Show Notes for Thursday March 7, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday March 7, 2019


Dear John,

I have two very close friends who are both Realtors and I'm getting ready to buy a home. When I bought the home I live in now, I worked with my friend who has been a Realtor for about 10 years now. Since then another friend has just gotten her Real Estate license and started selling homes. They both know we're planning on moving in the spring. I'm not sure how to move forward with one of them and let the other one down. They work with different companies and they are both awesome at what they do. I feel like I may lose a friendship over this no matter what decision I make. Not sure that you can help, but I thought I'd at least ask! Any advice?


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March 7
National Hospitalist Day
National Be Heard Day
National Cereal Day
National Crown of Roast Pork Day

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

A study by University College in London found that depression and self-harm are on the rise with Millennials. (
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A man wearing a gorilla costume last week broke into a Louisiana residence, according to cops who fought with the suspect after finding him hiding under a mattress. Police in Sulphur responded Wednesday evening to a call about a suspicious man dressed in an all-black outfit--prowling around homes and peering into windows. When officers located the suspect--later identified as 34-year-old Jeremie Joseph Moran--he fled into a nearby residence, ignoring police demands to stop. During a subsequent search of the home, cops found Moran beneath a mattress. He was wearing a "black gorilla suit" at the time. Moran tussled with cops trying to handcuff him, but he was eventually subdued and placed under arrest. He was charged with multiple offenses, including unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, methamphetamine possession, resisting a police officer with violence or force, and wearing a mask or hood in public. (

Will Smith will play Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, in the movie King Richard. The film will center on Richard Williams overcoming hardship, skepticism, controversy, and his own troubled past to instruct his daughters, starting when they were four years old on the tennis courts of Compton, California — despite not having a background in tennis.

Will Smith will not be returning to the role of “Deadshot” in “Suicide Squad 2.” Will says there are no hard feelings and that the whole thing came down to scheduling. (

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A massive rainstorm caused a 111-year-old bridge to collapse in Greece. Locals were shocked that a bridge that stood for over a century could be brought down by rain, but the Greek Government assured them it was perfectly normal.

Facebook is suing four Chinese companies for selling fake accounts, fake likes, and fake followers on their site. (

A type of video called “gongbang” is popular on YouTube. Gongbang translates to “study broadcast” in Korean. In Japan, it’s known as benkyou douga, and in the US and other parts of the world, it’s simply called “study with me.” It’s a type of video in which people prepare for an exam on camera, while other people watch and study as well.
Fans of “study with me” videos claim when you’re studying by yourself, you can feel alone. But you can reduce your loneliness by getting the sensation of studying with other people.
Two people were hospitalized in Germany after they tried to save a prized possession before leaving their burning apartment. When firefighters entered the basement apartment, a man and a woman were disconnecting their TV and game system in an attempt to take it out with them. The room already had filled with thick smoke. Firefighters had to tell them to leave the electronics behind and get to safety. The two were treated for smoke inhalation.

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A Lizard Squirts Blood From Its Eyes as a Defense. An effective way to fend off predators is to freak them out, it seems. That’s the strategy of the horned lizard, which when it sees a coyote or similar predator, will squirt blood from its eyes into the mouth of the predator. It tastes disgusting and looks pretty gross too, ensuring that the predator retreats.


Zeusophobia… Fear of God or gods.

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Police say a Cleveland man attempted to threaten customers at a Taco Bell with an airsoft gun, and the customers took the gun from him and pistol-whipped him. According to court records, the 37-year-old man has not yet been charged in the Tuesday event. reports Taco Bell employees say the man came into the restaurant about 10:00 p.m. and started yelling at a customer, then spit at several more customers. Police say the customers confronted the man who pulled out the airsoft gun. The customers then overpowered the man, taking the gun from the man and using it to pistol-whip him several times in the head. Responding police found the man standing outside the store with a gash on his head. He is receiving a hospital evaluation. (

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A North Dakota man has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison for threatening to kill a federal judge in Minnesota. 65-year-old Robert Ivers of West Fargo was sentenced Friday. Prosecutors say Ivers made the threats after a civil bench trial in 2017 in which the judge ruled against him. He sent her threatening letters and he called a court employee to say he was “crazy angry.” Prosecutors say he described himself as a “walking bomb.” In November 2017 he tried to file another lawsuit similar to the one he lost. When two volunteer lawyers told him he didn't have a legal claim, he became angry and made threatening statements. He was arrested by U.S. Marshals. (
What do these 3 things have in common: 
(Dolly Parton movies)
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Researchers Have Developed Process for Turning Non-Recycleable Glass into Toothpaste (And Other Useful Things)

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