Show Notes for Tuesday December 18, 2018

Show Notes for Tuesday December 18, 2018

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Tuesday December 18, 2018

"When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'--Sydney J. Harris

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I'm going to give you the name of a REAL place...I want you to tell me if it houses a GOLF COURSE or a REHAB CENTER!
The Fortress in Frankenmuth, Michigan….. GOLF COURSE

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A Maine firefighter who pleaded guilty to driving under the influence while working as a paramedic has been sentenced to a 150-day license suspension. The Bangor Daily News reports 55-year-old James Perry was also ordered to pay a $500 fine during his sentencing Wednesday. Perry was responding to a suspected drowning in Bath, Maine in September as a paramedic for Mid Coast Hospital when police say they noticed signs of impairment. Police arrested Perry, and court documents show his blood alcohol level was tested at 0.08 percent. Police later determined there was no drowning. A spokeswoman for the hospital said Friday Perry is no longer employed there. Neither the Bath city manager nor Perry’s attorney have responded to requests for comment.(

Tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s final broadway show on Saturday night are going for as much as $40,000.(

Film critics say that Aquaman features the most stunning special effects since Avatar. (

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NASA’s new Mars Lander used its robotic arm to take a selfie on the Red Planet. (

A study by the Transportation Safety Administration found that commercial airlines are facing a shortage of bomb sniffing dogs. Speaking of, did you see that story where Delta is banning therapy animals on long flights?

A New Zealand study claims that James Bond was an alcoholic because of the amount of drinking he does in the movies. Researchers determined that Bond drank an average of 4.5 drinks per film, with his highest being six martinis during “Quantum of Solace.” (

Fourteen Disney Bus Passengers suffered minor injuries after a driver rear ended another bus at a toll booth. The bus driver has been suspended for six months. The crazy part is that after the two busses collided and all the passengers evacuated into the street, there was a couple on one bus who recognized another couple they hadn’t seen in thirty years. (

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There’s an American town with a population of one…Monowi, Nebraska is the only town in the United States with an official population of one person. Yes, she owes taxes… To herself! She’s in her 80s, and she’s employed as the village’s mayor, librarian, and bartender.


Hogs-Norton (HAWGS-NOR-ton)
- Any clownish fellow, unacquainted with the rules of good society.

From a variant of the name of Hook Norton, a town in Oxfordshire.

Used in a sentence:
A susurration of ‘Hogs-Norton’ was heard quietly whispered as old Mr. Brimblestynt gadded about the country club.”

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A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to posing as a doctor and treating patients. The Virginian-Pilot reports 31-year-old Vishal Patel admitted to providing false information in a Drug Enforcement Administration record and aggravated identity theft Monday. Court documents say Patel obtained a job at Stoneybrook Physicians with the help of fake diplomas, educational certificates, and state licenses. While employed by the Newport News clinic, they say, he saw nearly two dozen patients. He ordered examinations and prescribed medications. He was let go when clinic employees were unable to verify his credentials. While posing as a licensed Roanoke physician, Patel contacted DEA employees in 2017 and requested the Social Security number connected to a real doctor's license be altered to his own. Patel also submitted forged documents. He's expected to be sentenced in March. (
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Police say they arrested a porch thief Sunday after video showed him stealing a half-gallon urine jug, gym shorts, and a 27-pound bag of dog food. 27-year-old Andrew Felix of Miami Township was captured by Green Township police and Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies Saturday night and taken to the Justice Center, according to a police Facebook post. Anna and Toby Norman said they had been waiting for the urine testing kits to see if they could be a match for their cousin who needs a kidney transplant. Police say that Felix also stole $200 worth of women's clothing from another porch. (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida

A Fort Myers man was charged with indecent exposure after getting naked 
during a picture with a mall Santa
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Santa is FaceTiming Kids in the Hospital So He Can Surprise Them From the ‘North Pole’