Show Notes for Saturday, March 25, 2023 & Sunday, March 26, 2023

Today we visit with Rob Pope about his new book “Becoming Forrest”.

Rob ran across America FIVE TIMES... juts like the fictional character Forrest Gump did in the famous movie. Pope had a chance to see America and meet many wonderful people.

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March 25

National Lobster Newburg Day

National Medal of Honor Day

National Tolkien Reading Day

March 26

Epilepsy Awareness Day

National Nougat Day

National Spinach Day

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Runners are often warned that they’re destroying their knees, but according to new research, they’re not more likely to develop hip or knee osteoarthritis the longer, faster and more frequently they run. 3,800 recreational runners who participated in the Chicago Marathon were asked questions like how many years they’d been running and their average paces – and whether they had family histories of arthritis. It’s widely believed, even among doctors, that using the joints more often, through a repetitive activity like running, makes the knee and hip cartilage deteriorate more quickly, upping osteoarthritis risk. But surprisingly, no association was found between an increased risk for knee or hip arthritis and the number of years someone had been running, the number of marathons completed, their weekly running mileage, nor their running pace.

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People with mullets have more fun. According to a study of 2,000 adults in the UK, those who sport the legendary “Kentucky Waterfall” enjoy more nights out, enjoy spicier food, and own a better wardrobe. The poll found that those who sport a “Camaro Crash Helmet” enjoy an average of 5 nights out a month. The non-mulleted average only 3. Those who wear an “Ape Drape” identified themselves as having the attributes of being a “free spirit”, “somewhat mischievous” and “doing the unexpected.” Those who wear “The Achy Breaky Big Mistakey” also self-describe themselves as more influential in their friend groups than those with more traditional trims (66% vs 37%), and they tend to socialize with colleagues a lot more than those without a “Mudflap”. One more thing: According to the survey, Rod Stewart’s blow-dried masterpiece is the best celebrity mullet of all time.


Scream VI” marks the first film of the horror franchise in which Neve Campbell’s ‘Sidney Prescott’ does not appear. But the film’s directors say they still hope she could return in the future. In an interview, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett — of the filmmaking collective known as Radio Silence — shared their position, with Bettinelli-Olpin saying: “We’d never give up on her. We love Neve, and we love Sidney.” Last year, Campbell announced that she would not be part of Scream VI, due to a salary dispute.

Drew Barrymore has been announced as host for this year’s MTV Movie and TV Awards — or rather, she made the announcement herself. In a video reveal, Barrymore, as herself, introduces things, saying: “And now for a breaking Drew’s News report, we go to our special correspondent, M3gan”. Next, she channels the murderous AI doll from the film, saying: “Thank you, Drew. I actually have news for you. You’re hosting the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards.” Barrymore also couldn’t resist throwing in a line from her history with the “Scream” franchise, asking: “I’m a fan, and you’re a fan of scary movies right?” The event, which awards popular films and TV shows that are beloved by fans, will take place on Sunday, May 7. LINK:

The Bella Twins are entering a new era. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella have announced they are officially parting ways with the WWE and dropping their stage names. From now on, the 39-year-old reality stars will go by their birth names, Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia — or the newly minted “Garcia Twins”. On their podcast “The Nikki and Brie Show”, Nikki explained: “When our contract came up with WWE, mutually we all knew we just needed to head into this new chapter.” Brie took a moment to “thank” her wrestling ring persona, and said she’s “so excited to close that chapter on Brie Bella…and open up a new one — and see what Brie Garcia is gonna do next.”

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Energy analysts predict gas prices could be on the rise. The Crude Oil Price is now above $75 a barrel, and could go up to $100 soon.

As you know, the English language is in a constant state of evolution. As for dating terms? Same. And with that in mind, Tinder has launched its dating dictionary to help older singles decode the “love language” used by Gen Z’ers. One term highlighted by Tinder as something those over the age of 25 may never have heard before is “cushioning.” That refers to keeping several backup relationships to soften the blow if your main one doesn’t last. “Situationship” is another addition to modern vocabulary which describes the sticky in-between status when someone is more than a hook-up, but not quite a couple. Dateview? That’s a word used to describe when a date feels more like an interview. Two more? “Kitten fishing” refers to tweaking or embellishing certain aspects of your life, appearance etc., to make yourself more appealing on dating apps. This different to catfishing, which is pretending to be someone else entirely. And “Rizz” is shorthand for charisma – you have an allure, you’re engaging, you’re basically irresistible.”

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Each day, your mouth produces anywhere from 2 to 4 pints of saliva.

Because the speed of earth’s rotation changes over time, a day in the age of dinosaurs was just 23 hours long.

The world’s first known vending machine dispensed holy water. (Egypt, A.D. 100)

Pope Francis used to be a nightclub bouncer.

Six-pack abs indicate nothing about your strength, your flexibility, your stamina, your speed, or your overall level of health.


Questions: 80% of kids recognize this logo by the age of 3. what logo is it?

Answer: McDonald's

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A 41-year-old British man, previously known as Deano Wilson, legally changed his name — to “Fire Exit” after it became a running family joke. Exit says his new name has really ‘sparked’ something too, because now, he is offered free stuff wherever he goes. Quote: “People have given me loads of free drinks, and one barber even cut my hair for free because he heard about my name change. And the father of 5 is also asked for autographs regularly. He says shops, restaurants and other places now feature his signature – on their exit signs, naturally.

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Do pigs have pen pals?

Why are toenail clippers bigger than fingernail clippers when toenails are smaller than fingernails?

How many people thought of the Post-It note before it was invented — but didn’t have anything to jot it down on?

What would you get if you mated a bulldog and a Shih Tzu?

How does a shelf retailer keep her store from looking empty?

How come overtones and undertones are the same thing?

What would you use to dilute water?

What do you call a male ladybug?

Can you grow birds by planting birdseed?

Is it progress if a cannibal learns to eat with a fork?

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FCC Orders Mobile Service Providers To Block Scam Text Messages