Show Notes for Monday, November 15, 2021

This #MovieStarMonday we visit Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live, A Night At The Roxbury, The Middle & More)

We will talk about his new romantic comedy, 40-Love. The all-star cast, including Patrick Warburton, Tommy Flanagan, Steve Schirripa, Chris Kattan, Colin Quinn, and up and comers Jasjit Williams, Katerina Tannenbaum and, Alena Savostikova.

HIS BOOK “Baby, Don't Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live” is AVAILABLE NOW


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November 15

National Bundt (Pan) Day

National Philanthropy Day

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day

National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

America Recycles Day

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Twelve percent of homeowners say they have never gone into their attic.

A new survey of 2,000 Americans finds that respondents estimate they pile up nearly thirty pounds of extra trash per week during the holidays. The biggest holiday waste offender is wrapping paper, with gift bags following closely behind. (

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A Florida man was arrested for throwing a television at this mother and attempting to strangle her. The man's mother says her son was intoxicated at the time of the attack. (


The creator of Squid Game has confirmed that second season of the show is in the works. (

Tom Hanks revealed that his three favorite films to make were “A League of Their Own,” “Cast Away,” and “Cloud Atlas.” (

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A dress worn by singer Amy Winehouse during her final live performance has been auctioned off for $243,200 dollars. (

The 2021 German Beard and Moustache Olympics was held in South East Germany. (

American Girl Dolls and the board-game Risk have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, which is the toy industry’s highest honor. (

The New York Post has reported that “woke” Prince Harry recently stated that the term “Megxit” is “misogynistic.” (

Britney Spears stripped down to nothing but a yellow thong for a cheeky Instagram pic posted earlier this week. (

An ancestry test has revealed that Lance Bass is related to Britney Spears. (

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Dolphins have names for one another. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... CHINA

China's first female spacewalker has stepped outside their space station. (

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Have you ever gotten a medical bill that was bigger than expected? A woman near Atlanta named Taylor Davis recently showed up at an emergency room with a minor head injury, and ended up walking out because they were too busy to treat her. But the hospital still charged her almost 700 dollars, just for walking in. She says she waited almost seven hours to see a doctor. So she got fed up and left. Then a few weeks later, she got a bill for $688 and assumed it was a mistake. But when she got in touch with administration at the hospital, they said the charges were legit. Their email said sorry, but that you, quote, "get charged before you are seen, not for being seen." Taylor reached out to a local news station, and they did a story on it. Now the hospital says they're "looking into" it and plan to follow up with her. (

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An upstate New York teen has been arrested for allegedly lying to cops about finding a sewing needle in his Halloween candy, police said. The 14-year-old boy claimed he made the horrifying discovery Monday when he bit into a fun-sized Twix bar that he got while trick-or-treating in the Sherwood Park neighborhood. The boy’s father filed a complaint, prompting a warning from authorities Monday about possibly tainted candy. But after an investigation, the teen admitted that he made up the Halloween incident after he saw the idea for the hoax on TikTok and “thought it would be funny,” police said. He was charged with falsely reporting an incident and released to probation, cops said. Parents in Fostoria, Ohio, were also put on alert over the weekend by authorities investigating a similar report. “Although we only are aware of 2 pieces of candy being involved, we take this seriously and are appalled that anyone would be so demented as to want to hurt children in our community,” Police Chief Keith Loreno said. Police have yet to make any arrests in connection to the alleged tampering. (

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4-Year-Old Australian Girl Found 'Alive And Well' After Going Missing 19 Days Ago