Show Notes for Thursday May 30, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday May 30, 2019


Dear John,

Dear John,

A friend from work invited me to a pool party but I don't like how I look in a swimming suit. Everyone else will be wearing their two piece slinky suits and looking great. I'll be wearing my pup tent one piece and looking like a whale. Would it be rude for me to not go? I told her I didn't think I could make it, but she has been pretty insistent about me going. Should I just tell her I don't like how I look in a swimming suit? Should I tell her I'll go and ge “sick” that day? That would probably happen anyway. I'm getting sick just thinking about it. I'm glad that she wants to hang out, so I kind of want to go since she asked, but I'm not sure this is the right thing for me. What should I do?

Signed – Self-Conscience Co-Worker

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May 30th
National Creativity Day
National Water a Flower Day
National Hole In My Bucket Day
National Mint Julep Day
Loomis Day
World Multiple Sclerosis Day

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

A new survey found that a growing number of pet owners are joining the anti-vaccination movement and exposing their cats and dogs to risk of rabies and parvo. (

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A woman in Oklahoma who was fired for allegedly showing up to work intoxicated ended up getting arrested Tuesday after reportedly assaulting her boss with billiard balls. 26-year-old Ashley Priola reportedly showed up intoxicated to the Red Dog Saloon but was given permission to work and dance on stage until things took a turn for the worse. The manager then fired Priola for coming to work intoxicated after she fell twice on stage. Once the 26-year-old was fired, witnesses told police she grabbed a billiard ball and threw it at her manager, striking her in the face. Priola then grabbed a second ball and threw it, but missed before leaving the scene. Authorities later arrested Priola for assault and battery, but on her way to the Oklahoma County Jail the 26-year-old allegedly became hysterical and offered officers “all of her money” if they took her back home. (

Denise Richards revealed that Charlie Sheen once brought a hooker to her house on Thanksgiving. (

Daniel Craig is undergoing ankle surgery after injuring himself on the set of the new James Bond. (

Megyn Kelly told reporters that she’s “very happy not being on TV.”

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The New York Times is reporting that two Navy Pilots spotted UFO’s flying at hypersonic speeds in 2014. (

The nation’s airports are bracing for a “summer of hell” because of a shortage of Boeing planes and TSA Agents who’ve been sent to the U.S. Border. Wow!

The World Health Organization has officially recognized “Burnout” as a medical condition. Burnout is described as a work-related condition the causes exhaustion, increased feelings of negativity towards one’s job, and reduced professional efficiency.(

Rihanna stunned the people of Great Britain by revealing that she’s been secretly living in London for the past year. (

Ice-T revealed that he “almost shot” an Amazon delivery driver who showed up at his home not wearing a uniform to deliver a package.

The NYPD is looking for a passenger who attacked a Lyft Driver during a ride in Queens. (

A leading relationship coach is predicting that the vast majority of people will be dating robots by the year 2050. (

A Japanese man died on a flight out of Mexico after ingesting 250 cocaine packets on the plane. (

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Female Platypuses Lay Eggs. Did we mention these are mammals? Despite that, these odd duck-billed creatures lay eggs, like a reptile or bird might, making it an intriguing example of evolution at work.


Monophobia… Fear of solitude or being alone.

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Two blokes working at a bike shop in Bury St Edmunds, England tried to kill time on a slow Friday afternoon by cremating the remains of a mouse that they had found. Unfortunately, the fire quickly got out of control and the resultant blaze caused £1.6 million worth of damage, completely destroying the shop where they worked and spreading to a nearby pub and restaurant. 23-year old Dysney Sibbons and 25-year-old Ashley Finley were “trying to amuse themselves on a boring day” when they used an accelerant to burn the deceased rodent. Judge David Pugh said that their “sheer stupidity” had been responsible for the destructive blaze at Cycle King in Bury St Edmunds, close to the town's cathedral and famous Abbey Gardens. A dozen fire engines and over sixty firefighters were called in to deal with the inferno. The first fire crews arrived at 5:00 p.m. and it was around midnight when the conflagration was officially over. The case has been adjourned until the week of June 24th for pre-sentence reports on the defendants to be prepared by the probation service.

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A man accused of stealing a valuable Mickey Mantle rookie baseball card from an Ohio store was arrested in Indianapolis while trying to sell it. Neuhart Cards and Sports Collectibles said a thief smashed through the front window, broke several cases, and then stole the Mantle card, which is worth about $12,000. The theft happened around 1:00 a.m. on May 12th. While several cases were broken, only the Mickey Mantle 1952 rookie card was missing. Various card shops in Indianapolis received phone calls from a man trying to sell the card; police said the calls came from a central Ohio phone number. Indianapolis Metropolitan police confronted 23-year-old Giancarlo Venditti of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, when he tried to sell the card to an Indy card shop on May 13th. Police said the card shop owners were aware of the situation. Police recovered the stolen card and took Venditti into custody. He will be extradited to Ohio to face charges. (

What do these 3 things have in common:
a mushroom, a baseball player and a bottle
(They have CAPS)

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Jamaican Businessman Organizes Trash-Collecting Tournament, Removes 
Over 11,000 Lbs Of Trash From Sea -