Show Notes for Thursday January 17, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday January 17, 2019


Dear John,

I've already given up on my New Years resolution. I'm trying to lose weight and it just seems impossible. I hear you talking about that being your goal too. How is it going for you and maybe you have some tips on how to stay on track. I'm a single guy and I don't want to be a single guy forever. I think my weight is holding me back from finding someone. I have a friend who weighs about 40 pounds less than me and every time we go out together, he's the one the ladies are attracted to. Any advice?


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January 17
National Hot Buttered Rum Day
National Bootlegger’s Day
Get to Know Your Customers Day


In a small study, people who brought paperwork into a meeting or negotiation were seen as being better prepared. According to the study:
• The person who has a lot of paperwork with them is better prepared – 51%
• The person who has no paperwork with them is better prepared – 14%
• Don’t know – 35%

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Police have identified and are seeking to arrest a man who was recorded vigorously licking the doorbell of a northern California home early Saturday morning. Investigators say that 33-year-old Roberto Arroyo spent several predawn hours prowling around a Salinas residence. While the homeowners were away, the couple’s children were inside the house. A home surveillance camera captured Arroyo licking the doorbell from different angles. He was also recorded relieving himself in the front yard. When apprehended, Arroyo will face a prowling charge and a theft count (for stealing extension cords used in a Christmas light display). Additionally, since he is on probation, Arroyo will also likely be charged with violating terms of his release conditions. Arroyo’s rap sheet includes prior collars for public intoxication, assault, resisting arrest, and narcotics possession. (


38 days after its initial release in China, the latest movie in the DC Extended Universe has become the only DC Extended Universe release to reach $1 billion. That’s especially impressive when you realize that Aquaman, with just $287.9 million earned so far in the U.S., is so far the worst-performing DC movie domestically after Justice League. Most of Aquaman’s success has from audiences outside the United States. Aquaman also becomes the 37th movie in history to make more than $1 billion at the global box office.

Lindsay Lohan told reporters at the premier of her new MTV Show that she’s too busy running her night club to party anymore.
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Michael J. Fox got his first tattoo at New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoo. For the design, Fox, who’s 57, opted to get a sea turtle swimming through five rings on his forearm. He captioned on Instagram: “First tattoo, sea turtle, long story.”

A pair of newlyweds being filmed by a drone as a way to remember their beautiful day in Kyrgyzstan inadvertently caught a heart-stopping crash happen in the background. A red Chevrolet lost control on the highway and flew directly into a concrete barrier. The driver and passenger were taken to the hospital.

An animal hospital in China is providing dog owners with another level of service by setting up cots they can sleep on as they comfort their sick pets overnight.

Oreo is on a roll with new flavors, like dark chocolate, birthday cake, and mint chocolate chip ice cream... One of the latest Oreo creations reportedly hitting shelves soon falls in the category of ‘bizarre’. According to the Instagram account
@thejunkfoodaisle, limited edition Buttered Popcorn Oreos are coming.

Police in Pennsylvania announced Monday that they’d arrested a wanted fugitive out of Baltimore. Anthony Ward was wanted for attempted first degree murder for his involvement in a road-rage style shooting. Anthony’s nickname, according to cops, is “Doo-Doo Butt”.

A family in Georgia returned from vacation to find someone else living in their home.

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Thomas Paine gave our country the name, the United States of America.


Phronemophobia… Fear of thinking.

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A man who police say placed a 3-foot alligator on top of another man in Connecticut as part of an extortion attempt has pleaded guilty to reduced charges. The Connecticut Post reports 30-year-old Isaias Garcia entered his plea Thursday to unlawful restraint. Garcia originally faced kidnapping, assault, and larceny charges in what police said was one of the strangest cases they have investigated. Authorities say a 21-year-old man called his aunt in April to say he had been kidnapped and his abductor was demanding $800. Police say she received a photograph of him face down in a bathtub, with an open-mouthed alligator on top of him. Authorities later arrested Garcia at a Shelton hotel. He faces up to one year in prison during his sentencing on March 15th.

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A British man who was stopped by cops for doing 123 mph down the M62 told officers he was in a rush to get a kebab. Surprisingly, the Roads Policing Unit didn't accept that excuse for the driver doing almost double the national speed limit. And the day got worse for the kebab-loving racer boy, as police also found that he didn't have insurance for the car he was driving - nor did he have a driving license. He attempted to pass himself off as his brother. However, a fingerprint check revealed his true identity and he was slapped with a court summons from police. Sharing the story on social media, the force wrote that man “started speeding as he wanted a kebab from Manchester.”  (

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How does a butcher introduce his wife patty?  Meat patty 

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Grandmother Spent an Entire Year Cleaning Plastic Off 52 English Beaches in Her Spare Time