Show Notes for Tuesday June 25, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday June 25, 2019

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A new study found that dogs can detect lung cancer in human blood with 97% accuracy. (
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A woman was arrested on charges of being drunk while driving down a South Carolina road Monday, but it’s what she was driving that caught the attention of Walhalla police. Responding to a call about a suspicious female, officers found Megan Danielle Holman behind a silver Power Wheels truck. Police confirmed she was “impaired behind the wheel” of the toy truck. The 25-year-old Walhalla woman said she was driving the motorized toy truck down Playground Road, near her home. Police said that Holman appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic or drug. She told police she was riding the toy truck as part of a scavenger hunt and said “she wanted to be a professional wrestler like her father and this was how to do it.” Holman was arrested and taken to the Oconee County Detention Center, where she was charged with public intoxication. (

Toy Story 4” brought in $120 million dollars in its debut weekend. The star of the new Toy Story is a plastic fork called “Forky” that Bonnie makes at kindergarten. (

Showbiz Insiders say production was delayed on the next James Bond movie because of the director’s video game addiction. (

Judge Judy Sheindlin is celebrating twenty-three years on television this week. It’s hard to imagine but she started back in 1996. (
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Newly released documents show that Drake paid $355,000 to settle a rape claim against him by a British woman last November. (

Russian Cosmonauts are refusing to hand over their sperm to Vladimir Putin’s scientists so it can be used to create a baby in space. (

A video of a group of parents fist fighting at a Denver Little League game has gone viral. The real story is that the parents got upset after a 13-year-old umpire made a bad call. (

Paris Hilton has come to the defense of Bella Thorne after the actress was involved in a nude photo scandal. (

A cell phone belonging to Kevin Spacey’s accuser has gone missing since prosecutors asked a judge to see it. (

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In Medieval Europe, a moment was exactly 90 seconds. If you were whisked back in time to Medieval Europe and someone asked you if you had a free moment, you’d better be sure that you had 90 seconds available before saying yes. That’s because, as late as the early 19th century, a moment was exactly 1/40th of an hour long.


Coimetrophobia… Fear of cemeteries

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A Hernando, Florida man is behind bars after Kenneth City Police officials say he attempted to break into a Buddha Temple. The Kenneth City Police Department says 26-year-old Jack Williams was seen at around 5:15 a.m. on June 19th on the roof of the Kenneth City Buddha Temple striking a glass bedroom window. Detectives say Williams proceeded to remove his shorts and shoes and run from the temple once he was confronted by the monks. Williams was later found in an apartment complex not far from the temple. Williams admitted to police that he climbed over a six-foot-high fence and climbed onto the second story of the temple's roof to get inside one of the bedrooms. Williams was charged with Loitering and Prowling. (

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Police reported that an elderly Walmart greeter was punched in the face by a shopper who was trying to leave the Texas store with unpaid merchandise. According to cops, 75-year-old Mohindra Radhawa was working Friday night at a Walmart in Cypress, a Houston suburb, when he was assaulted by 42-year-old Craig Valentine. As detailed in a criminal complaint, Radhawa scanned Valentine’s purchases and determined that an 18-pack of Gatorade “showed it was not paid.” Radhawa also “checked the receipt manually and did not see any Gatorade on it.” Valentine told Radhawa that “everything was paid for” and “snatched the receipt” from the Walmart employee’s hand. Then, when Radhawa persisted, Valentine chest-bumped the worker and dropped him to the ground with a right hook. The attack, which was captured by a security camera, left Radhawa, a 15-year Walmart veteran, with a bloodied lip, a bump on his head, and bent glasses. Valentine was arraigned yesterday on a felony charge of causing injury to an elderly individual. (
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