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Today we visit with “The voice from TV” Randy West about his new book “TV Inside-Out - Flukes, Flakes, Feuds and Felonies: The backstage blunders, bloopers and blasphemy of celebrities in search of success”

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March 8

International Women’s Day

National Oregon Day

National Peanut Cluster Day

National Proofreading Day

National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day

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I love this. An IT company in India has come up with an unusual way to ensure employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. It has created software that reminds them when their shift is up and it’s time to head home. Softgrid Computers’ software features a notification system that kicks in the moment an employee’s shift is over, warning them that “the office system will shut down in 10 minutes” and telling them to “please go home”. This comes as more research focuses on adverse effect of long working hours on the health and relationships of workers. One study showed that 55 or more hours a week can lead to a 35% higher risk of stroke, and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease. LINK:

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A parrot's toes: Two toes point forward, while the other two toes point backward. This arrangement allows for a parrot to have maximum grip. While other birds have four toes, theirs are normally organized with three toes in the front and one in the back. Parrots' zygodactyl toes allow them to be incredibly skilled climbers.


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, baby. Netflix has released a first-look teaser for his new thriller series “Fubar,” out May 25. The spy adventure show, which will also star Monica Barbaro (“Top Gun: Maverick”), marks the “Terminator” actor’s first headlining TV series. The previously untitled action-comedy follows a father and daughter who learn that they’ve both secretly been working as CIA operatives for years. Realizing their entire relationship has been a lie, they’re forced to team up as partners. The 8-episode, hour-long show also features Jay Baruchel. LINK:

Chris Rock’s finally slapping back. After mostly staying mum for a year about being slapped by Will Smith at last year’s Oscars, Rock could finally get the final word Saturday night. And rumors are, that it’ll be a doozy. Page Six reports a source as saying: “If you were waiting to see Rock on tour address the infamous Will Smith slap situation . . . the comedian is waiting to spill his humorous take on it on his live Netflix stand-up special.” The source added that Rock has decided to address it during his stand-up special Saturday in Baltimore, when “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” streams live from the Hippodrome Theatre.

With the coronation of King Charles just 2 months away, reports are emerging that planners are having a difficult time lining up entertainment. A star-studded concert is being put together at Windsor Castle to follow the ceremony, but apparently, Elton John, the Spice Girls and Harry Styles have all been asked, and have all declined. It’s nothing personal, simply that the artists’ schedules are jam-packed. Other A-listers reported to have turned down the event include Ed Sheeran, Adele and Robbie Williams, although his former bandmates in Take That are in. Also confirmed to perform are Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Lionel Richie, and organizers are still working to add to the event’s star power.

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Seahorses mate for life, and when they travel, they hold each others’ tails.

I’m loving this! A new treatment to prevent cavities is easier, more effective, and definitely cheaper than getting fillings. While dental sealants have always been the preferred method to reduce the risk of cavities, a new technique involves the use of silver diamine fluoride. It is applied by brushing it onto the teeth, and has been shown to lower the risk of cavities in children by 80%. Researchers from NYU College of Dentistry found the treatment stopped cavities from getting worse in 50% of situations. The application of silver diamine fluoride can be done by a dental nurse, whereas sealants are applied by a dentist or dental hygienist. This could be vital in reducing the overall risk of cavities in children, particularly those in low socioeconomic areas. But of course, dentists remind us that this is not a replacement for brushing teeth.

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Disney World is the second-largest purchaser of explosives in the United States, the first is the U.S. Department of Defense.

Coca-Cola owns all website URLs that can be read as ahh, all the way up to 62 h’s.

Studies show a “50% off” sign increases sales, even if shoppers don’t know the original price, or what a reasonable price for the product would be.


Question: More than 50% of people claim that knowing this fact about their partner is a sign of true love. What is that thing?

Answer: Password to their phone.

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OK, what’s this business about everyone eating oranges in the shower? Ah. Another TikTok trend, of course. Here’s how it goes: Turn on your shower, grab an orange, get in and start peeling and eating the fruit. Why? “Supposedly, the shower’s heat enhances the smell and taste of oranges,” according to registered dietician and nutrition writer Alyssa Northrop. And as a result, if some influencers are to be believed, your at-home shower may feel more like a fancy hotel or spa stay, and the smell of orange can be extra delectable, transforming a daily task into an aromatic experience of relaxing self-care. The smell of citrus is known to be energizing, mood-enhancing and stress-reducing. LINK:

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To reach the best beach in the world, it’ll take some doing, but it’ll all be worth it. TripAdvisor has released its 2023 list of the Top 10 beaches, and coming in at #1 this year is “Baía do Sancho” a stretch of heaven in Brazil that’ only accessible only by boat — or via ladders descending down steep cliffs to the golden sand below. The beach is in Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago 220 miles (354 kilometers) off the coast of mainland Brazil. Visitors to the islands arrive by plane or boat. Here’s the rest of the top-10…

2. Eagle Beach – Aruba, Caribbean

3. Cable Beach – Broome, Australia

4. Reynisfjara Beach – Vik, Iceland

5. Grace Bay Beach – Turks and Caicos, Caribbean

6. Praia da Falésia – Olhos de Agua, Portugal

7. Radhanagar Beach – Havelock Island, India

8. Spiaggia dei Conigli – Sicily, Italy

9. Varadero Beach – Cuba, Caribbean

10. Ka’anapali Beach – Maui, Hawaii

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Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. - Groucho Marx

Behind every successful man is a surprised mother-in-law. - Voltaire

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Hero Bus Driver Saves Student From Oncoming Car