Show Notes for Tuesday November 12, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday November 12, 2019

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November 12
National French Dip Day
National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day
National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

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A new study by Northwestern University found that emotionally stable people spend more money during the holidays. (

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We have your Florida man story of the week, and it comes from Southwest Florida. A family in Cape Coral woke up on Halloween night to a man sitting on their roof, in nothing but his underwear. We’d tell you how he got up there, but he doesn’t even remember. A woman who lives in the home heard someone walking on the roof in the middle of the night. She said he was up there for five hours in nothing but his underwear. Eventually, police and firefighters showed up with a ladder and helped the guy down from the roof. Neighbors think drug use led to the strange behavior. Once he got down, the man apologized and left quickly. The woman said although it was odd, she’s glad the man is ok. She’ll be having someone come over to check on the roof and make sure there isn’t any damage. (


Kanye West revealed that he received a $68 million dollar refund on his tax returns this year.(

Alec Baldwin has filed a defamation lawsuit against a New York Man who claimed the actor punched him for stealing his parking spot.

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A video of Axl Rose falling onstage in Vegas this past weekend has gone viral.

A Female Painter in Great Britain has been making exact replicas of the Queen of England by painting with her breasts. (

A video of a man punching out the windows of a Sacramento Coffee Shop has gone viral. The man got into an argument with a barista and caused $20,000 in damages. (

Fired McDonald’s CEO Steve Westbrook stands to pocket $70 million in severance pay from the company. (

Being freshly divorced or newly separated boosts the risk of a road accident by 400 percent, according to a French study. The heightened risk is attributed to two likely factors — emotional stress and the use of antidepressants.
The latest beer from Sam Adams has so much alcohol that it’s banned in 15 states.
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Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. This is a method mostly used by a mother and her pup to prevent them from separating. Other than holding hands, they may also wrap themselves in kelp to keep from drifting away!

Dateline.... ThailandA 17-year-old video game addict has died in Thailand after an overnight binge that lasted thirty hours. (

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Steve Morrow had no idea what he was getting into when he put in a peculiar bid on the New Zealand auction site Trade Me. The sale was for “one 1,000” hens, according to The ad also read, “As a matter of urgency we need to move approximately 1000 hens.” A small free-range egg farm was closing down and needed to re-home its birds. Morrow thought the auction winner would be allowed to take as many hens as he or she pleased, but, uh, that's not how it worked… “When the auction closed, I thought ‘this is great, I could take as many birds as I wanted,’” Morrow told Stuff. “But when I spoke to the man and he said it was for 1000 hens ... holy moly, I was stunned, I can tell you that.” Morrow said the wording of the ad was "confusing," but the seller, Matthew Blomfield, didn't agree. He told Stuff he thought the ad, which mentioned 1,000 hens three times, was clear. Now Morrow, the maybe-not-so-proud owner of 1,000 hens, is trying to find homes for the birds.

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One KFC customer in Shelbyville, Kentucky reportedly shot out the window of a KFC’s drive-thru after receiving her food and drink items. Apparently, she was unhappy that she did not receive a fork and napkin with her order. The incident occurred around noon on October 28th. No one was injured in the shooting, but the restaurant was forced to close down for the remainder of the day. A spokesperson for the Shelbyville Police Department said, “At approximately 11:50 am, officers were dispatched to KFC on a ‘shots fired’ call.” According to witnesses, the shooter was upset over not receiving the utensil and napkins. A local resident shared an image of the shattered window to Facebook and captioned it, “This happened at KFC early today, some women got mad over paper towels and a fork and shot a 9 mm at workers in Shelbyville today.” A spokesperson for KFC said, “First and foremost we are grateful that no one was injured. We are working with local authorities as they investigate the incident.” The outlet also reported that the restaurant has several cameras in the drive-thru and it’s believed that a clear picture of the vehicle was captured.

I read a headline and Heidi (and you) need to guess if the story is FAKE NEWS or something that really happened in the state of FLORIDA.

A 22-year-old man was arrested for trying to steal a 747 at the Orlando Airport FLORIDA (

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Scientists Create Virus Based On Cowpox That Can Kill Every Type Of Cancer