Show Notes for Wednesday April 3, 2019

Show Notes for Wednesday April 3, 2019

Today we visit with Stephen P. Williams, the author BLOCKCHAIN: The Next Everything. We will discuss how we'll all soon use a blockchain to pay bills, manage money, order an Uber, make a hotel reservation and so much more. This book demystifies blockchain and its numerous applications as it takes the tech world by storm. Using plain English, clever stories and uncomplicated explanations, Williams provides readers with a firm understanding of what blockchain is.

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A General Social Survey found that 61% of Senior Citizens support legalized marijuana to treat their aches and pains.
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A passenger flying with American Airlines was met by police upon arrival in Charlotte, North Carolina, after reportedly urinating on a female traveler’s luggage during the flight. According to a statement the airline provided to Fox News, the passenger, who was not identified, was described as being “intoxicated” on the aircraft. The airline also confirmed that it had requested law enforcement be at the airport to meet the flight, which originated in Chicago before touching down in Charlotte Douglas International Airport just before 1:00 a.m. last Thursday. Unfortunately, Thursday’s incident marks the latest in a long stream of urination incidents aboard commercial aircraft, following the Frontier Airlines passenger who peed on the seat directly in front of him in May 2018, or the drunken traveler on All Nippon Airways who urinated on a fellow passenger in August. (

HBO’s vice presidential comedy, “Veep,” began its seventh and final season Sunday. (

Nicholas Cage is trying to get an annulment after his wedding to his girlfriend of a year. He’s claiming that he was too intoxicated to know what he was doing.
Jennifer Lopez posted a series of stunning bikini pictures on Sunday that have already been seen by ten million people. J-Lo also attended a Yankees game with her fiancee Alex Rodriguez on Saturday. (

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The Rolling Stones have been forced to postpone their tour so Mick Jagger can recover from an undisclosed illness. (

Janet Jackson lead the class of inductees to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this weekend. It’s been a busy couple of years for Janet. She just had her first kid at the age of 50. Def Leppard also got into the Hall.

Chris Rock made fun of Jussie Smollett at the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday after producers told him not to. Jussie had been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award but didn’t win. (

Lauren Sanchez’s brother Jeff says he helped keep his sister’s romance with Jeff Bezos a secret for over a year. (

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Pope Francis Is an Honorary Harlem Globetrotter. He’s one of only 10 high-profile people to receive the honor, including Nelson Mandela, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Whoopi Goldberg, and fellow pope John Paul II.


Chronomentrophobia… Fear of clocks.

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After his 73-year-old mother refused to dress his mannequin, a Florida Man shoved the woman to ground and began stuffing dumplings in her mouth, a forced feeding that left the victim unable to breathe. The woman told cops she was in the home’s backyard when her 40-year-old son asked her to “dress his mannequin.” When the elderly woman declined, Dankner “stood in the screen door” blocking his mother’s path back inside the home. Cops report that the victim pushed the mannequin to the ground, prompting her son to abandon the doorway to pick up the mannequin. A confrontation in the home’s kitchen soon followed. Dankner then “grabbed small dumplings made for dinner and started to shove them into” his mother’s mouth. The woman told a deputy that she “could not breathe” while the dumplings were forced on her. Charged with domestic battery by strangulation and aggravated domestic battery on a victim over 65, Dankner is being held without bond in the county jail. (
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According to a criminal complaint, 40-year-old Mary Ann Parrish of Florida was arrested after repeatedly calling 9-1-1 to report that “her boyfriend was not being nice to her.” Cops say that Parrish dialed the emergency response number six times over a four-hour period ending Monday around 1:30 a.m. A sheriff’s deputy responding to one of Parrish’s 9-1-1 calls witnessed her again “on the phone with 9-1-1 while on scene.” Parrish was charged with using the 9-1-1 system “for purposes other than an emergency.” She is being held in the county jail in lieu of $150 on the misdemeanor charge. (
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New ‘Smart Toilet Seat’ Could Save Thousands and Monitor Vital Signs
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