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December 28

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According to a new survey, the average American goes almost 21% over budget on weekend getaways. 42% planned to visit family and 33% visited friends, suggesting personal obligations may have been one of the biggest factors affecting travelers’ vacation plans. (

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Two Florida deputies were suspended after they were arrested in Key West for an alleged off-duty brawl with Navy sailors over the weekend, authorities said. The fracas early Saturday morning on Duval Street, a popular destination for nightlife in the city, sent one of the sailors to the hospital via helicopter, Key West police said in a press release. Police said officers witnessed the fight between Monroe County deputies Connor Curry, 23, and Trevor Pike, 25, and the sailors. Pike was seen allegedly socking a 27-year-old victim in the face while Curry pushed him, causing the sailor to fall and hit his head, authorities said. The sailor’s condition was unclear. Both deputies were charged with disorderly conduct and Pike is facing an additional charge of felony battery. The two uninjured sailors were also charged with disorderly conduct. The deputies were suspended without pay. (


Trevor Noah is suing a hospital for causing him severe pain and emotional distress. (

The new “Matrix” movie will be released on the internet. (

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A well-preserved embryo has been found inside a fossilized dinosaur egg. (

A family in Colorado has decorated their rescue dog like a Christmas tree for a viral video. (

A brawl broke out on the floor of Ghana’s parliament as lawmakers debated a proposed tax on electronic transactions that has divided the house for weeks. (

A video of a man dressed as Santa Claus going scuba diving in the Florida Keys has gone viral. (

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Jane Austen was fond of brewing beer. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... SWEDEN

A Swedish company has created a microchip that can be implanted in your arm and scanned to track your vaccination status. (

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34-year-old Sarah Day has deemed herself a “professional cavewoman” who survives on roadkill, including repurposing the skin and bones of the dead animals. The Colchester, Essex, resident said she makes her money as a schoolteacher who educates children on history — and survival skills. Day claimed she eats “roadkill at least once a week, although there isn’t always an animal on the side of the road.” “My freezer is full of roadkill finds, which is handy during the winter because I can defrost the deer or rabbit to make a hearty stew,” she continued, adding that the flavor of rats is “very similar to squirrel — it is mild and sweet. It tastes a little bit like chicken, but much nicer.” Pigeon, on the other hand, reportedly tastes “like a really good beef steak.” Besides just munching on the delicious animal carcasses, Day also likes to turn the skin and guts into leather. The animal skulls are “amazing bits of engineering,” while the bones are used to make tools and weapons. In order to get her daily dose of fiber, Day hunts for her own herbs and fruit too. “I tend to forage plants and fruit, but it is so important to do your research so that you don’t end up very sick,” she said. As for her actual living conditions, Day said she has a house “in the middle of town”; however, she would “rather live in a tent.” She even made her own sleeping bag out of reindeer skin to keep warm at night, as well as “a selection of clothes from roadkill” that she supposedly wears for work. (

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A Clearwater man was arrested Friday after police said he threatened to use a bomb to kill himself and others at the Judicial Qualification Commission (JQC). According to official documents, 41-year-old Beau Bloomer of Clearwater called a judge from the JQC Friday threatening to blow himself and others up if he lost custody of his child. The judge, who later spoke to authorities, recalled the conversation with Bloomer. “I’m about to do some crazy sh–,” Bloomer allegedly said over the phone, adding that he wanted to be in the room when workers swabbed his child’s mouth. “I tried to stay calm ’cause I didn’t want to cause a scene there, but they weren’t gonna swab my [child] without me there.” The judge added that Bloomer then said, “I’ll get a bomb. Do you think I’m gonna just take myself out? Do you think I’m just gonna kill myself? Do you think I won’t take anyone else out too? I’m telling you I’m about to do some crazy sh–. I will just take care of this myself.” Documents show Bloomer was arrested roughly two hours later and charged with false report of a bomb. Bloomer’s bond was set at $20,000. (

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It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. - Eleanor Roosevelt

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Dog Saves Sleeping Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning