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January 31

National Backward Day

National Hot Chocolate Day

National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Plan for Vacation Day

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Simply getting out and enjoying nature can lessen the need for some medications, according to a new study. Researchers at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare found that visiting nature 3-4 times a week was associated with 36% lower odds of requiring blood pressure pills, 33% lower odds of using mental health medications, and 26% lower odds of using asthma medications. The study interviewed about 6,000 people in 3 of the largest cities in Finland about their use of green and blue spaces within a kilometer of their homes. The researchers also looked into the impact of being able to view green or blue spaces from home, and found that had no impact on use of medications, leading the team to surmise “Just seeing nature didn’t really move the needle, but experiencing it did”. Physical activity is thought to be a key factor in the health benefits of enjoying nature.

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Pizza Hut has taken a hefty slice of the Guinness Records pie after cooking up the world’s biggest ever pizza. The pizza chain enlisted a team of workers to put together the giant pie last week, which required a staggering 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of sweet marinara sauce, more than 8,800 pounds of cheese, and 630,496 pepperoni slices. The team spread individual squares of pizza dough across the enormous floorspace at the LA Convention Center, before painstakingly topping them with the marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, and heating it from above, in sections. The final pie measured in at a whopping 13,990 square feet, and resulted in 68,000 slices. Pizza Hut donated the completed pie to local food banks and charities in Los Angeles. LINK:


Top Gun: Maverick” won Best Picture at the AARP Movies for Grownups Awards, held Saturday at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The Tom Cruise-starring sequel beat out competition for the marquee award that included fellow Oscar nominees “Elvis”, “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, “The Fabelmans”, “Women Talking” and “The Woman King”. Elvis‘ Baz Luhrmann won the Best Director award, and Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser won the top actress and actor prize, respectively.

Everything Everywhere All at Once,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “Women Talking” and “The Fabelmans” are among the films nominated for the 75th annual Writers Guild Awards. In the Adapted Screenplay category, the guild went for Oscar nominees “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Women Talking,” along with “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” and “She Said.” In Original Screenplay, Oscar nominees “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” “The Fabelmans” and “Tar” were nominated, as were “The Menu” and “Nope.” Winners will be announced March 5.

Jennifer Coolidge continues her winning streak: The “White Lotus” star and recent Golden Globe Award winner has been named the recipient of Harvard-based Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ 2023 Woman of the Year Award. The Pudding called her “a truly unique and impactful presence in the world of entertainment.” The Woman of the Year Award is the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ oldest honor, bestowed on performers who have made “lasting and impressive contributions to the world of entertainment.” The Woman of the Year event happens Feb. 4, when Coolidge will lead a parade through the streets of Harvard Square.

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Are the following oft-repeated statements true — or just an urban myth?

Women have one more rib than men. [Myth]

Cedar chests deter insects. [True]

Fright can turn a person’s hair white overnight. [Myth]

Milk is good for an ulcer. [Myth]

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. [Myth]

The first frisbees were empty pie tins from the Frisbie Pie Co. [True]

A baby bird’s mother will reject it if you pick it up because your scent will be left on it. [Myth]

Adidas is an acronym for ‘All Day I Dream About Sex’. [Myth]

Cooties are in fact a kind of body lice. [True]

The letters on the standard keyboard were originally placed to slow typists down. [True]

NASA spent over $165 million on a space pen, while Russia just used pencils. [Myth]

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Some species of ants explode when attacked.

Earth travels at a speed of about 490,000 miles per hour, which means that in one minute you are over 8,100 miles away from where you were.

Your nose shapes the sound of your voice.

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.


Question: About 25% of us do not know THIS about our significant other. What is it?

Answer: Their favorite salad dressing

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KFC has launched a new product that can be used to make your home smell delicious — fried chicken scented incense sticks. The fast-food chain is offering a set of 6 incense sticks that, when lit, will fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked fried chicken. It’s part of a promotion for KFC’s new delivery service in Japan, and they are being given away free to customers who place an order. The sticks are shaped like chicken drumettes and are packaged in a box that looks like a bucket of KFC fried chicken.

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Believe it or not, laziness isn’t the reason. These are the 4 types of procrastinators, says Jenny Yip, a clinical psychologist and executive director of the Los Angeles-based Little Thinkers Center (Which one are you?)

The perfectionist and the worrier: Both perfectionists and worriers might put off starting tasks due to a fear of failure or criticism. The perfectionist needs things done perfectly, so it takes a LOT of effort. And if they don’t have a plan, then the perfectionist will get lost. Worriers tend to be indecisive and dependent on others for advice or reassurance before taking initiative.

The dreamer: A “dreamer” procrastinator doesn’t like the nitty gritty logistical details often needed to get projects done. They like to come up with ideas, but it’s difficult or boring for them to execute these visions.

The defier: These people tend to view life in terms of what others expect or require them to do. This pessimism diminishes their motivation to complete tasks. It also can prevent them from discussing the matter with whomever gave them the assignment.

While there are different methods of approaching each of these in an effort at combating procrastination, one catch-all helper is this, according to Yip: “Visualization works. If you can visualize yourself completing (a task), then it becomes more achievable simply because you have an idea that it can be done.”

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Molly Simonson Lee was flying from Charlotte NC to New York when it became clear that the passenger in front of her was not comfortable flying. The frightened woman began to cry, and that’s when she witnessed a touching act of humanity — a flight attendant sat down on the floor next to her and explained he would be there for her every step of the way. She says “He just was so reassuring, so calming, and said, ‘you know what? I got you’. With every little noise, she’d be like, ‘what’s that?’ He’s like, ‘That’s just the jet bridge pulling away’ or whatever the case may be. And that really helped her.” The flight attendant was Floyd Dean-Shannon, and a pic of him holding the woman’s hand went viral on Facebook, with over 12,000 shares. Simonson says: “Just see someone extend their heart in that way to a stranger was just beautiful to me, and I wanted to capture it…And I really hope it leads to good things for him.” So far, so good — Her GoFundMe set up to “show Floyd some love” has raised $3,800 so far. LINK: