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May 11th

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A recent study conducted by Temple University finds that a new Cannabis-derived drug shows promise at relieving pain better than CBD. (

A new study claims Millennials are causing a major drop in the U.S. birth rate.(

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Nebraska State Patrol troopers arrested a Florida man after discovering more than 400 pounds of marijuana hidden inside ATMs, a safe, and a tote during a traffic stop on Interstate 80. State Patrol spokesman Cody Thomas said that at about 10:00 a.m., a trooper saw a Mercedes Sprinter van fail to signal a turn while taking the exit near Giltner in Hamilton County. During the stop, a police dog indicated the smell of drugs, and a search turned up a plastic tote containing packages of marijuana, plus 14 ATMs and a large safe. With the help of the Grand Island Fire Department, the ATMs and the safe were opened, revealing more marijuana. Thomas said the total weight of the marijuana was 426 pounds. He said troopers also found about $9,000 cash in a duffel bag in the front seat. They arrested the driver, 36-year-old Gilbert Fernandez of Cooper City, Florida, on suspicion of possession of marijuana more than a pound, possession with intent to deliver, and possession of money during a drug violation. (


Will Smith posted a shirtless picture and claimed it represents “the worst shape of my life.” (

Katy Perry dressed as Tinkerbell on “American Idol” this week.(

A “Lord of the Rings” podcast from the actors who played “Pippin” and “Merry” is said to be in the works. The podcast will reportedly center around the making of the original trilogy. This will definitely get a lot of listeners because the movie franchise generated over $5 billion dollars in worldwide box office revenue.(

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A traffic cop in Romania was demoted after he gave a driver a ticket for “having a face like a moron.”

Days Inn by Wyndham is looking to hire “an aspiring photographer and adventure seeker” to explore some of the United States’ most desirable locations and capture images along the way. The photos would then be used for the brand’s website and social media channels. The company says the two-week job would take place in August and will pay $10,000. According to Days Inn by Wyndham: “During a two week-long internship, our Suntern will explore some of America’s most desirable locations and capture the moments along the way.”

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket company is sending tourists into space.(

Ever feel so whipped that you tell someone you’re “half asleep”? Well, it turns out you probably were. Researchers have found that parts of your brain actually do turn off when you’re fatigued — sometimes even before you’re consciously aware that you’re tired.

A guy in Brazil accidentally shot himself while pulling up his pants in the bathroom of a restaurant. The shot grazed his leg. He was able to walk out of the restaurant and go to a hospital.

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Water makes different pouring sounds depending on its temperature. If you listen very closely, hot water and cold water sound slightly different when being poured. The heat changes the thickness, or viscosity, of the water, which changes the pitch of the sound it makes when it's poured. What we feel as heat comes from the molecules of the water moving faster. Cold water is thicker and therefore makes a slightly higher-pitched sound. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... BELGIUM.... OR FRANCE?!?

A Belgian farmer is being accused of accidentally moving the French border and claiming some of the country for Belgium. (

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A wild, caught-on-camera brawl broke out between two families dining at a crab restaurant in Mississippi — the latest in seafood-centric dust-ups. Footage shows the customers first hurling curse-laced insults at the Juicy Seafood Kickin Crab restaurant in Jackson. But the scuffle turns violent when some of the brawlers begin throwing punches — along with chairs, glasses, and napkin holders. “The little children that were nearby could have easily been hurt,” Stella Jones, assistant manager at the restaurant, told the station. “This is our first experience of something like this, so we’re gonna have to put something in place.” Jones called police but the families bolted before cops arrived — leaving the eatery trashed. “Once they heard the police were on the way, they left,” said local city councilman Ashby Foote. No other customers or workers were injured during the brawl and the restaurant offered discounts to people who witnessed it. It wasn’t immediately clear what started the fight. (

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A Florida teen who allegedly schemed with her mom to rig an election for homecoming queen is being charged as an adult. Emily Rose Grover was 17 when she and her mother were arrested for hacking student accounts and casting nearly 250 bogus votes so she could snag the homecoming crown. But Grover turned 18 last month and the State Attorney’s Office in Escambia County confirmed Tuesday that she’ll be tried as an adult. Grover and her mother, 50-year-old Laura Rose Carroll, are facing multiple felonies for fixing the October homecoming vote at Tate High School in Pensacola. Carroll is an assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School in the same county. An investigation into the vote was sparked a month after the election, when Escambia County School District officials reported unauthorized access to student accounts, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said. Investigators said they found 117 votes originated from the same IP address over a short period of time.(

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I read the name of a REAL business located somewhere in the world...
Heidi has to guess if it's a Golf Course or a Rehab Center.

Desert Cove in Scottsdale, Arizona ….. REHAB

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Caseworker Adopts 19-Year-Old Who Spent Most Of Her Life In Foster Care