Show Notes for Wednesday July 10, 2019

Show Notes for Wednesday July 10, 2019

Laura St John is on a mission to spread kindness by teaching children to accept themselves and accept other children who may be different. Laura is a wife, and mom, and she works with children who have been abused and removed from their homes. She’s the author of two popular children’s books, Don’t Judge a Bug By Its Cover, and The Christmas House. AVAILABLE NOW -

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A British study predicts that staring at cell phones will leave humans with hunchbacks and drooped eyelids in the year 2100. (

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A Knoxville man is in custody after wrecking his vehicle into a telephone pole on Chapman Highway when Knoxville Police Department officers attempted to pull him over for reckless driving. William Franklin Martin was arrested after he was seen on Chapman Highway early Saturday morning swerving between lanes near Blount Avenue. According to the report, an officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but Martin pulled up to the order screen at McDonald's. Martin then sped away and led police on a high-speed chase until he crashed his vehicle into a telephone pole near Taliwa Court. Officers determined Martin was driving impaired after finding alcohol inside the vehicle. Records showed he was driving with a revoked license. Officers reported a handgun lying in the driver's side floorboard. Official reports said the firearm was reported stolen from Johnson City. KPD also said officers confiscated hundreds of dollars in cash on Martin.

Kevin Spacey was interviewed by Scotland Yard Detectives over six more incidents in which he allegedly fondled underage boys.(

Simon Cowell has lost twenty pounds since giving up red meat, dairy, sugar, bread, and gluten.(

Pete Davidson had a star-studded Fourth of July party at his mom’s Staten Island home. Guests included Judd Apatow & John Mulaney.(

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An AP Poll found that 1 in 4 Americans have no plans to retire.

Scientists are predicting that Southern California has an 11% chance of getting hit with another earthquake in the coming week. (

A Chicago hospital is under fire for taking the wrong man off of life support over the weekend. The family thought they had watched a relative die, only to see him walk into their house a week later. (

Canadian Police are investigating a series of death threats against a movie theater owner who is screening a pro-life documentary. (

Nilsa Prowant, a star of MTV’s “Floribama Shore,” was arrested for flashing a crowd in St. Petersburg on Saturday. (

Joey Chestnut ate 71 Hot Dogs during the Nathan’s “4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest,” which is three less than last year’s total of 74. (

Stevie Wonder announced during his show in London that he will be taking some time off before having a kidney transplant in September.

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Humans move their eyes more 100,000 times a day. If your eyes tend to feel tired at the end of the day, it’s because they do a ton of work. Humans generally move their eyes around three times a second, which is more than 100,000 times every single day.


Papyrophobia… Fear of paper.

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Authorities say a Florida man accused of threatening his family ended a four-hour standoff with police after he was promised a slice of pizza. The Pensacola News Journal reports that 33-year-old Evan Charles McLemore was arrested and charged with resisting an officer and aggravated stalking. Police say officers responded to a report of a possible battery at the Pensacola home and found McLemore had barricaded himself in a room. Officers say McLemore claimed to have a gun, so they brought in a SWAT team. Crisis negotiators eventually managed to coax McLemore out with the promise of pizza. It wasn't clear if he actually received a slice. (

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A Wisconsin man was sentenced to 150 days behind bars on Monday for intentionally clogging the toilets in the women’s bathroom at his workplace. Patrick D. Beeman was handed the jail sentence plus three years of probation for repeatedly using a water bottle to create a blockage in the women’s bathroom at the community center where he worked. Beeman told police “he could not explain this behavior, but simply that he would get very strong urges to do this.” The man apologized for his behavior in a statement he read during the sentencing hearing. “I need to make things right and pray forgiveness every day,” he said. The toilet caper was uncovered when officers discovered an overflowed toilet at the Deland Community Center last March. Cops then discovered that similar incidents had taken place at least ten times at the location since April of 2017. Judge Kent Hoffmann sentenced him to thirty days for each of the five counts of criminal damage to property, citing the need for a more severe punishment. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
a baseball diamond, a gravel company and the Hershey company?
(They have MOUNDS).

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