Show Notes for Friday September 13, 2019

Show Notes for Friday September 13, 2019

Today we talk with Jordan Goodman…. America’s Money Answers Man!

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A new study found that packs of EELS living in the Amazon will surround fish and electrocute them so they can eat them. The scientists say it takes the eels three days to kill the fish in the Amazon. This same study uncovered an eel that can deliver an 860 watt charge, which is the most powerful electric eel ever measured. (
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An Illinois man who bears an uncanny resemblance to the character Walter White from “Breaking Bad” is being sought by police for allegedly violating terms of a probation sentence he received last year following his conviction for possession of methamphetamine. 50-year-old Todd Barrick was sentenced last October to two year’s probation after pleading guilty to a felony narcotics charge in Knox County Circuit Court. Court records do not indicate what terms of Barrick’s probation sentence he is alleged to have violated. An arrest warrant has been issued for Barrick, who resides in the city of Galesburg. (

Wendi Williams told her viewers that she’s definitely going to get married again despite her ex-husband’s cheating. (

“Joker” received a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival. We did this story two days ago where they also gave a standing ovation to the new Eddie Murphy movie.(

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Google is developing a baby monitor that would tell parents when their infant is going to wake up. (

An escaped monkey has been tormenting residents in the town of Santa Fe, Texas. (

Hasbro is being criticized for creating a “Ms. Monopoly” where women start off with more money than men. A lot of women feel it demeans them by saying women can’t win the game without an unfair advantage.(

A video of two toddlers running to hug each other on a New York City sidewalk has gone viral.(

NBA legend Michael Jordan donated $1 million dollars to hurricane relief in the Bahamas.(

John Hinkley Jr., the man who shot Ronald Reagan, has told a parole judge that he wants a job in the music business. (
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A Massive Eruption Killed 71,000 People (Not That Long Ago). While Mount Vesuvius’ destruction of Pompeii is perhaps more infamous, its death toll was a fraction of the devastation wrought by Indonesia’s Mount Tambora. The 13,000-foot-high volcano blew in 1815, raining down lava on the surrounding island and killing an estimated 10,000 people instantly (with some estimates going as high as 71,000) in what is officially called a “super-colossal” eruption.


Military Insiders say North Korea carried out two large missile tests earlier this week. (

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Cops say that a man in South Carolina who discovered his wife was allegedly having an affair is the real homewrecker after he decided to get even by torching his home, which was uninhabited at the time. 40-year-old Antonio Meadows was arrested last Friday afternoon and charged with second-degree arson. The Andrews Police Department said the incident happened around 11:00 a.m. on Friday when Meadows allegedly doused the interior of his home with gas and then set it on fire. Meadows told police he found text messages on his wife's phone that led him to believe she was cheating on him. According to police, his wife and children were at a neighbor's home at the time of the fire and were not injured during the incident. The 40-year-old suffered the lone injury in the incident, reportedly burning his leg while setting fire to the home. He was treated at a hospital after officers arrested him at his grandmother's house less than an hour after the blaze. The home was completely destroyed in the incident.

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Cops say that two Florida nitwits are jailed on felony charges after they allegedly threatened a McDonald’s drive-thru worker with guns because their hamburgers were cold. According to an arrest report, Jawan Davis and Jordon Dunn early yesterday brandished two pistols “in a threatening manner” while at the drive-thru window of a McDonald’s in Palm Coast, a city 30 miles north of Daytona Beach. The men, both of whom are 20, became upset when a McDonald’s worker brought out grub that was not warm enough for their liking. The men told the employee that they wanted their food--which included five burgers—remade. According to police, one of the men explained that, “I don’t play about my food.” This point was allegedly emphasized when Davis and Dunn “pulled out two pistols” in “a threatening manner” for employee Tyrone Walker to see. The worker, who agreed to provide Davis and Dunn with fresh food, called 9-1-1 while the pair sat in their Ford Fusion waiting for hot burgers. When cops arrived around 4:00 a.m., Davis and Dunn were arrested at gunpoint by sheriff’s deputies who surrounded the pair’s vehicle. (
What do these 3 things have in common:
GUITAR--ICE--TOOTH?... (Types of PICKS).

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A Freshman Was Being Bullied For Wearing The Same 
Outfit Every Day. His Classmates Bought Him New Clothes