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Today we visit with Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy) About Hallmark Channel’s Original New Family Drama THE WAY HOME is One of Cable TV’s Most-Watched Shows.

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March 29

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Women feel more confident in the Spring and Summer seasons, according to a new poll. The survey of 2,000 women looked at how the weather impacts their confidence and mood. Perhaps the least-surprising thing revealed is that on average, women say they can put up with only 7 weeks of cold weather before they’ve just had enough. That means they feel they need to go somewhere warm by January. Nearly half (49%) said they feel least confident about how their skin looks during Winter, due to issues with dull skin (30%) and uneven skin tone (21%) at that time of year. Women also said they feel the least radiant during Winter’s peak in December (36%) and January (41%).

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A “smart” bandage is being developed, that can monitor healing and even provide antibiotics to the injury site, as well as stimulate the growth of tissue, using electrical signals. California Institute of Technology scientists have manufactured the high-tech polymer bandages, which would, in theory, heal wounds more quickly and affordably, especially for those with certain chronic illnesses that are known to slow down the healing process, such as diabetes.


Amanda Bynes was forced to back out of a planned reunion with the “All That” cast at 90s Con in Hartford, due to illness. Details on her condition are unclear. During the All That panel at 90s Con, Kel Mitchell asked for prayers for his former co-star. Fans who had booked photo-ops with the “Amanda Show” and “Easy A” actress weren’t totally out of luck, however. “SNL’s” Kenan Thompson, who also starred on All That, was available in her place.

Amanda Bynes’ parents aren’t considering another conservatorship for their daughter despite her recent psychiatric episode. A source close to the family said that despite the mental breakdown, Lynn and Rick Bynes found solace in the fact that the “Easy A” actress called the police on herself. The actress was seen alone walking near downtown LA without any clothes on in the early hours on Sunday. She reportedly waved down a car and informed the driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode, then called 911 herself, and is now receiving care. Bynes had been living by herself and attending cosmetology classes, and the source believes Sunday’s incident was an “anomaly.”

Amanda Bynes was likely living “on the streets for days” before she called police on herself after suffering a mental break. Sources close to the former “Easy A” star told TMZ that her car had been towed in Long Beach CA on March 15. That’s about 40 miles from her home and 15 miles from where she was found in downtown LA early Sunday. The outlet’s sources believe Bynes may have hitchhiked or taken public transportation to get around and eventually made her way to Hollywood, where she was spotted in a fan’s TikTok video days before being placed on a psychiatric hold. It is expected that hold will be extended.

Middle-earth has a few new residents. CiarĂ¡n Hinds, Rory Kinnear and Tanya Moodie have joined the cast of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” ahead of the series’ second season, Prime Video has announced. The 3 will feature in recurring roles through the upcoming season, which is currently in production in the UK. Hinds is an Irish actor, while Kinnear and Moodie are both British. Details regarding their characters remain under wraps. Hinds, Kinnear and Moodie join an already expansive cast on the series, adapted from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. “The Rings of Power” featured 23 series regulars during its first season, playing elves, ents, dwarves, harfoots, orcs and humans.

Willem Dafoe isn’t against doing another “Spider-Man” movie as the ‘Green Goblin’. He told an interviewer that he’d consider another turn as the villain “If everything was right…that’s a great role. I liked the fact that it’s a double role.” That’s a reference to ‘Norman Osborn’ and alter ego, the Green Goblin. On the other hand, Freddie Prinze Jr. was recently asked about returning to the “Scooby-Doo” franchise for his role as ‘Fred Jones’ – and it’s a non-starter for him. Quote: “It wouldn’t be something I would do. I have zero interest.”

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A pet Zebra in Ohio bit off a man’s arm.

Ohio has been named the best US state for retirement.

A so-called “life hack expert” says he has the secret to removing a band-aid painlessly. On TikTok, Los-Angeles based creator Sidney Raz shares life hacks and tricks with his followers. And his “no pain band aid removal” video has hit 1.4 million views. In it, he is seen putting on a small, plastic Band-Aid, and then removing it in an upwards motion, pulling it up off the skin of his arm. After doing so, he says: “I didn’t even feel that happen.” At the end of the video, he reiterates: “Pull up the Band-Aid.” It’s hard to properly explain without seeing it, but the video shows him yanking on it in way that the entire band-aid comes unstuck at once, rather than peeling it off in the way that you or I might naturally do it. In response, one TikTok’er said: “Just tried it with the fabric ones, it does indeed work.” LINK:

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The largest snowflake in the world was found in 1887: It was 15 inches (38cm) wide and 8 inches (20cm) thick.

There’s an island in Japan you can visit that’s inhabited only by friendly bunnies.

The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly.

In the 19th century, experts warned women about a disease called ‘bicycle face’, which meant getting stuck with the awkward faces they made while biking.

✓ ‘God’ is the only “Simpsons” character who has 5 fingers. All other characters have 4.

Giraffe hearts need to pump twice as hard as a cow’s, in order to get blood to its brain.


Question: 59% of people say they find THIS place stressful. What is it?

Answer: The airport

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The restaurant chain Panera Bread is testing a new palm-scanning technology from Amazon that will automatically identify customers, suggest menu items, accelerate payments and even allow workers greet people by name. Panera says the project will begin its rollout of “Amazon One” in the coming months. Panera is the first national restaurant to use the technology, which IDs customers using their hands, allowing them to pay and access their loyalty account with their palm. The company says guests who link their MyPanera account to Amazon One “will enjoy the convenience of fast payments, as well as tailored meal recommendations from Panera associates based on their preferences and previous orders.” When customers are done ordering, guests can scan their palm again to pay.

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Here are some recent tweets from parents about the hilarious “alternative” words for common items that their children came up with . . .

⇒ “my son just referred to a house phone as a ring-a-ling phone and im officially calling them that now”

⇒ “My 4yo told me they had butt cakes after lunch today and I was like “what?!” And he was like yea it was buttcakes… big ol cupcakes with icing. Oh bundt cakes. You had bundt cakes, buddy.”

⇒ “My 5-year-old just referred to the drink menu as a “beer magazine” and that’s what I’m calling it from now on”

⇒ “My 3yo daughter doesn’t know the word “cough drop” so she is requesting medicine beans.”

⇒ “5yo: mommy can you make me a bald egg? Me: are you talking about a BOILED egg? Him: the hard egg with no skin and hair.

My daughter called the 1st President “George Washingmachine” and if anyone corrects her you’re dead to me.

⇒ “My 5 yr old called a QR code a scan square and now I’m asking myself – “why do they even call them QR codes”

⇒ “My son referred to a little boy today as ‘a double kid’ – any idea what he meant? A twin. The boy had a twin brother.”

⇒ “When my daughter was 4, she tried to say she had the “heebie jeebies” but it came out “Hebrew Bee Gees” — and that’s how it’s been pronounced in my house for the last 10 years”

⇒ “Instead of “emotional” support, my son said “mimosa-tional” support and I want that a lot more”

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Man Scales 3-Story Building To Rescue Neighbor During Fire