A UK man with a sick obsession for publicly masturbating near horses has been arrested twice within 24 hours for the same lewd offense. 61-year-old Malcolm Downes, who has a “long, long history” of pleasuring himself in front of the mammals, was arrested on Feb. 18th after he was spotted touching himself in a field in the city of Hull, England. A witness initially thought that Downes was urinating but it “soon became clear he was in fact masturbating,” prosecutor Neil Coxon said. Coxon added, “This activity went on for three or four minutes. His penis was exposed for about 10 minutes.” When police grilled Downes about the illicit act, he told detectives: “I was sat on a bench. I was feeling sexy so I started to…” Downes told cops he knew what he was doing was wrong. The suspect was then released on bail after saying he had been planning to see his doctor for libido-suppressing drugs. But within 24 hours, Downes could not resist his urges and was back at the same field, where he was caught by an off-duty cop. The offender ultimately was jailed for eight months. (
An affidavit states that a Florida man who police say was driving with
his pants down with a woman he did not know had his trousers lowered
because he was “working out.” The apparent case of the athletic
motorist happened March 23rd in Fort Pierce. Fort Pierce police
reported pulling over an Infiniti that ran a stop sign at North 13th
Street and Avenue M. Investigators said the driver, 47-year-old
Lionel Briscoe, had his pants “unbuttoned and open to see his
underwear.” A woman was in the front passenger seat of Briscoe’s
vehicle. Briscoe told police he didn’t know the woman, but an
officer recognized her as “a prostitute here in Fort Pierce.”
Asked why his pants were down, Briscoe told police he was “working
out.” A work out involving lowered trousers could not immediately
be identified. Meanwhile, when police asked the woman why Briscoe’s
pants were down she said, “What’s done is done.(

An Indiana man is suing his parents because they destroyed his porn
collection. (

TheUnited States Government is said to be mulling a tax on internet
pornography. (

A couple was arrested for having sex in front of children at the Hot
Springs in Bozeman, Montana. (

The UK’s ban on internet pornography for people under 18 will go into
effect on July 1st. (

A California mom was arrested for having sex with her two daughters’
boyfriends. The daughters are furious. (

The upcoming porn ban in the U.K. will restrict access to certain adult
sites even if you’re OVER 18. (

Former Presidential Advisor Roger Stone is speaking at a Virginia strip club
to raise money for his legal defense fund.(

Three Pennsylvania men have been jailed for having sex with farm animals.

An Arkansas woman murdered her husband for watching pornography after he
promised her he would stop. (

A Florida couple got arrested for having sex in their car right outside
a police station. (

An Ohio man charged with stealing more than $166,000 from his incapacitated 
mother used the purloined funds to pay for online sex shows, silicone sex dolls, 
wigs, pornography, adult toys, and more than 150 pieces of lingerie. 59-year-old 
Shaun Joseph was indicted Thursday for fleecing his 91-year-old mother, who is
suffering from severe dementia and is in a nursing home. Joseph is accused of 
paying for his purchases with his mother’s credit cards and bank accounts. As 
detailed in Municipal Court filings, a search of Joseph’s Dayton residence yielded
 evidence of his alleged online shopping sprees for fetish material and other
 merchandise. In addition to purchases from Amazon, Joseph used the stolen 
funds to pay for “on-line ‘Cam/Web Girls,’” investigators allege. Joseph told 
police that he used his mother’s credit cards to purchase online “tokens,” which 
he “then used to have the females do sexual acts to themselves while he watched.”

A judge has ordered a mental evaluation for the Tennessee man who had a
24-inch machete “so deeply tucked into and covered by” a roll of
belly fat that metal detectors failed to reveal the weapon’s
presence when he was recently booked into a Memphis jail. According
to a complaint affidavit, 30-year-old Freddrick Johnson was busted in
mid-December for aggravated criminal trespass at a bus station where
he was known to “masturbate publicly and otherwise disrupt and
cause fear amongst the passengers, patrons, and staff.” When
Memphis Police Department officers conducted a “thorough pat-down”
of Johnson, they found two folding knives, a taser, and multiple bags
containing what appeared to be controlled substances. After Johnson
passed through metal detectors inside the lockup, he was patted down
by jail personnel who “located an unknown object that had
previously been tucked deep underneath a large fat roll.” When told
that he would be subjected to a strip search, Johnson went into his
fat roll and extracted an “approximately 24-inch machete wrapped
with a pair of gym shorts.” (

A woman was arrested for trespassing at CIA Headquarters and asking to
see “Agent Penis.” The woman made four attempts to climb the
fence before getting caught and asking for Agent Penis.

Three women were arrested after Battle Creek police say they were involved 
in a fight after one woman had sex with another's boyfriend. Battle Creek police 
were called to the 3300 block of Capital Avenue Southwest at 10:14 p.m. 
A 33-year-old woman said she had problems with another woman, 29. 
The older woman said the younger woman along with some friends arrived 
at the home of the older woman and the two began to fight. The victim was 
bitten on the finger and cheek and when the fight was over the younger 
woman and her friends got in a car and nearly hit the victim as they left. 
Police stopped the car a short distance away and the younger woman 
said she had gone to fight. She told officers she had sex with the older 
woman's boyfriend and it was captured on video. The older woman 
obtained the video and sent it to the boyfriend of the younger woman. 
That upset the younger woman who said it was disrespectful and should 
have been between them so she went to settle the score. The younger 
woman and a friend, 19, were arrested on charges of felonious assault 
and the younger woman also was arrested on a charge of carrying a 
concealed weapon for having a gun in the car. A third woman, 29, was 
arrested for fleeing from police as the women left the residence on Capital 
Avenue and fled for a short distance when police attempted to stop them.
A man was arrested in Florida for refusing to remove a bumper sticker on his vehicle that 
read “I eat a–.” 23-year-old Dillon Shane Webb was driving a brown Chevrolet truck on 
Sunday when a deputy noticed the sexually suggestive sticker fastened to the rear window 
and alerted Webb that it violates a state obscenity law. Webb responded by claiming that the 
content of the sticker was “just words.” The deputy then asked Webb how “a parent of a 
small child” would explain what those words meant. Webb said it would be “up to the parent.”
The suspect also cited his First Amendment privileges when the deputy asked if he would 
remove just one letter on the sticker. He was charged with obscene writing on vehicles 
and resisting an officer without violence. (

After breaking up with her girlfriend this week, a Florida teenager posted several sexually 
explicit photos of her ex on Instagram, resulting in her arrest yesterday for cyber-harassment. 
According to investigators, after 18-yr-old Mariah Tillery and the victim broke up on Monday, 
Tillery uploaded “sexually explicit and private nude pictures of the victim.” Tillery “posted 
the pictures which display the victim’s nude body, and sexual acts in progress on Instagram 
to humiliate the victim.” An investigator noted that the images, posted to Tillery’s Instagram 
account, “contain the victim’s personal, easily identifiable tattoos.” Tillery was arrested at a 
Tampa-area residence. She refused to answer police questions and was booked into the 
county jail on a misdemeanor sexual cyber-harassment charge. (

In what may be a U.S. record, a Florida Woman had seven syringes stashed inside a body 
orifice when she was booked into a county jail late Tuesday evening. Police were called to 
a Burger King on May 7th in reference to “a female snarling and yelling at staff.” Cops were 
told that the suspect was refusing to leave the Largo restaurant. When officers arrived, they 
detected “several indicators of narcotics usage” on the part of Jeymie Wescott. The 
35-year-old Wescott consented to a search of her “property and person.” During a pat 
down, Wescott “pulled away” as an officer “searched the right side of her groin area.” 
Investigators say that Wescott was “given many opportunities on scene to tell deputies 
what the contraband was in her private area but refused to.” Warned that she would face 
additional charges if “the contraband was introduced into the jail,” Wescott “still refused to 
say what the contraband was.” It was only after Wescott was at the Pinellas County lockup 
that she relented and “removed 7 syringes from her private area” in the presence of three 
jailers. She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer 
without violence, along with introducing contraband into a penal institution.