The John And Heidi Show is a FAMILY show.... so we don't share ALL the stories we get.... some are a little too.... well.... too bad for radio! Here are the latest stories John plucked from the stack before Heidi saw them! ;-)

A Tennessee delivery man was arrested for dipping his testicles in salsa before bringing it to someone’s house. The man says he did it because the last time he was there they didn’t tip him. (

A Colombian woman known as “The Beast” has died after a five-hour, drug fueled sex session. (

According to a criminal complaint, a Pennsylvania man who allegedly threatened to kill his wife told police that he had “been doing meth and masturbating all day, and it feels great.” 46-year-old Eric Farnack was arrested Sunday night at the Lehigh Valley home he shares with his spouse. Cops arriving to the residence were met by Farnack’s panicked wife, who said that he was “out of control” and had threatened her life. Police reported that Farnack then exited the home “in a state of rage.” As he approached officers, the screaming Farnack was warned that he would be tased if he did not follow police directions. Charged with making terroristic threats, harassment, and disorderly conduct, Farnack was booked into the Northampton County Prison, where he is being held in lieu of $15,000 bail. (

A Virginia man is behind bars after projecting a porno film on his garage door in full view of his neighbors. 41-year-old Antonio Smallwood was arrested Wednesday evening in connection with the al fresco 7:00 PM screening on a tidy Newport News street. Charged with obscene sexual display and obstruction of justice, Smallwood was booked into the local jail. Smallwood, who is being held without bond, is now scheduled for a March 8th court appearance. He reportedly used a home cinema projector to screen the adult movie, details of which have not been released by investigators. The projector remains on the front porch of Smallwood’s home since he was collared by Newport News Police Department officers before getting the chance to return the equipment indoors.

Two strip club dancers have been charged with stealing a Boston police officer’s handgun, prompting the department to place the officer on leave and open an internal investigation. Police say 25-year-old Neish Rivera, 22-year-old Melissa Dacier, and the officer went to a Providence strip club before going to a hotel last Saturday. The officer locked his service weapon in his car’s glove box. He later realized it was missing after he gave Dacier his keys to get a phone charger. The gun was recovered. Police charged the women with larceny of a firearm. A lawyer representing them was not available for comment Friday. The officer’s name wasn’t made public. Rivera was one of three dancers previously charged with prostitution, leading to the brief shutdown of Rhode Island’s Foxy Lady strip club. She pleaded not guilty. (

According to a police report, Cops arrested a “naked and belligerent” Florida Woman for allegedly attacking her fiancée after he declined to have sex with her. Officers responding early this morning to a disturbance call at a Vero Beach apartment building encountered 21-year-old Samantha Jewel Hernandez sans clothes and in an ornery mood. Hernandez denied doing anything to her fiancée, “but was too intoxicated” to provide further information. The victim, also 21-years-old, told police that Hernandez “wanted to engage him in sexual intercourse,” which he declined. “Hernandez was angry at the fact that the victim did not want to have sex and began attacking him, striking him in the face and ripping his shirt.” Cops noted that the man had scratches on his face and neck and was wearing a torn shirt. Hernandez was then arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge based on her boyfriend’s statements and “injuries observed on scene.” (

Police say that an Indiana man who accidentally shot himself in the penis and scrotum does not have a handgun license and could face criminal prosecution. According to cops, 46-year-old Mark Anthony Jones suffered an “accidental self-inflicted gunshot injury” while walking early Thursday morning in Marion, Indiana. During an interview in the emergency room of Marion General Hospital, Jones said that he was carrying a Hi-Point 9mm handgun in his waistband when the weapon “began to slip.” Jones said that when he “reached down to adjust” the gun--which was not in a holster--the firearm discharged. “The bullet entered just above his penis and exited his scrotum,” police reported. Since Jones does not possess a state handgun license, investigators will forward the case to the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney for a determination on whether Jones will face any criminal charges. (

After being caught having sex in a hot tub at an Ohio water park, a couple was arrested last Tuesday evening on trespassing and disorderly conduct charges after they fled from security personnel. Cops allege that 25-year-old Kamden Mack and 22-year-old Taylor Coats were trysting in a spa at the Kalahari Resort when they were spotted by a lifeguard. When the lovebirds refused to leave, police were summoned to the water park, which advertises “hair-raising water-slides, world-class spas, kids’ play areas, and diverse dining options.” During Mack’s and Coats’s 8:00 p.m. hot tub frolics, cops noted that “several families” were “seated at surrounding tables with young children.” After cops arrived at the resort, Mack and Coats allegedly took off running from security guards. Mack was subsequently tackled, handcuffed, and placed in the rear of a police cruiser, from which he later bolted due to a malfunctioning lock. He was again tackled, this time by a cop, and returned to the squad car. Coats, who was apprehended inside her hotel room, was charged with two misdemeanors--persistent disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. Mack was charged with the same misdemeanors as Coats, but he was also hit with a felony escape count for running from the patrol car. (

Amazon is under fire for selling “child sex dolls” that give pedophiles an outlet for their desires.

Amazon is under fire for selling a sex doll of a young woman who is bound and gagged. (

According to court filings, a couple was arrested after they had sex in front of children while riding inside a gondola on a 150-foot observation wheel in downtown Cincinnati. Police allege that 31-year-old Lauren Wilder and 30-year-old Michael Mathisen engaged in an illicit tryst while on the SkyStar wheel, which is adjacent to the Ohio River and the Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark. According to criminal complaints filed in Municipal Court, Wilder and Mathisen were both intoxicated when they “engaged in sexual intercourse in the open in front of children and adults.” Wilder and Mathisen were each charged with disorderly conduct and booked into the Hamilton County jail on the misdemeanor count. According to the SkyStar web site, the wheel contains “36 climate-controlled gondolas” that can accommodate up to six passengers. Tickets cost $12.50 for the 12-minute ride. (

They say whoever smelt it, dealt it. And in the case of one office, it was the boss who dealt it too much, causing an employee to sue over the non-stop flatulance. David Hingst sued his former supervisor, Greg Short, for $1.2 million for being a constant farter at the engineering office in which both worked in Melbourne, Australia. Hingst said, “I would be sitting with my face to the wall and he would come into the room, which was small and had no windows. He would fart behind me and walk away. He would do this five or six times a day.” Hingst took the matter to court because he believed Short's farting was a form of bullying. During a trial last November, Hingst said Short would regularly “lift his bum and fart” on him. Short claimed he may have done it once or twice, but couldn't recall. The judge later dismissed the case, but Hingst appealed to the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court on Monday. Hingst believes the farting was part of a conspiracy to get him to quit the job. (

A Star Wars themed sex orgy has been scheduled for May 4th in Newcastle, England. (