Show Notes for Thursday April 18, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday April 18, 2019


Dear John,

My boyfriend has been divorced for less than a year. Over the weekend, his kids slept at his house. I was fine with that until he told me that his ex-wife also slept over. He immediately claimed nothing happened, which makes me think something did because why would he say that and then defend himself when I didn't say anything. I don't think he should allow his ex-wife to sleep at his house because I know how sneaky women are. He swears nothing is going to happen. Am I overreacting?

Signed – Not Trusting Him Yet

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SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by
Scientists from Oxford University are studying an ancient octopus that’s believed to be 430 million years old. (

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A Florida man got behind the wheel of a golf cart last week after consuming alcohol. A lot of alcohol. According to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, a call came in around 7:30 p.m. on March 28th about a person who was believed to be under the influence sitting in his cart in the middle of the road in The Villages development in Lady Lake. A deputy arrived on the scene and made contact with the defendant, who was behind the wheel of a black Club Car. According to the police report, the driver, later identified as Dean J. Hooks, “seemed groggy and his eyes were watery and bloodshot.” Hooks had a difficult time answering simple questions, such as his name, and became “very defensive” when asked other basic questions such as his address and date of birth. The deputy wrote that he smelled a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Hooks’ breath and person. Before placing Hooks under arrest, the deputy searched his cart and found a 1.75-liter open bottle of Fireball cinnamon whiskey and a four-pack of 50 milliliter bottles of Fireball on the passenger seat. The report said Hooks refused to sign the DUI citation, so he got slapped with another charge — resisting an officer.(

Former CBS President Les Moonves reportedly gave up $22 million after being fired for sexual misconduct. (

A professional gambler named James Holzhauer set the single day money record on Jeopardy, taking in $110,000 on Tuesday Night. Holzhauer has since added to the total and is now up over $300,000. (

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that he only eats one meal per day.

Patti LaBelle is launching her own line of frozen Chinese food. LaBelle already has a successful pie line at Walmart. (

Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake have joined a private golf club in New York City that cost $25 million to build. (

Scientists have discovered evidence of a previously unknown human species that lived in the Philippines 50,000 years ago. (

Harpoon Brewery is partnering with Dunkin’ Donuts to create a coffee infused beer. (

A comedic actor with no political experience is poised to win Ukraine’s presidential election. (

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Did you know that the Egyptians thought the world was in the shape of a rectangle and that the heavans were held up by four giant pillars? They also warned sailors not to go to far away or you just might row off the giant rectangle called Earth. When the Queen of England heard this she sent 4 ships south, north, east and west to search for these “pillars”. When they didn’t find any (because the world is in the shape of a sphere) they questioned the Eygptians and they told her the pillars must have been farther than they predicted! Clever weren’t they?


Kenophobia… Fear of empty spaces.
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A Hawkins County man was arrested after deputies say he broke into a home in search of dry clothes. Deputies identifying the suspect as Jessee Carey. They say they found him walking down the road over the weekend wearing pink yoga pants, cowboy boots, a ladies' sleeveless sweater and a ladies' white jacket. He was also found with a ring and a duffle bag. Carey told deputies he broke in to get dry clothes after falling into a river. The homeowner identified the clothing as hers. Carey is now facing multiple charges

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Three naked women fresh from “showering" at a Florida rest area told cops they were “air drying” in public when spotted by a witness who called 9-1-1, precipitating high-speed chases that resulted in the trio’s arrest on multiple felony charges. Cops say that the witness reported that the women were at an Interstate 75 rest stop Wednesday morning, and that “all three of them” were “standing in the nude putting on suntan lotion.” When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived at the rest stop, the naked women explained that they had simply been “air drying” in the nude after showering. One woman said that the trio had spent the night at the rest area after leaving a local residence “due to an altercation.” Before the cop could complete her investigation, however, the trio jumped into their Nissan Sentra and drove off on the highway. The car was subsequently tracked to the parking lot of a convenience store that the trio--now apparently clothed--had entered. When a trooper sought to arrest one of the women leaving the store, the driver of the Nissan allegedly tried to strike him with the vehicle. (

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Endangered Whale Experiencing Mini Baby Boom In New England Waters

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