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Dear John,

My brother has been married seven times. He was divorced again last summer. Now he's getting married again. This time he's going to re-marry his third wife. They have two kids together. His only kids and her only kids. I'm actually very happy for him and for her, but he wants to have a big wedding. His kids are adults now and he wants to have the wedding to make them happy, since he's marrying their mom again. I'm several states away and their wedding is on a date that will not work well for me without causing issues in my life. I told him I'd miss the wedding and he's giving me a guilt trip. He was my best man and I've been his best man a few times. He wants me to be the best man again. His wife's sister will be the maid of honor again (like their wedding back in the 90s) so I'm really thinking about making this work, but it's gonna be tough. What do I do?

Thank you,

Happy Brother

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March 9

National Barbie Day

National Crabmeat Day

National Get Over it Day

National Meatball Day

World Kidney Day

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Three-quarters of us wish we had an actual “check engine” light to indicate our health, according to a new survey. A poll of 2,000 Americans found many feel life would be easier if they had some kind of indicator for when their body needs attention. Three in 5 (63%) said they struggle to recognize when their body is trying to tell them to mind their health. So, what if a “check engine” light actually existed? Respondents to the OnePoll survey said they would mostly use it to notify when it’s time to drink a glass of water (57%), take vitamins (50%) or take a nap (45%). One expert says that while that light might not exist in reality, we can all take a break from our day to ask ourselves some critical questions about our daily health and how to better our overall well-being.

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Willie Nelson has played the same guitar for decades, dating back to the late 1960s. The guitar, known as Trigger, was purchased by Nelson in 1969 after a drunk person reportedly destroyed his guitar during a break between sets at a concert. Nelson had the new guitar customized with parts from his old guitar and began using it in his shows. Trigger now has a massive hole in it, but Nelson refuses most fixes for the instrument in order to keep it as close to its original condition as possible. In the late 1990s, Nelson found himself in financial trouble with the IRS. After paying most of the back taxes he owed, he reportedly couldn't afford to pay a backing band, so he recorded an entire solo album using Trigger. The album did so well that he was able to pay off the rest of his debts.


Netflix has teamed with The Pokémon Company on a stop-motion animated series marking 17 years since the release of the first Pokémon game. “Pokémon Concierge” will follow ‘Haru’, a concierge at the Pokémon Resort, and her interactions with the Pokémon and their owners who visit as guests. The stop-motion project was unveiled yesterday at Pokémon Day, coming 17 years after the first Pokémon game was released. LINK:

There are no plans to make a “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” movie with the original film stars, despite a viral rumor. A Warner spokesperson has debunked the claim, and it’s unlikely Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, or Emma Watson would want to play those roles again. Radcliffe, with a thriving post-Harry Potter career, has already said he’s not interested in going backward. On Feb. 15, it was reported that Warner is developing a film (or two) based on The Cursed Child due to the play’s popularity on stage in London. The spokesperson said that the report is “false”.

Once a “Sexiest Man Alive,” always a “Sexiest Man Alive.” Michael B. Jordan recently stripped down for his first-ever Calvin Klein underwear campaign, and to say the sexy snaps have the internet hot and bothered would be a massive understatement. The “Creed III” actor and director posed shirtless for much of the black-and-white shoot, showing off his chiseled chest and rock-hard abs in styles from the brand’s Calvin Klein 1996, Athletic and Modern Cotton Performance underwear lines. One fan’s simple comment pretty much sums up the response: “Mother of God.” LINK:

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Researchers say that fat in the buttocks, as opposed to belly fat, can actually be good for you.

For years, the term “Mommy-brain” has been used to describe the brain fog many moms say they experience during pregnancy and after. But despite how common it has become for moms-to-be (and moms) to be thought of as scattered or forgetful, a group of scientists now says the idea of “mommy brain” needs to be re-examined . . . and rebranded. Clare McCormack, Ph.D., a research assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, says the term has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where an expectant mom “might expect to experience fogginess and forgetfulness, so when an everyday moment of forgetfulness happens…it’s confirming what you thought you would see, and it can really become ingrained.” But she says no current research has conclusively pointed to the idea of “mommy brain”, and not enough research has been done on what exactly happens to the brain with pregnancy and motherhood.

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In 1999, PayPal was voted one of the top 10 “worst business ideas”.

Mountain Dew is slang for moonshine. It was originally created as a mixer for moonshine and whiskey in Tennessee.

If your throat tickles, scratching your ear can make it go away.

Cabbage was once considered an aphrodisiac.

According to mathematicians, there are 177,147 ways to tie a tie.

To qualify as a hill, a mound of earth must be more than 99 and less than 1,000 feet high.


Question: Today, almost 1 in 5 adults will forget THIS. What is it?

Answer: What day it is

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Just when you thought A.I. couldn’t get any smarter…researchers from the University of Oxford suggest that by 2033, many household chores will be automated, decreasing the amount of time we spend on chores by 39%. Researchers asked 65 Artificial Intelligence experts from the UK and Japan to predict the degree to which everyday tasks will become automated in the next decade. The experts feel the time spent doing housework will decrease by 44% over the next 10 years, with time spent washing dishes decreasing by 47%, and cleaning and cooking by 46%. Experts also estimated that laundry will be 43% automated, and the time it takes to fold laundry will decrease by 44%.

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1. MC Hammer – ‘U Can’t Touch This’ (used in 15 feature films)

2. Queen and David Bowie – ‘Under Pressure’ (14)

3. Salt-N-Pepa – ‘Push It’ (13)

4. Norman Greenbaum – ‘Spirit in the Sky’ (13)

5. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – ‘It Takes Two’ (13)

6. Young MC – ‘Bust a Move’ (12)

7. Earth, Wind & Fire – ‘September’ (12)

8. The Turtles – ‘Happy Together’ (12)

9. Spandau Ballet – ‘True’ (12)

10. AC/DC – ‘Back in Black’ (11)

11. Wang Chung – ‘Dance Hall Days’ (11)

12. Tears for Fears – ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ (11)

13. Survivor – ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (11)

14. Booker T. & The M.G.’s – ‘Green Onions’ (11)

15. House Of Pain – ‘Jump Around’ (11)

16. Marvin Gaye – ‘Let’s Get It On’ (11)

17. The Temptations – ‘My Girl’ (11)

18. Billy Squier – ‘The Stroke’ (11)

19. The Isley Brothers – ‘It’s Your Thing’ (11)

20. C+C Music Factory – ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ (11)

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But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. - Carl Sagan

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'I Got You': Insufficient Funds Leads To New Friendship