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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Jerry O'Connell (Stand By Me, Jerry Maguire, Scream 2) We will talk about his new show MATTEL’S ‘PICTIONARY’ GAME SHOW!

Video of Jerry & Corey singing STAND BY ME -

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November 14

National Family PJ Day

National Pickle Day

National Seat Belt Day

National Spicy Guacamole Day

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For those of us who need some assistance in this department, scientists say they have identified a key flirting technique that works nearly every time. Researchers studied flirting in Norway and the US, and determined that differences in age, religiosity, extroversion, personal attractiveness and preferences for short-term sexual relationships had little or no effect on how effective various flirting tactics are. In other words, we all respond pretty much the same way to how someone might flirt with us. They found that women see success in igniting interest from men by either by moving closer or making body and eye contact. Men? They should show “signs of generosity and a willingness to commit”. But there’s one weapon that works across the board: humor. According to the researchers, laughing or giggling at the other person’s jokes is an effective flirtation tactic for both sexes. And if you’re a woman, “It is not only effective to be funny…is very important that you show your potential partner that you think they are funny.”

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A first-of-its-kind study suggests that bumblebees play with objects such as wooden balls just for fun, same as humans or dogs do. A team at Queen Mary University, London researchers wrote: “We found that ball rolling did not contribute to immediate survival strategies, was intrinsically rewarding, differed from functional behavior…and was initiated under stress-free conditions.” This led to their belief that what they were witnessing was animal play. LINK:


HBO has switched off “Westworld”. The network has decided to cancel the sci-fi drama after its recent 4th season. It’s an unexpected fate for a series that was once considered one of HBO’s biggest tentpoles — an acclaimed mystery-box drama that racked up 54 Emmy nominations (including a supporting actress win for Thandiwe Newton). Last month, co-creator Jonathan Nolan said that he hoped HBO would give the series a 5th season to wrap up the show’s ambitious story, which chronicled a robot uprising that changed the fate of humanity. But ratings for the pricey series fell off sharply for its third season, then dropped even further for season 4.

Netflix and David Letterman’s production company edited out comments by Kanye West that referenced Nazis and blamed Rihanna for her own domestic abuse during a 2019 interview for his talk show, according to a report by The Wrap. The entertainment industry website says the comments were made during a wide-ranging interview for Season 2 of the comedian’s Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman.” Audience members Noah Reich and David Maldonado said they were sitting in the front row of a local theater in January 2019 when West made the observation that liberals treated anyone wearing a red pro-Trump cap “like they were Nazis” and said that Rihanna, a victim of domestic abuse, must have done something to deserve what happened to her. He also ranted about how an unnamed music executive friend (thought to be R. Kelly) got “MeToo-ed” and how West himself could also be “MeToo-ed”.

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If you cross a Pointer and a Setter you get a ‘Poinsetter’, a traditional Christmas pet.

A Bloodhound and a Labrador — ‘Blabador’, a dog that barks incessantly.

A Pekinese and a Lhasa Apso — ‘Peekasso’, an abstract dog.

A Collie and Malamute — ‘Commute’, a dog that travels well.

A Deerhound and a Terrier — ‘Derriere’, a dog that’s a pain in the butt.

A Labrador and a Curly-Coated Retriever — A ‘Lab Coat Retriever’, a favorite of scientists.

A Collie and a Lhaso Apso — ‘Collapso’, a dog that folds up for easy transport.

A Bloodhound and Borzoi — ‘Bloody Bore’, a dog that’s just not much fun.

Pittsburgh-based startup has unveiled a pair of battery-powered shoes that it claims can boost walking speed by up to 250%. “Moonwalkers” will sell for $1,400, and look like a pair of futuristic rollerskates, but users are meant to walk with them the way you would regular shoes, letting the motorized wheels put a spring in your step. Powered by a DC motor, the contraption is actually a platform that can be attached to footwear to increase walking speeds up to 7mph (11kph). )Humans’ average walking speed ranges from 2.5-4 mph.) The sensation of walking with the world’s fastest shoes has been compared to that of using a ‘moving walkway’ in an airport.

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It snowed in the Sahara Desert for 30 minutes on February 18, 1979.

Your hair contains traces of gold.

Cranes are built using…cranes.

Sherlock Holmes NEVER said “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

The name ‘Wendy’ was created for the book “Peter Pan.” There was never a recorded Wendy before.

During World War II, the United States rationed shoes. Citizens were allowed three of them.


Question: On average, one of THESE is touched 25 times before someone buys it. What is it?

Answer: A greeting card

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Here’s the perfect Christmas gift for the beer-lover in your life: Miller Lite’s new Christmas Tree Keg Stand. The tree stand – basically a small table used to support the tree – can fit around a quarter-barrel keg beneath it. The company says the design “makes it seem as if beer is being poured from the tree.” Available online for $49.99 starting November 10, the stand will support a tree that weighs up to 150 pounds. The limited-edition keg stand is the newest addition to the company’s annual holiday lineup, which has included ugly holiday sweaters, as well as the popular “Beernaments,” a 6-pack of tree ornaments with the Miller Life logo that fit around beer cans. LINK:

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Sorry I missed your wedding, I’ll catch the next one.

Wow, you both look so similar! Are you sure you’re not related?

You may now kiss the bride. Everyone else has.

When’s the baby due?

I guarantee you that eventually just his breathing will send you over the edge.

Did they ever solve your last wife’s disappearance?

Enjoy the honeymoon. After that, say goodbye to your sex life.

Why was she wearing white?

Call me when it’s over.


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7th Grader Buys New Shoes For Bullied Classmate