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Scientists from New York University say it takes less than 5 seconds for people know if they really like a new song. And people’s opinions of a new tune didn’t change, whether they listen to a small snippet or the entire thing. The NYU team also discovered that people like a song more if they hear the whole thing before listening to just the excerpt (as opposed to the other way around). The researchers say their findings indicate that people respond more to the “general vibe” of a tune, rather than its musical notes, and, in general, “We can determine within five seconds or less whether or not we will like it.” That sort-of defeats the purpose of music services such as Apple and Amazon providing teasers in hopes that we’ll buy the song.

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In 1945, artist Al Hirschfeld wanted to celebrate the birth of his daughter Nina by hiding her name in the background of his latest cartoon for the New York Times. Once people caught wind of Hirschfeld's gesture, he decided to continue the gimmick and began hiding the name Nina in many of his drawings. He sometimes even included the name several times and would denote how many times it was hidden in the cartoon by putting a number next to his signature. In 2020, a virtual exhibit opened that chronicled the search for Nina in Hirschfield's work.


James Corden’s exit from “The Late Late Show” will arrive with a little help from wingman Tom Cruise. The “Top Gun” star will follow up on his prior appearances and attempt to top the “over-the-top” segments he has launched in the past. CBS has confirmed that a primetime special titled “The Last Last Late Late Show” will air at 11pm on April 27. Cruise will join Corden as the lovable ‘Timon’ and ‘Pumbaa’ from the Disney classic “The Lion King”, filmed last week during a performance in Hollywood. Other stars will also appear in the special. LINK:

Get ready for the return of the Grinch! After decades of “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” enchanting children and adults, the classic book is getting an official sequel. Publisher Penguin Random House will release “How the Grinch Lost Christmas!”, an official sequel to Dr. Seuss’ iconic 1957 book on Sept. 5. While Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel died in 1991, the team behind the book has emulated his style. The story picks up a year after the classic Grinch tale. The book’s tagline reads: “The Grinch is BACK and ready to prove to the residents of Who-ville that he’s changed.”

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If you sneeze while driving at 60mph, you’ll travel 50 feet with your eyes closed, says a report.

A girl who became the world’s youngest published author at age 5 is making history again – by releasing her second book – at age 6. Bella-Jay Dark of Weymouth UK will become the youngest female author to publish a series of books after following up on her debut. Last year she set the Guinness World Record for the youngest published author after selling more than 2,000 copies of “The Lost Cat”. (AVAILABLE HERE: Her second book, “Snowy’s Birthday Party,” is out now (AVAILABLE HERE: She’ll need to sell 1,000 copies to surpass the official current record for the youngest author of a book series. Her mom Chelsie thought that when Bella-Jay announced she was going to write a book, it was just ‘one of those things’ children say. But she was stunned when her daughter turned her dream into a reality with her first book, which features a feline who goes on adventures and learns an important lesson. With her second book on the shelves now, she has already started work on her third.

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The sound of Darth Vader’s breathing in “Star Wars” was made with a scuba regulator.

The majority of your brain is fat.

Moons can have moons, and they are called “moonmoons.”

One acre of peanuts produces enough peanut butter for 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches.

Hard cheeses have a longer shelf life than soft cheeses.

When Play-Doh was first developed in the 1930s, it wasn’t a toy… it was a way to clean wallpaper.


Question: One in three women deny doing this to their hair?

Answer: Blow-dry it.

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Apparently, workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a 4-day work week. The world’s largest 4-day workweek trial has concluded, and the companies who participated reported increased revenue and decreased resignations. And following the trial, 56 of the 61 organizations that participated elected to continue with the shortened week. The trial was conducted in the UK, and lasted about 6 months. Employees received 100% of their usual pay, while working 80% of their typical hours – with the catch that there should be no decrease in productivity. Staff departures (a significant expense for businesses) dropped by 57% over the course of the trial period, while companies saw increases in revenue and reductions in absenteeism. As for the workers, well-being improvements were seen, with 39% of participants experiencing a reduction in stress. Additionally, 71% had lower levels of burnout at the end of the trial. 15% of employee participants indicated that NO INCREASE in pay would be able to convince them to go back to a 5-day-per-week schedule.

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Movie Taglines

- On Air And Unaware: (The Truman Show)

- In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream: Alien.

- Escape Or Die Frying (Chicken Run)

- The True Story Of A Real Fake (Catch Me If You Can)

- This Time The Princess Saves The Prince (Mulan)

- See Our Family and Feel Better About Yours (The Simpsons Movie)

- An Epic of Epic Epicness (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World)

- The Only Thing Crazier Than Love Is Family (Crazy Rich Asians)

- We Are Our Own Worst Enemy (Us)

- An Epic of Miniature Proportions (A Bug's Life)

- Let The Magic Begin (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

- When You Can Live Forever, What Do You Live For? (Twilight)

- Beyond Fear, Destiny Awaits (Dune)

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A Toddler Was Lost In The Woods For 24 Hours. A Volunteer Trusted His Gut And Found Him