Show Notes for Friday May 10, 2019

Show Notes for Friday May 10, 2019

Today we visit with Joe Milliken. He's been a music journalist, freelance writer, editor and website publisher for two decades. His first book is called “Let's Go!: Benjamin Orr and The Cars” Benjamin Orr was the co-founder, co-lead singer, and bassist for the platinum-selling rock band The Cars.

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A new study found that obese people who commute to work by car are more likely to suffer a premature death.(

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A Portland man now faces felony criminal charges after police say he created a homemade bomb containing dog feces and tricked a former friend into setting it off. 48-year-old Robb Alexander Stout, 48, placed the bomb into a plastic tool box and filled the box with dog feces he’d collected from his dog and dogs that had defecated around a courtyard. Police say he then set the toolbox up to explode upon opening. Stout admitted to police that he had set up the device because he was angry at his former friend for failing to return something of his. One of the things he and his friend had liked to do together was watch YouTube videos of people pulling pranks. Stout was arraigned Friday in Multniomah County Circuit Court on a felony charge of unlawfully manufacturing a destructive device. Police who searched his home say they found methamphetamine and a sawed-off shotgun -- leading to more charges.


Katherine McPhee’s friends threw her a surprise bachelorette party in London after she finished performing in “The Waitress.” (

Luke Perry is said to have been buried in an eco friendly suit that is made of mushrooms. (

CBS announced that former morning host Norah O’Donnell is going to host the evening news beginning in July. (
Pete Davidson spent $400 on McDonald’s to feed his friends, audience, and staff during the new “Avengers” movie. (

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A new report claims that a growing number of American companies want to ban all forms of physical contact in the work place. (

Homelessness has hit a record high in the cities of New York and San Francisco. (

A video has gone viral of three deer running onto the field during a baseball game at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 

A professor at Oxford University claims that aliens are already breading with humans on earth. (

The United States has now had 706 reported cases of the measles this year, which is the highest number since 1994. (

A study by found that having a poor sense of smell can lead to an earlier death. (

A survey by the Treasury Department shows that our GDP grew by 3.2% in the first quarter of 2019.(

Cracker Barrel is adding fried chicken to its menu for the first time in fifty years.

A video has gone viral of a man running the London Marathon dressed as Big Ben. (

The Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival in Watkins Glen, New York has been canceled due to health and safety reasons. (

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Hummingbirds Can Fly Backwards. As if these animals weren’t already cool enough—with their ability to beat their wings 80 times per second—they can also move forward and backward with the same speed and efficiency. Scientists studying the phenomenon filmed the fast birds as they moved toward a feed and the researchers blasted air, pushing it backwards and leading it to adjust its direction with ease.


Musophobia.. Fear of Mice

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A Gainesville, Florida man decided to sing karaoke when Alachua County Deputies tried to arrest him. According to an arrest report, ASO deputies were searching for 29-year-old Darian Glass who had an active warrant for battery. When they arrived, a woman said she did not know if Glass was home, but he came out of his room with a microphone in hand. When Glass was informed about why ASO was there, he started to sing karaoke. Deputies ordered him multiple times to surrender, but he continued to sing karaoke. Glass was arrested on a warrant for battery and is also charged with resisting arrest. He was taken to the Alachua County Jail. (

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An Iowa man facing child porn charges was arrested after he brought a “gravy covered computer” into Best Buy for repairs and a “Geek Squad” member discovered illicit images on the machine. Investigators say 54-year-old Robert Leo Watson brought his laptop to a Best Buy near his Des Moines home “because he had spilled gravy on the keyboard rendering this device unusable.” Watson, purchased a replacement computer and “paid an additional fee to have the files on his used gravy covered computer transferred to his newly purchased computer,” as reported by a Des Moines Police Department investigator. During the file migration, “Geek Squad” workers noticed “multiple images being transferred that they believed contained child pornography.” The Best Buy workers contacted cops, who seized both computers as evidence. (

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Police officers invite special needs students to PROM!