a Lakers game for shouting profanities and throwing a cup that hit another fan. The Lakers went on to lose the game.
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A writer predicted how the Titanic would sink in 1898, 13 years before it was even built.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Salubrious (sah-LOO-bree-uhs)
-Favorable to or promoting health or well-being.

From mid 16th century: from Latin salubris (from salus 'health') + -ous.

“Living a salubrious lifestyle is not always so easy with sedentary office jobs and tantalizingly unctuous comestibles readily available."

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Stephen Hyde, 56, a Utah man who attacked a group of teenage girls who were dressed as zombies to promote their performance at the Odyssey Dance Theater. Park City police say the girls were walking up and down Main Street to draw attention to that night’s performance of “Thriller” when Hyde mistook them for actual Zombies and attacked them. Hyde allegedly told one of the victims “if you touch my daughter I will attack you” at which point he did. A witness called police and Hyde was arrested.

Timothy Slade, a Vermont man who stole money out of a church donation box after mass. Police in Jamaica, Vermont say Slade and an unnamed accomplice brought burglary tools to a Saturday mass and broke into the box after everyone left. The two were seen on a security camera, and Slade was quickly identified. His accomplice has not yet been caught.
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A Pensacola high school teacher stole a firetruck during a fire drill because 
she was late to meet her drug dealer.

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