Show Notes for Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Today we visit with John Emmet Tracy from the hit show Yellowstone. John plays ‘Ellis Steel’ who is the head legal representative for Market Equities Group, who have serious development ambitions in the valley. In season 4 Tracy’s character ‘Ellis Steele’ has wonderful villainous moments with Jacki Weaver (portraying Caroline Warner) whose character is set to Bring ‘Yellowstone’ crashing down.

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November 30

Computer Security Day

National Mason Jar Day

National Meth Awareness Day

National Mississippi Day

National Mousse Day

National Personal Space Day

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

National Package Protection Day

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It’s no wonder we look forward to the holidays with so much anticipation. With them come a number of special moments that we just don’t get to enjoy at other times of the year. Among them, the chance to get together with loved ones, beautiful decorations and music to celebrate the season, gifts…and food, of course! According to a survey, cinnamon is the top holiday-season flavor. The OnePoll survey of Americans found that both kids and adults named cinnamon as the top taste to evoke feelings of holiday nostalgia and comfort, with 58% of respondents putting it at the top of their list. Cinnamon was followed by pumpkin (54%), peppermint (52%), cocoa (47%), and nutmeg (39%). When it comes to the most cherished holiday traditions, decorating the Christmas tree came out on top (43%). Second was seeing friends and family (40%), followed by decorating the home (29%), watching holiday movies (26%), and eating holiday meals (25%).

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Budweiser has a special prize for the winners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup following Qatar’s decision to ban alcohol at game venues. The beer brand is offering a massive warehouse-sized slab of free beers to the winning country. Budweiser is one of the sponsors of the tournament, and planned to sell a whole lot of beer at the event. But Qatar decided to prohibit the sale of alcohol inside stadiums just 2 days before the World Cup kicked off. In response, earlier this week, Budweiser tweeted a picture of some enormous skids of beer inside a warehouse, with the caption: “Winning Country gets the Buds. Who will get them?” LINK:


Amber Heard says her million-dollar insurance policy does, in fact, cover her in the Johnny Depp trial and verdict, and she’s asking a judge to confirm it. She has countersued New York Marine and General Insurance Co. after they first asked a judge to let them off the hook for a $1 million liability policy she’d taken out to protect her from defamation claims. Their argument was based on the fact the jury found Heard committed willful misconduct in her defamation of Depp, so they’re not responsible. In new court docs, Heard argues that New York Marine promised to pay her defense costs and judgments against her up to a million dollars, according to the unconditional deal she claims they struck with her.

Have you Heard? Amber Heard is the most-Googled celebrity of the year. Research from Hollywood news site CelebTattler analyzed Google search trends in 2022, tracking over 150 notable celebs, eventually crowning “Aquaman” star Amber Heard as #1. Presumably due to her high profile court battle with her ex, the 36-year-old actress prompted an average of 5.6 million searches every month in the US. The ex in question, Johnny Depp, trailed closely behind in second place, with 5.5 million searches per month. Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, came third, followed, in order, by Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

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One of the great “school hacks” that students of the 21st century have been able to take advantage of is the opportunity to use their phones to take pictures of a teacher’s lecture slides. It’s much easier than traditional note-taking, and definitely more accurate. It also helps students recall the information being presented, according to a new study. University of California researchers found that taking a photo helps students better remember both the slide AND spoken-word content presented by the instructor. While the study did not explain why taking photos helps with memory retention, the study authors suggest that “the predictability of taking a photo” periodically “enabled participants to pay more attention” while in class. The results were even observed among students who never referred back to their photos in preparation for an exam.

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Kangaroos keep growing until they die.

A rainbow can only be seen in the morning or late afternoon.

A single fast-food hamburger can contain meat from hundreds, or even thousands, of different cattle.

If you added a donut per day to your regular diet, you’d gain about 1 extra pound (.45kg) every 10 days.

In 1923, a jockey suffered a fatal heart attack, but his horse finished and won the race, making him the only jockey ever to win a race after his death.


Question: 3 Nobel prize-winning scientists came up with this invention, and it was on a lot of tables on Thanksgiving. What is it?

Answer: Stove-Top stuffing

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A dad who hates hearing Christmas songs too early came up with the ultimate solution – programming his Amazon Alexa to reject his kids’ festive requests until December. England’s Mark Lovell says he was forced to act when he overheard his 3 children chatting about Christmas tunes in the first week of November. The 42-year-old gets “irritated by Christmas starting too early” so he opened the Alexa app and set up a “skill” to respond to phrases such as “play Christmas music.” Facebook video shows him testing his handiwork by requesting festive tunes, only to have one of his 4 smart speakers tell him: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that until December.” It then recalls the day’s date, which Mark added to emphasize the request’s earliness. He also programmed Alexa to block the phrases “play holiday music,” “play Christmas albums,” “play Christmas carols,” “play Christmas tunes” and “play Christmas hits.” Before you assume he’s a Grinch, we should point out that he insists he loves festive music – but not until December. LINK:

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Here is the first of the hundreds of ‘year-end’ lists you’ll see between now and Dec. 31. According to the website, these are the most popular dog names of 2022, for males and for females…


Max          Luna

Charlie     Bella

Cooper     Daisy

Milo         Lucy

Buddy     Lily

Rocky     Zoe

Bear       Lola

Teddy     Sadie

Duke       Bailey

Leo         Stella

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Japan cleaned up on and off the field at the World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday. After its national team delivered a thrilling 2-1 upset victory over Germany, Japanese fans continued a tradition by staying to clean up all the trash at Khalifa International Stadium before leaving to celebrate the win. They were applauded for their thoughtfulness as they could be seen roaming the seats with garbage bags to pick up all the garbage accumulated during the match. Numerous videos showing the considerate gesture were posted to social media, including one from soccer’s governing body, FIFA, with the caption: “Tidying up after one of their greatest #FIFAWorldCup wins. Huge respect to these Japanese fans.” By the way, Japanese fans make sure to clean up whether their team wins or loses. LINK: