Show Notes for Wednesday September 4, 2019

Show Notes for Wednesday September 4, 2019

Today we talk with best selling author Candace Bushnell about her NEW BOOK Is There Still Sex In The City. Twenty years after her sharp, seminal first book Sex and the City reshaped the landscape of pop culture and dating with its fly on the wall look at the mating rituals of the Manhattan elite, the trailblazing Candace Bushnell delivers a new book on the wilds and lows of sex and dating after fifty. AVAILABLE NOW -

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September 4
National Wildlife Day
National Newspaper Carrier Day
National Macadamia Nut Day

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A new survey found that “Forest Bathing” is the fastest growing health trend in Colorado. Truth be told, there’s no bathing involved in the process. According to the research, Forest Bathing is a form of therapy where you sit in the woods and bath in the calming atmosphere. (

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A passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight was detained by Las Vegas police after he punched a pilot at the airport gate. Authorities said the man, who has not been identified publicly, hit the pilot at a McCarran International Airport gate after crew members decided the passenger was too intoxicated to board the flight. Airport spokeswoman Christine Crews says the man struck the pilot twice after the pilot intervened in an argument between the man and crew members near Frontier Airlines gates. Las Vegas Police Officer Alejandra Zambrano says the pilot refused medical attention and the 49-year-old man was issued a misdemeanor battery summons after the incident, which occurred a little before 2:00 p.m. last Wednesday. In a statement to Fox News, Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident and said the airline is working with Las Vegas police. (


Police are saying it’s a miracle that Kevin Hart survived a late night car crash in California on Sunday. (

Hollywood Insiders believe the new “Joker” movie could have a $100 million dollar opening weekend at the box office. (

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The Defense Department has launched a military project aimed at stopping fake news and disinformation. The program is aimed at stopping online bots and cyber scams. (

Cape Cod, Massachusetts had a slower than normal tourist season because of a rash of shark sightings off the coast. (

A Florida man told police he was vaping THC because he was preparing to meet up with Jesus. (

The Bugatti Chiron has become the first production model in history to break the 300 mph mark. The car has a limiter on its engine that will top it off at 261 MPH.

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The Largest Living Organism Is a Fungus. Not as cool as a giant gorilla or something, the largest living organism on the planet is actually a honey fungus that spreads across 2.4 miles in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Though you’d just see the individual yellow-brown mushrooms sprouting on the surface, they are actually all connected to a giant organism under the surface (yes, this sounds like the stuff of nightmares).


Pope Francis got stuck in a Vatican elevator on Sunday and had to be rescued by Firefighters. (

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A Florida man is accused of yelling at a woman and threatening her with a chainsaw. According to authorities, the attack happened last Monday night in Gainesville. 36-year-old Dustin Waters reportedly went up to the woman, who was with some friends at a home. Waters started fighting with the woman, who then locked herself in a friend's car. According to an arrest report, he slammed the hood of the car and cranked a chainsaw. Waters then ran the chainsaw along the front bumper and passenger window of the car. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, property damage and resisting an officer. Luckily, the woman didn't get hurt.(

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A Welsh driver was ordered to pay a fine after he was caught on video transporting a disabled car by balancing it on the roof of another car. 51-year-old Glyndwr Wyn Richards pleaded guilty in Aberystwyth Magistrates' Court to using a vehicle with a load likely to cause danger or injury after he was caught on video driving his Volkswagen Passat with a Skoda Octavia strapped to its roof. Richards had been driving through an industrial estate in Aberystwyth, Wales, and he told the court he transported the car less than 1,000 feet. He admitted the stunt was a “stupid thing to do.” Richards was given three penalty points on his driver's license and ordered to pay a $97 fine and $140 in court costs.

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Wichita Family Thanks Officer For Act Of Kindness