Show Notes for Wednesday March 6, 2019

Show Notes for Wednesday March 6, 2019

Today we visit with Dr. Christopher Kelly about his new book “Am I Dying?!: A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms--and What to Do Next”

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A study by FakeSpot found that 52% of online reviews are fake.

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Video footage of a drunken JetBlue passenger throwing a tantrum has gone viral online. Valerie Gonzalez was reportedly taking a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Las Vegas on Thursday when she became upset that she was seated next to a 3-year-old. According to an arrest affidavit, the irate 32-year-old said, “I’m not sitting next to a f—— 3-year-old. I’ve been drinking all day.” Fellow passenger Orlando Alzugaray recorded the incident and shared it on Twitter, where it racked up nearly 60,000 views. In the video, Gonzalez appears to be talking to someone via FaceTime on her phone while complaining that she “didn’t do anything wrong.” Other passengers begin to film her conversation. At one point, she spits on the passenger in front of her, who she claims is recording her. Later, the woman shouts at passengers while gathering her things to leave the plane. After the woman exited to the terminal, she tried to board the plane again. A JetBlue agent prevented her from entering the plane and Gonzalez hit the employee over the head. Gonzalez was arrested at the Florida airport and charged with battery. (

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas was arrested in Miami for writing fraudulent checks. (

Oprah Winfrey is going to interview the men who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them as kids in the movie “Leaving Neverland.”

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The world’s longest and fastest dive rollercoaster is expected to open at Wonderland Theme Park in Canada this spring. Passengers will hit speeds of 80 miles per hour and drop 245 feet during a ride that lasts 3 minutes and 25 seconds. (

Saucony has unveiled an “avocado toast” themed running shoe that goes for $130 dollars. They’re called “Saucamoles.” The shoe has a green upper trim that’s supposed to represent the avocado and a brown lower trim that represents the toast. (

An Oregon man survived 5 days of being trapped on his snowmobile by eating Taco Bell Sauce Packets. (

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There’s a Brewery in Japan That Makes Beer From Elephant Dung. The brewery, Sankt Gallen, produces a beer called Un Kono Kuro, made with coffee beans that have passed through an elephant. It’s a huge hit.


Plutophobia… Fear of wealth.

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Woah, $300 for a McDonald’s hash brown? One Connecticut man may have to pay that price. Not to the restaurant chain, but as a fine to the Westport police. Jason Stiber was pulled over and ticketed for distracted driving last April for using a handheld phone behind the wheel, but he claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and that what he was actually holding was a hash brown. Stiber fought the ticket and lost, but was back in court in Norwalk last week to appeal the ruling. Stiber’s lawyer was quoted as saying, “The cop says he saw my client's lips moving — my client's lips were moving because he was chewing on his hash brown.” The lawyer submitted phone records that showed his client wasn’t using his phone at the time of the alleged infraction and pointed out that Steiber’s car is equipped with a handsfree Bluetooth connection. (

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An Ohio sheriff suggests if you're wanted by the law and have stolen goods in your car, don't park illegally in a handicap spot in front of his headquarters. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says that's what happened Thursday in Hamilton, a city about thirty-three miles north of Cincinnati. Jones says deputies approached the illegally parked car and arrested a 35-year-old man when he tried to flee on foot. Jones says the 31-year-old woman who'd parked the car came outside and saw the man being cuffed. Jones says the woman jumped into another parked vehicle and demanded that the driver, who had a baby onboard, help her get away. The driver refused and the woman was arrested. The sheriff's office said in a Facebook post that their vehicle was also filled with stolen merchandise. The pair was booked for outstanding arrest warrants.

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As Thank You for Being Saved From Butcher, ‘Pigcasso’ Has Produced Paintings Worth $145,000 for Rescuers
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