Show Notes for Friday July 19, 2019

Show Notes for Friday July 19, 2019

Harris Katleman, former president of 20th Century Fox Television. He has a new book out called “You Can't Fall Off The Floor, And Other Lessons From A Life In Hollywood” AVAILABLE NOW -

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July 19th
National Daiquiri Day

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A new study claims that spending ten minutes a day with a dog or a cat can help “pet your stress away” by relaxing you as you bond.

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A Florida man was arrested in Port Charlotte after a deputy said he ran at them during an unrelated traffic stop, pulled down his pants, showed the deputy his butt, then sat in a nearby wooded area and drank a beer. Brian Arrigo is now facing several charges including possessing an open container and exposure of sexual organs in a public area. According to the arrest report, Arrigo ran up to a deputy's patrol car during an unrelated traffic stop. The deputy ordered Arrigo to stop, telling him sprinting up to any law enforcement officer wasn't safe. As he was walking away, the deputy said Arrigo "pulled his shorts down and lifted his shirt up exposing his whole buttocks." Arrigo turned around and looked at the deputy before pulling his shorts back up and walking into a wooded lot. Once the deputy cleared the initial traffic stop, he walked up to Arrigo and found him drinking a 32-ounce Miller High Life. Arrigo was taken to the Charlotte County Jail. (

Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller, was spotted with two suitcases full of drugs in the Hamptons. (

Austin Butler has been cast as Elvis Presley in a new biopic about the singer. The amazing thing about this story is that people over the age of 30 are like, “Who is Austin Butler?” While people UNDER 30 are like, “Who is Elvis Presley?”(

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Four Children, ages 10 to 14, were busted after they stole their parents SUV and drove it 600 miles down the Australian Coast to go fishing. (

A video has gone viral of a Maine Police officer doing the “GET UP CHALLENGE.” Video of the Dancing Deputy has been shared over 25,000 times. (

A video has gone viral of a car slamming into a donut shop in Seattle. Luckily no one was hurt. The driver says he lost his brakes before he slammed into the donut shop. (

The NBA fined Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $50,000 after he leaked details to reporters from the league’s Board of Governors meeting.

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It’s illegal to kill Bigfoot in British Columbia. We still don’t have any definitive proof that Sasquatch is out there, but if you do happen to come across one, while you’re in Canada, you may not kill it. “It has long been rumored that a previous governor of [British Columbia] declared that killing a Sasquatch is illegal,” according to British Columbia Magazine. The magazine notes that “the laws of British Columbia do declare that wildlife is owned by the government and can’t be hunted without a specific license. For your own protection, it’s probably best to let Bigfoot go if he crosses your path.”

Logizomechanophobia… Fear of computers.

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According to the Perkins Township Police Department, a man being detained in the back of a police cruiser was hot and wanted the air conditioning turned up, so he called 9-1-1. Police were investigating a domestic case when they detained a man in the back of a cruiser while they got things sorted out. According to authorities, while in the cruiser the man started to get uncomfortably hot and tried to get the attention of officers. Unable to get the attention of officers on scene, the man decided to call 9-1-1 to ask police to turn the air conditioning up in the cruiser so he could cool down. Officers came to the cruiser and cranked the air for the man, making sure he was cool enough before heading back to their investigation. Police said the man was not charged with any crimes. (

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A flyer tried to travel to new heights as hilarious video showed her climbing onto a luggage conveyor belt at a Turkish airport, reportedly thinking it would take her to the plane. The first-time flyer checked in her bags at Istanbul Airport, but instead of heading to her terminal, she proceeded to climb onto the conveyor belt as terminal attendants and other passengers looked on. The woman stepped onto the belt and promptly fell onto her backside as it rolled forward. Confused airport staff jumped up to help her before she ended up in a pile of checked luggage aboard the cargo carrier, but the woman said she thought the conveyor belt would conveniently transport her to the aircraft. (
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Environmentalists Have Removed 40 Tons Of Trash From The Great Pacific
Garbage Patch