Show Notes for Thursday May 9, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday May 9, 2019


Dear John,

My younger sister is getting married this fall. I'm very happy for her. We love her fiance and his kids. He's a widower and has a very tight relationship with his girls. This is the weird part. His daughters asked my sister to wear their mother's wedding dress. Is that normal? My sister agreed to do it and is having the alterations done, but I think she's sad about it.She broke down in tears on the phone the other day when we were talking about it. Should I try to talk to her more about this or just butt out? I've never heard of anything like this. I'm still a little shocked that they asked and very shocked that she agreed. Am I making this a bigger deal that it is?

Signed – SadSister

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May 9th
National Lost Sock Memorial Day
National Moscato Day
National Butterscotch Brownie Day
National Sleepover Day

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A new study found that a growing number of people are giving the marijuana extract, CBD oil, to their dogs to treat with aches and pains.

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Nebraska State Patrol troopers arrested a California man Saturday who is accused of driving under the influence of drugs while driving 4 mph and, later, 147 mph on Interstate 80. About 12:40 a.m., a trooper spotted a Ford Mustang driving east on I-80 near Kearney at 4 mph. The trooper tried to pull the Mustang over, but the Mustang continued to drive slowly. Suddenly, the Mustang accelerated to 70 mph and the trooper started to pursue the car. The Mustang driver passed vehicles on the shoulder and drove recklessly, reaching speeds of up to 147 mph. About sixteen miles later, the driver stopped, waited until troopers came up to the vehicle, then drove away. Troopers eventually used spike strips to stop the Mustang. The entire pursuit lasted about 22 minutes. The 37-year-old driver, from California, was booked into the Hall County Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, willful reckless driving, and flight to avoid arrest. (

Eddy Murphy is said to be working on a sequel to his classic film, “Coming To America.” (

Channing Tatum posted a nude shower photo when he lost a game of Jenga to his girlfriend, Jessie J. The photo got 600,000 likes in 2 hours.

Actress Emily Ratajkowski posted a photo entitled “business casual” in which her jeans are exposing her backside.(

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Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin says mankind needs to migrate to Mars.

The makers of Crocs have released a new pair that come with a tiny fanny pack on the back of each shoe. (

Las Vegas has become the first city to legalize marijuana social lounges where people can smoke inside. (

The family of a Kentucky man has filed a lawsuit claiming he shot himself after appearing on “The Jerry Springer Show.”(

An Avengers fan was exposed to the measles at the film’s midnight premier in Los Angeles. (

A group of test dummies fell off of a New Jersey roller coaster and crashed into a hotel. (

The next King of Thailand got married to a former flight attendant in a surprise wedding just three days before his coronation. (

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has hastily resigned from the company’s board after eighteen years. (

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The City With the Most Single Men Per Capita Is in California. Conversely, ladies looking to land a man should head west, where the city with the highest proportion of single-guys-to-girls can be found: Hanford-Corcoran, California, with a whopping 1,859 single guys per 1,000 single women.


Atychiphobia... Fear of failure

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Who drives around on a motorized cart while wearing a blue bonnet, purple and red flowery dress, black jacket, and white tennis shoes and makes off with 28 cans of infant formula? A Florida man candidate, perhaps? Cape Coral police are looking to identify the man seen around 9:40 p.m. Saturday dressed as described while roaming a Cape Coral Publix. They said the man resembles a suspect from similar crimes in North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, and Naples. Police responded to the Publix where a worker said she saw the man in his 50s on surveillance cameras. The complainant claimed the man took 28 Enfamil formula cans and concealed them under his dress and left the store without paying. Their value was in excess of $450. (

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A woman from St. Petersburg, Florida has been arrested for slashing a man’s tires because he wouldn’t stop playing video games in the middle of the night. An affidavit from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office confirms that the woman has been charged with criminal mischief. An affidavit from Pinellas County deputies reveals that 41-year-old Sonya Kathryn Martin was trying to sleep at 1:30 a.m. However, the woman was unable to do so, as she kept being disturbed by a man playing video games. To try to get the man to stop playing, Martin disconnected the Internet router. Unperturbed by this, the man then began to play games on his phone. The affidavit doesn’t detail Martin’s relation to the man. Unsuccessful, Martin went outside. When she returned, she threw a knife to the ground. The victim rushed outside to find that all four tires on his car were going flat as Martin had slashed each of them to try and get the man to stop playing his games. (

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