Show Notes for Thursday November 21, 2019

Show Notes for Thursday November 21, 2019

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Dear John,

We have a Thanksgiving tradition that has fallen apart over the last few years. We used to spend the day with our extended family all gathered at my parent's house. We would watch movies in one room and a football game in another, all the while catching up on the things that happened over the last year. About three years ago this all changed. My sister and several of the others have decided that they would rather go shopping, so shortly after our Thanksgiving meal, their group leaves, small group watches football and a few others start a movie, but it usually ends with the few stragglers leaving early and the day is done. I've asked my sister to wait until later in the evening to go shopping and have been meet with much resistance. Is that too much to ask? Am I overstepping my bounds by trying to get our family day back?


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November 21
National Gingerbread Cookie Day
National Stuffing Day
National Red Mitten Day
Great American Smokeout
National Rural Health Day

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A new study shows that 40% of people have misdiagnosed their health by Googling their symptoms. (

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Oak Creek police arrested a Wisconsin man on Sunday for allegedly driving drunk with a live chicken on his shoulder. 42-year-old Ernesto Martinez-Garnica was cited for drunken driving after a witness saw him “driving really reckless” and his car “swerving all over the road” -- with what they originally believed to be a hawk on his shoulder. “There’s a guy behind us. … He’s driving really reckless, but he has a hawk in his car,” a 9-1-1 caller said. When police caught up with the vehicle, they noticed a bird flapping inside. After a closer look, they saw it was a brown chicken, not a hawk, that the suspect decided to bring along for the ride. Police searched the vehicle and found numerous beer cans and noticed “a live chicken that was fluttering around the inside of the vehicle.” Martinez-Garnica was given a field sobriety test, which he failed -- netting him his third DWI arrest. The chicken, named “Teresa,” was placed in the back of the police vehicle with the driver's cousin -- who had also been riding in Martinez-Garnica's car.(


Kylie Jenner sold her stake in her beauty brand for $600 million dollars.

Bravo just announced a new franchise called “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” (

The dress that Princess Diana wore to dance with John Travolta is going up for auction. (

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Kanye West announced that he’s producing his first opera, titled “Nebuchadnezzar.”(

Kanye West preached during Joel Osteen’s mass at the Lakewood Church in Houston Sunday. (

Jay-Z is reportedly upset with Colin Kaepernick for turning his NFL audition into a publicity stunt. (

Rapper Will.I.AM is accusing Qantas airlines of racism. Qantas has countered that if he doesn’t drop his racism claim they’re going to file their OWN lawsuit. (

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A woman once tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building. She jumped from the 86th floor but was blown back onto the 85th floor by a gust of wind. Standing almost 1,500 feet tall, there’s no way anyone could survive that fall. However, when Elvita Adams tried to kill herself by jumping, a strong gust of wind blew her to the floor below. The worst injury she sustained was a fractured hip.

Dateline.... Australia
Janet Jackson fans walked out of her concert in Australia because they believed the singer was lip-syncing. (

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A Texas family said their homeowners' association put a damper on their holiday spirit by telling them to take down an inflatable snowman because it's too early for Christmas decorations. Claudia Simonis, a resident of the Lakeside at Canyon Springs subdivision in San Antonio, told NBC News in a phone interview Thursday that her family decorated their front yard November 1st with a large inflatable snowman, a reindeer, and a Santa helicopter. Days later, on November 4th, the neighborhood's homeowners' association, Diamond Association Management & Consulting, sent the family a letter saying the festive display was a violation and that the snowman needed to be removed. Simonis said the letter did not address any of the other decorations in their yard. Simonis and her husband, Nick, said that she is pregnant and expecting a baby December 25th. They put up their Christmas decorations a little earlier than usual in case the baby arrives early and because they wanted their two sons, ages 7 and 3, to enjoy the display.(

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A Florida woman is accused of setting fire to her boyfriend's home after catching him with another woman. 47-year-old Tyetha Moore, of Pensacola, was arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree arson. She was being held in the Escambia County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond. According to an arrest report by the Florida Bureau of Fire, Arson, and Explosives Investigations, a fire was reported at an unoccupied residence around 9:00 a.m. Nov. 7th. Moore was standing in the driveway of the home when firefighters arrived. According to the arrest report, Moore told an Escambia County Fire Rescue battalion chief she used to live at the home but moved out last month when she caught her boyfriend with another woman. In interviews with four neighbors, firefighters learned Moore had asked them for gasoline. The neighbors said they gave Moore a water bottle filled with gasoline. The fire was discovered a short time later. Investigators said the fire began on a sofa near the home's rear window.

I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.
A Pinellas Park man was arrested for making love to a stuffed OLAF toy inside a Target ….. FLORIDA (

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Dwayne Johnson Sings 'Moana' Song To 3-Year-Old Boy Fighting Cancer