Show Notes for Friday May 31, 2019

Show Notes for Friday May 31, 2019

We talk with Arnie Malham about his new book “Worth Doing Wrong: The Quest to Build a Culture That Rocks” AVAILABLE NOW -

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May 31st
Autonomous Vehicle Day
National Save Your Hearing Day
National Speak in Sentences Day
National Macaroon Day
National Utah Day
National Smile Day
Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day
National Heat Awareness Day

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A Politico / Morning Consult Poll found that 61% of “Game of Thrones” fans enjoyed the series finale. (
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According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, a Florida man found himself back in jail after chatting with an ATM and charging a deputy. 35-year-old Phillip Hardrick visited the Tom Thumb in Wausau around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday to get himself a snack, reportedly taking a Snickers bar and something to drink without paying. After getting his refreshments, Hardrick — as stated in the release — then began trying to carry a conversation with the store's ATM machine. Deputies arrived shortly after to find Hardick running through the parking lot. “Hardrick turned and charged at one of the deputies but was quickly detained.” The deputies managed to restrain Hardwick as he held a hand-rolled cigarette that he said was filled with spice, the slang term for synthetic marijuana. When they tried to find out who the ATM whisperer was, Hardrick told them there were people that were out to kill him so he tossed his wallet into a baseball field. (

Former CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley claims he was fired because he complained about the hostile work environment for women at the network.

Patricia Arquette says she was asked to lose weight for her Emmy award winning role on the show “Medium.” (

Chrissy Teigen posted a Twitter photo of a massive bruise she suffered on her leg after falling down the stairs on Friday night. (

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The World Health Organization has deemed “video game addiction” as an official mental illness. (

An EIGHT AND A HALF MILLION POUND BOULDER fell onto a Colorado Highway Friday Night and completely destroyed the road.

A private group has begun construction on a half-mile long wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico. (

New York City’s Ferry System experienced massive delays over the holiday weekend and caused beachgoers to wait in the sun for ninety minutes before getting picked up. (

A French Matador nearly died after being gored in the testicles by a bull on Saturday. (

O.J. Simpson claims he had a steamy hot tub hook-up with Kris Jenner in 1990 that lead to her divorce from his former Lawyer, Robert Kardashian. Kris Jenner has denied reports of a hot tub hook-up. (

An auction site is selling a chance to eat lunch with Vogue Editor Anna Wintour for $20,000. (

Former “E News” anchor Catt Sadler has started a podcast called “Naked with Catt Sadler” where she interviews guests in her bedroom and then asks them to take off an article of clothing. (

Jeopardy star James Holzhauer has now won over $2 million dollars on the show. (

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Janis Joplin Left $2,500 to Her Friends to “Have a Ball”. Janis Joplin set aside $2,500 in her will “so my friends can have a ball after I’m gone.” They did just that at her wake, held at the Lion’s Share in San Anselmo, California.


Metrophobia… Fear or hatred of Poetry.

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A thief took off with an Albuquerque Fire Rescue SUV in the middle of the night. Police chased him for hours, damaging vehicles in the process. In the lapel video, 34-year-old Anthony Pacheco told police the SUV was running when he hopped in. A three-hour-long police chase ended with Pacheco crawling out of the window of the AFR chief's vehicle that he's accused of stealing, then mooning the police. The chase started around 4:00 a.m. Police say Pacheco led them on a chase through the International District, driving over curbs, even through a cinder block wall. One officer popped a tire trying to keep up. Pacheco eluded police again, driving into one of their vehicles to get around spike strips. He now remains in jail after a judge granted the state's motion for pretrial detention. Pacheco has a long criminal history that includes drug possession and aggravated assault. (

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A woman posted a video on Facebook of what appears to be a Wendy's employee taking a bath in the sink. The young man is shirtless and barefoot in the kitchen before climbing into the sink full of soapy suds. “Go, go go go, oh s****,” a person says in the background, encouraging the behavior, “take a bath, take a bath. Get in there.” The person who posted the video says it happened at the Wendy's in Milton, Florida. “How's it feel?,” someone asks the young man in the video. “It's warm,” he replies as several people in Wendy's uniforms stand by and record it on their cell phones. “Wash your armpits, ooh yeah ooh” the voice behind the camera says as the young man did just that, grinning the whole time. The person behind the camera then says “let's see them toes, let's see them toes.” The camera momentarily flips to selfie mode to show the face of another person who appears to be in a Wendy's uniform. The Operations Manager for Wendy's says they are aware of the video and they are investigating. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
An Injection—A Small Drink—A Heavy Ball

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Teen Shoe Store Employee Goes 'Above And Beyond' For Girl With Autism