We try to produce a family friendly radio show... these stories were carried on 
other shows, but we choose not to air them. I know there are some who want to 
hear this... so here you go. Some funny... and DISTURBING stuff we didn't put 
on the radio! ;-) 

A new documentary about men who married sex dolls premiers on STARZ this week. (

The Government of Uganda is passing a bill that would give the death penalty for gay sex. (

Ronan Farrow’s new book claims that NBC President Andy Lack preyed on female underlings and pressured them for sex. (

University Researchers in The Netherlands suggest that sex robots created for human pleasure should be designed so that they can grant or withhold consent.

A study in “The National Enquirer” claims that scientists have successfully tested a genital herpes vaccine in animals.(

Newly released court documents show that Cuba Gooding Jr. told a woman to sit on his face and pee in his mouth. (

Former Disney Actress Bella Thorne received a visionary award from PornHub this week after vowing to help the site become better at flagging out illegal content. (

A Florida woman allegedly bit her boyfriend’s penis and threatened him with a knife after she accused him of wanting to have sex with another woman. The alleged assault happened during an hours long drinking session in Miami Beach that ended at about 3:00 a.m. Wednesday. 33-year-old Esperanza Gomez was drinking beers with her boyfriend when a female friend joined them at about midnight. The friend left a short time later — but Gomez became enraged and accused her boyfriend of wanting to bed the woman. She allegedly shouted at him, grabbed him by the arms, and “began to poke him with a knife.” She then “bit his penis out of frustration.” Gomez was arrested and hit with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $6,500.

According to court records, a naked Missouri woman who sat on her boyfriend’s face and demanded that he perform oral sex on her has pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge. 44-year-old Amy Parrino copped last month to a felony assault charge and was sentenced to three years in custody, though a Circuit Court judge stayed the execution of the prison term and placed the Columbia resident on five years’ probation. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped a felony sexual assault charge against Parrino, who worked prior to her arrest as an embalmer’s assistant at a mortuary. Parrino had been locked up in the Boone County jail since her arrest last December. She was released following her sentencing and ordered to have no contact with the victim. The affidavit reported that the victim had cuts on his arms and a cut on the bridge of his nose, which the man said was “from when Parrino sat on his face.” Red marks on his chest, the man added, were a result of Parrino striking him with a belt. (

An Iowa man charged with exposing himself to a woman at a variety store told cops that he “had seen someone do it in a pornographic film” and thought the victim, who was accompanied by her minor son, might “respond to it sexually.” 23-year-old Nicholas Sheehy was arrested Friday afternoon at the Dollar General in Ottumwa, a city about eighty-five miles southeast of Des Moines. Sheehy, an Ottumwa resident, was charged with indecent exposure, a serious misdemeanor. When confronted by police, Sheehy “admitted that he ‘whipped it out,’ referring to his penis. The defendant stated that he had seen someone do it in a pornographic film and believed that the female patron may respond to it sexually.” Instead, the woman contacted cops, who reported that Sheehy “admitted that he exposed himself for sexual gratification.” Sheehy was booked into the Wapello County jail, from which he was released after posting $1,000 bond. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on October 31st.

A Florida Man sexually assaulted a pair of “large stuffed animal toys” inside a Target store, according to police who arrested the fiend on a criminal mischief charge. As detailed in a criminal complaint, 20-year-old Cody Christopher Meader entered the retailer around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday and approached a display of merchandise featuring characters from the Disney film “Frozen.” Meader selected a “large Olaf stuffed animal” and proceeded to place it on the floor of the Target in Pinellas Park. He then began to “dry hump” the cinematic snowman “until he ejaculated on the merchandise.” Meader returned the soiled Olaf back to the display before entering the toy department, where he “selected a large unicorn stuffed animal and began to ‘dry hump’ this item.” After consorting with the stuffed animals, Meader, who lives in St. Petersburg, was detained while still inside the store. After being read his rights, Meader reportedly “admitted to doing ‘stupid stuff’ and admitted that he had ‘nutted’ on the Olaf stuffed animal.” Charged with criminal mischief, Meader was booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count. (

According to a recent news report, a British man who tried to have sex with a traffic cone inside a train station elevator steered clear of jail Thursday when a judge sentenced him to a drug rehab program. Two workers at the Wigan North Western station in greater Manchester observed 48-year-old Trevor Smith “thrusting his hips” as he sat on the elevator floor with his pants and underwear pulled down on April 14th. Smith told cops who discovered him atop the cone – with the residue of white powder on his face — that his trousers had simply “fallen down.” “I believe he was trying to have sex with the cone,” one of the workers said in court. “I was in complete shock. I have not seen anything like that in all my time working on the railways.” Smith told investigators that he spent the hours leading up to the incident boozing it up while watching soccer. Judge Martin Walsh let Smith off with a suspended sentence and ordered him to take part in a drug rehab program of up to thirty weeks. (

A St. Louis Sheriff who was told to, quote, “tone down his gayness” has won a $20 million dollar lawsuit against the city. (

Amazon has pulled a children’s t-shirt that said “Daddy’s Little Slut” from its website. (

A man in Iowa allegedly opened fire in a strip club parking lot after his debit card was declined for a private dance. 67-year-old James Allen Wells was a patron at the Porsches Theater of the Arts strip club in Waterloo on Friday night at around 11:00 p.m. when he got a lap dance and stiffed the club. After the card was declined, Wells stormed into the parking lot and pulled a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver from his waistband, firing off five rounds. Multiple cars were struck including: the rear window of a Dodge Durango, the tailgate of a Chrysler Town and County, and the windshield of a Chevrolet Impala. The gunman then fled the scene and police attempted to pull him over for speeding — but he refused to stop, leading to a short chase. Wells eventually crashed his vehicle into a curb and was apprehended after a scuffle with cops. Wells was charged with criminal mischief, reckless use of a firearm, assault on a peace officer, and reckless driving.(

A Louisiana man was arrested this week after police say he posed as a “mentally and physically handicapped” 18-year-old to trick a health care worker into changing his adult diaper while he became sexually aroused. 29-year-old Rutledge “Rory” Deas was booked into the New Orleans Parish Jail Wednesday on ten counts each of sexual battery and human trafficking after authorities say he posted fake ads online to lure in unsuspecting health care workers. Investigators found that Deas used social media advertisements to falsely claim that he was seeking home health care for his 18-year-old brother, “Cory,” whom he described as “mentally and physically handicapped.” Police said that as soon as he made an arrangement with a health care worker, he would then pose as “Cory” while “allowing the care provider to change his adult diaper and obtain sexual arousal under the false pretenses of being handicapped.” After 10 separate incidents involving the same unidentified health care worker, officials said the victim became suspicious and soon discovered that Deas had made up “Cory.” In addition to the sexual battery and human trafficking charges, he is also facing one count of possession of a scheduled II controlled dangerous substance.(

A convicted sex offender groped a Disney World cast member dressed as Princess Ariel, according to police who arrested the man on a battery charge. Investigators say 51-year-old Brian Sherman and his wife were at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom when the couple sought to be photographed with the female cast member. With the couple flanking her, the worker told cops a “very excited” Sherman first placed his arm around her shoulder as he told her how much he loved Ariel. The Disney worker told police that she was uncomfortable because she “has been trained by Disney that it is inappropriate to photograph a Disney princess when a guest has their arm wrapped around the princess character.” The victim, the affidavit notes, “was immediately uncomfortable with the defendant’s touch but was unable to move.” Sherman, then reached around the woman and “cupped and lifted” her right breast for several seconds. The victim said that only a “thin skin-tight fabric” separated her bare breast from “the defendant’s thumb and forefinger.” Sherman was subsequently identified by cops thanks to a photo taken inside the grotto by a Disney worker. He was arrested last Saturday evening at his Orlando residence and charged with battery, a misdemeanor.(

A New Jersey man was arrested for asking local farmers permission to have sex with their animals — and then threatening the farmers and damaging their cars when they refused. 31-year-old Richard Decker began sending the messages to Sussex County farms and horse stables in 2018, asking the animal caregivers if he could have sex with their cows and horses. When he was rejected by the farmers, Decker allegedly sent threats and placed homemade metal spikes on their driveways to damage their tires. In one case, he threatened to beat a farmer’s wife with a wooden stick when denied permission. Several of the property owners reported that their tires had been damaged by the spikes. Decker was arrested in Vernon Township on Oct. 3rd after police searched his home. Inside they found a homemade .22-caliber gun, arrows with explosives attached, and metal spikes similar to those used at the farms.(