Show Notes for Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Today we visit with Lisa Whelchel (Facts of Life) about her NEW SHOW, MeTV's original series "Collector's Call", which airs Sunday nights. It's all about collectors and their treasures, and it's a great show to learn about pop culture memorabilia, get nostalgic, and hear about the incredible value of genre collections. The series moved to 10:00 PM ET on July 12.

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July 15th

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According to a new survey, most Americans are still willing to help out strangers and perform acts of kindness towards others. (

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A man in his 50s escaped from a New Zealand Coronavirus quarantine facility, cutting through a fence to visit a liquor store. Officials said the man, who arrived from Sydney, Australia on July 1st, cut through ties in a six-foot fence to break out of a temporary managed isolation facility in the Distinction Hotel, Hamilton, on New Zealand's North Island. All people entering New Zealand must stay in managed isolation or quarantine for at least fourteen days and test negative for Coronavirus before they are allowed to move around freely, but several arrivals to the country have so far absconded from these facilities. In a statement released on Friday, Air Commodore Darryn Webb, head of managed isolation and quarantine, said the man, who had so far tested negative twice for coronavirus, was in police custody and due to appear in court. (


The new three-part docu-series follows comic Amy Schumer’s complicated pregnancy with her and husband Chris Fischer’s son, Gene, as well as her planning a new special while continuing to tour. (HBO Max)

NBC is reviving the quiz show Weakest Link with Jane Lynch set to take over as host. The new version of Weakest Link will “deliver the fast-paced and quick-witted pillars of the original British format created by the BBC with a few modern twists.” The hybrid game show sees contestants answer general knowledge questions to bank prize money across multiple rounds, with contestants voting out the “weakest link” at the end of each round.

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Denver based Boom Technology will unveil a replacement for the Concord in October called the XB-1. The supersonic jet will reach top speeds of Mach 2.2, which is 1,700 miles per hour, and it can hold fifty-five people. (

A Florida Man's viral outburst over Costco's mask policy cost him his job at insurance company. (

Africa now has more than a half-million confirmed cases of COVID-19. (

Italian beach nudists were fined as Italian authorities continue to enforce restrictions in order to curb the spread of the lingering Coronavirus pandemic. (

A gorilla at the Miami Zoo was tested for Covid-19 after he was bitten by his brother. Luckily, they both tested negative, which is good news for the zoo because they’re both essential animals.(

A Connecticut man broke into a locked down restaurant and spent four days eating and drinking. (

An Oregon man crashed a stolen car into a woman who was ALSO DRIVING A STOLEN CAR. (

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Hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan. Lake Superior State University in Michigan offers a unicorn hunting license. Unsurprisingly, the "chief herald of the Unicorn Hunters" was once quoted saying: "The pursuit of the unicorn is a lonely quest." We wish them nothing but good luck!


Dateline.... ENGLAND

A British grandmother who pretended to be blind and suffering from a debilitating illness scammed the British government out of an eye-opening $1.2 million in benefits. (

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An American couple was fined for defying orders to quarantine in Canada after crossing the border. David and Anne Sippell from Excelsior, Minnesota were told to drive directly to their destination and self-isolate for two weeks when they arrived June 24th through Fort Frances, Ontario. But 66-year-old David and 65-year-old Anne were allegedly seen flouting the rules in various destinations around the border town. They were charged with failure to comply with an order or subjecting to any condition the entry into Canada, under the Quarantine Act. Each was hit with a fine of $1,000 Canadian dollars — or about $738 USD — for not complying with the self-quarantine orders. According to the latest figures, Canada has recorded more than 107,000 coronavirus cases, including 8,732 deaths. (

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A driver who led authorities on a 100-mph chase drove off a cliff and into the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday in Santa Cruz, California. The chase started about 3:30 p.m. near Davenport when sheriff's deputies responding to a report of a man firing a handgun in the air came across a suspect who had just carjacked someone. Deputies gave chase as the motorist headed south toward Santa Cruz at speeds of more than 100 mph. Deputies called off the pursuit as they neared the city over safety concerns for bystanders. The suspect kept driving and ended up in the Pacific Ocean less than a mile west of the city's famed beach Steamer Lane. The department, whose officers responded to the beach, said the man got out of the vehicle and ended up on dry land. “The suspect was safely taken into custody after climbing out of the stolen vehicle, as he stumbled up the rocky shoreline,” the department said. (


I read a headline, you guess if the story is something that really happened in the great state of FLORIDA or is it #FakeNews made up to trick you and amuse me

A Lando Lakes Man was arrested for breaking into twenty-six cars in a prison parking lot shortly after he was released ….. FLORIDA (

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Woman Takes Dishwasher Job So She Can Visit Her Husband With Alzheimer's