Show Notes for Friday February 1, 2019

Show Notes for Friday February 1, 2019

We visit with Dr. Joshua D. Mezrich about his new book When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon. Available now -

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February 1
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A Bio Tech study claims that humans will soon be able to download their souls onto a microchip that can be implanted into another body so they can live forever. (

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Police said a driver was arrested for driving under the influence after drinking vanilla extract last Wednesday evening. 50-year-old Stefanie Warner-Grise of New Canaan, Connecticut was booked for operating under the influence after police were called to the scene of a vehicle stopped in a New Canaan intersection. The 9-1-1 caller said that the driver’s eyes were closed. Responding officers said Warner-Grise had an odor of vanilla on her breath, her speech was slurred, and she was unable to answer basic questions. Several bottles of vanilla extract were allegedly found inside the vehicle. Police said Warner-Grise failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. She refused a blood alcohol content test. She was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. (


The Mathew McConaughey-Anne Hathaway film “Serenity” was the biggest box office bomb of their careers, opening with just $4.8 million dollars in sales.

11-year-old “This Is Us” star Mackenzie Hancsicsak sold Girl Scout Cookies during the Sag Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. (

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A Quentin Tarantino inspired bar is opening up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that has art work dedicated to his films. ( New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has a new book out tuesday about his time in Politics. (

A new report claims that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gives slightly less than 1% of his income to Charity. ( survey by the American Gaming Association found that Americans are expected to gamble $6 billion dollars on Super Bowl LIII. (

According to Austin, Texas police, an alleged bank robber was identified and arrested last Friday due to him using a dockless e-scooter as a getaway vehicle. 19-year-old Luca Mangiarano was charged with robbery after allegedly robbing the BBVA Compass bank. According to a bank employee, Mangiarano entered the bank, walked up to her station, and handed her a note. The note read, “This is a robbery. Please give me all your 100s and 50s in an envelope and everything will be ok.” The victim told officers that she was afraid of what he might do, so she complied and gave him the money. Another bank employee, who was unaware of the robbery at the time, told investigators he saw who he believed to be the suspect leave the bank and hop on a dockless e-scooter. A surveillance video from a nearby business showed a man matching Mangiarano's description riding away from the bank. Officers were able to identify the scooter being used as a Jump by Uber scooter. APD sent a subpoena to Uber requesting the account information used for the scooter used and were able to identify Mangiarano as well as his phone number and email address. (

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High heels were originally for men
When high-heel shoes first came into fashion, in the 10th century, they were intended for men. It wasn’t until the 18th century that more women wore high heels than men.

Barophobia: Fear of gravity.

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An SUV ended up in the water at a Florida beach when its occupants were too distracted by the lunar eclipse to watch the tide. The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said the occupants of the Honda CRV were able to safely evacuate the vehicle when the high tide rolled in while they were watching the super blood wolf moon. The sheriff's office said the SUV was pulled from the water Monday, but the extent of the damage to the vehicle was not yet clear. None of the vehicle's occupants were injured. A visitor to a Houston beach ended up in a similar situation in April 2018 when their SUV ended up in the water. Witnesses said the driver had been trying to launch a boat into the water when the truck was pulled in with the aquatic vehicle. (

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A 47-year-old Arkansas woman allegedly tried running over a man with a vehicle and damaged a gate as she drove away. The police department said in a statement that they were responding to an apparent argument between a man and a woman on Saturday. Authorities said Suzanne Starks of Pine Bluff is wanted for aggravated assault on a family or household member after the man told her to leave and she tried hitting him with a vehicle. The Pine Bluff Police Department did not list what time of day the incident happened. Police said they’ve made no arrests and haven’t found Starks. Court records show Starks filed for a restraining order against a man whose address is listed in the same block of Saturday's incident. (


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I went to the doctor and he told me not to eat anything FATTY. I said “Like bacon and burgers?”... he said NO... FATTY... don't eat ANYTHING!
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Oldest Nobel Prize Winner Waves Off 2018 Win So He Can Talk About Solar 
Invention That Will ‘Save the World’