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November 15

America Recycles Day

National Bundt (Pan) Day

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

National Philanthropy Day

National Raisin Bran Cereal Day

National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day

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What things would you like to experience before hitting the ripe old age of 40? Or if you’re already that old, what things do you wish you had done before turning up that number on the odometer? Starting a family (25%), conquering a fear – like public speaking (20%), learning to cook well (23%), and volunteering (22%) are some things Americans say they want to experience before hitting the big 4-0. That’s according to a recent poll of 2,000 adults, that asked people to list the top things people should experience by that age. The #1 thing that respondents said you should “get done” before 40? Having a stable job (29%). The rest of the top-5, in order, were: Owning a car (28%), Going to the doctor more often (26%), Traveling with a person you love (26%) and Owning a home (also 26%).

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Texas furniture kingpin Jim McIngvale — better known as “Mattress Mack” — won $75 million on Saturday after his bet that the Houston Astros would win the World Series paid off, taking home what is believed to be the largest payout in legal sports betting history. He bet $10 million in May that the Astros would win the World Series, in a handful of wagers with an average of 7.5-1 odds. His bet is the Astros is the latest in a series of high-dollar wagers McIngvale has made over the years, often using them as a hedge against promotions at his 3 Houston-area furniture stores. In October, he told Forbes he sold $73 million worth of mattresses with a promotion that allowed any customer who spent $3,000 or more on a mattress to receive it for free if the Astros win.


Perhaps hoping for a return to a more demure celebration of the film industry after last year’s much-discussed events, producers have tapped 2-time Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel to host the 95th Academy Awards. Kimmel is returning after back-to-back hosting duties in 2017 and 2018. In his trademark style, Kimmel published a statement, saying: “Being invited to host the Oscars for a third time is either a great honor or a trap. Either way, I am grateful to the Academy for asking me so quickly after everyone good said no.” Chris Rock, who was famously slapped onstage by Will Smith during last year’s show, said during a comedy show in August that he had been asked to host but had turned down the gig. The 95th Oscars will be held March 12, 2023, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

For those complaining about the accuracy of Netflix’s “The Crown”, Dominic West has a message for you: The show is “imaginative speculation”. He plays ‘King Charles’ in the hit show, and he’s advising those who don’t approve of The Crown to watch royal documentaries instead. He said: “It’s a drama…I watched every documentary that has ever been made about my character, and there are plenty of those that people can watch if you don’t want to watch what a great dramatist has created imaginatively.” The new season of The Crown explores various royal controversies during the 90s.

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This year’s Black Friday deals have been revealed at Walmart.

A Florida traveler stuffed a gun into a raw chicken and tried to bring it on a flight, TSA says.

By splitting a laser beam into different wavelengths of light, engineers have been able to transmit data at a rate of almost twice the combined internet traffic of the world per second. A team from Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical Univ. of Denmark fired an infrared laser through a splitter called a “frequency comb” which divided the light into many different colors. Each of the colors, or frequencies, can carry data. The total amount of data that can be encoded is 1.8 petabits per second, or 1.8 million gigabytes; 800,000 more than the average global bandwidth of the whole internet.

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Just as some people talk in their sleep, sign language speakers have been known to sign in their sleep.

Tater Tots” originally failed because people thought the product was too cheap. Popularity rose after the price was raised.

CDs were created to hold 74 minutes of music because that is the duration of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

In Greece, you can lose your driver’s license for being “poorly dressed” or “unbathed”.

30 of the first 31 popes were murdered.


Question: 45% of women admit they base their impression of another woman on THIS. What is it?

Answer: Shoes

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In a major breakthrough, it’s now possible to send messages from the brain to an iPhone. We might not quite be at a point where you can think “bring me a snack” and the request will pop up on your partner’s phone in the next room, but we may be a step closer, thanks to a device which can be surgically linked to the brain. The Synchron Switch is a computer-brain implant which has been granted approval for clinical trials by the US Food and Drug Administration. The goal is to assist those who suffer from conditions such as ALS, which affects the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement. Synchron’s devices are designed to be permanent additions to the body, and so far, have lasted more than one year in at least 4 patients, with no serious adverse events.

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AN ‘AskReddit’ thread asked: “Which sentence is only used by annoying people?” Here are some of the responses…

• “I don’t mean to be rude, but …”

• “It’s common sense.”

• “I simply have a powerful personality.”

• “Let’s agree to disagree.”

• “No offense, but …”

• “It’s just a joke.”

• “Let’s unpack this.”

• “Do you know who I am?”

• “It is what it is.”

• “Well, actually …”

• “Welcome to my world.”

• “Smile.”

• “This.”

• “It’s all good.”

• “That’s problematic.”

• “We’re throwing a gender reveal party.”

• “I need to speak to the manager.”

• “Not to play devil’s advocate, but …”

• “Trust the science.”

• “Full stop.”

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Paraglider Spots Woman Trapped On Sinking Car, Saves Her Life