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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Sam Jay about her feature film debut where she stars opposite comedy greats Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, David Duchovny and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “You People” which premiered on Netflix on Friday, January 27th.

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January 30

National Croissant Day

National Bubble Wrap Day

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Americans have a fondue-ness for cheese — but cheese love isn’t spread evenly across our vast country. LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on cheese access, quality, affordability, and community interest.

Best Cities for Cheese Lovers

Rank City

1 New York, NY

2 Madison, WI

3 Chicago, IL

4 San Francisco, CA

5 Los Angeles, CA

6 Washington, DC

7 Seattle, WA

8 Santa Rosa, CA

9 Milwaukee, WI

10 Atlanta, GA

Worst Cities for Cheese Lovers

Rank City

1 Salinas, CA

2 Laredo, TX

3 Bridgeport, CT

4 Detroit, MI

5 Rockford, IL

6 Jackson, MS

7 Killeen, TX

8 Kansas City, KS

9 Springfield, MA

10 Fayetteville, NC

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Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" is one of the world's most popular songs. Freddie Mercury had a piano as his bed's headboard and work on songs when he woke up in the middle of the night and that's how he came up with this song.


I hope you’ve managed to get over seeing “M3GAN”, because a sequel is on the way. It’s been announced that “M3GAN 2.0”, now in development, will see stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw return, with the original film’s screenwriter Akela Cooper penning the script. Released earlier this month, “M3GAN” has become the first box office hit of 2023, grossing $91.9 million globally against a $12 million production budget. M3GAN 2.0 is set for release January 17, 2025.

Nominations for the 43rd Annual Razzie Awards are in, and they have singled out “Blonde,” Disney’s “Pinocchio,” Machine Gun Kelly’s “Good Mourning” and “Morbius” among 2022’s worst movies. Ana de Armas’ Blonde, which the Razzies say explores “the exploitation of Marilyn Monroe…by continuing to exploit her posthumously,” led with a whopping 8 nominations. Tom Hanks is also a target of this year’s nominees, earning 3 nods for Worst Actor for Disney’s “Pinocchio”, Worst Supporting Actor for “Elvis” and Worst Screen Couple for “Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face (and Ludicrous Accent)” in “Elvis.” The Razzie winners will be revealed on Oscar eve, Saturday, March 11.

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The head of a food watchdog has raised some eyebrows by saying that people should NOT bring treats like donuts, cakes or other sweets into the office to share with co-workers — for the sake of their colleagues’ health. Prof Susan Jebb, chairwoman of the Food Standards Agency in the UK, said that while it is a choice to eat sweet treats, people can help each other by providing a “supportive environment”, presumably by not tempting them with baked goods or other delicacies. Speaking in a personal capacity, she also likened the tempting of co-workers with sugary foods to “passive smoking” and said that the advertising of junk food is “undermining people’s free will”.

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Ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone.

The first Fords had engines made by Dodge.

Studies show that when people fall in love, they lose an average of 2 close friends.

✓ ‘Toto’ was paid $125 per week while filming “The Wizard of Oz”.

Frogs sometimes eat enough fireflies that they themselves glow.


Question: A study found that women are 12% angrier than men when they do this.

Answer: Driving.

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The CEO of Uber has revealed what he feels the future of the ride-hailing service looks like. Dara Khosrowshahi says someday, Uber drivers won’t need 4 wheels, front-facing seats, or top speeds over 50mph (80kph) just to drive people or items around in a city. So, the company is working with automakers to create custom-built cars. He pictures electric vehicles with 3 wheels that would “have a much smaller footprint in terms of environmental but also traffic flow”. In those vehicles, passengers might sit facing one another to ease interaction. And, he says, many cities, like New York, have low speed limits which make higher horsepower, and, in turn, large and expensive battery packs, unnecessary. Uber has already pledged to use only fully electric rides in the US and Europe by 2030.

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Remember the Starbucks barista, who went viral by listing on TikTok the top “icks” that customers do? Well, now it’s a thing. Illinois cosmetologist and hairdresser EmilyPytel has put together her major client annoyances, and here they are…

When a client shows up with “super dirty” hair: “We don’t want to touch your dirty hair, but it’s also not good for your color.”

Clients who stare into her eyes as she washes their hair: “Don’t do that, it’s awkward for everybody — just close your eyes”.

Tardiness: “When you show up late with a coffee in your hand, and you don’t have one for us. We love coffee too, and we need the caffeine to do your hair.”

When the client turns her head to look in the mirror before she’s done: “Please don’t do that because there’s a reason we’re turning your chair.”


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Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more. - James Thurber

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For 10 Years, An Alabama Farmer Secretly Paid People's Pharmacy Bills