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Possibly awesome news on the AI front. Artificial intelligence has developed a treatment for cancer in just 30 days – AND can predict a patient’s survival rate with 80% accuracy. Researchers at the University of Toronto along with Insilico Medicine developed a potential treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, a common form of liver cancer), using a platform called Pharma.AI. Without getting too technical on you, it was able to come up with a previously unknown treatment pathway for cancer. Plus, the creation of the potential drug was accomplished in just 30 days by synthesizing just 7 compounds. AI is rapidly changing the way drugs and medicine are discovered and developed, as the traditional method of trial and error is slow, expensive and limits the scope of exploration.

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A cotton grocery tote should be used at least 7,100 times to make it a “truly environmentally friendly alternative” to traditional plastic bags, according to an estimate commissioned by the government of Denmark. At a rate of once per week, that means a reusable bag would take over 136 years of use to make it worthwhile. At the very least, this info serves as a reminder that we should be mindful of how often we are buying reusable bags, and consider donating extras or using them for other purposes – which might help reduce their environmental impact.


Will Smith has 2 upcoming projects that could return him to audiences’ good graces, over a year after ‘The Slap’. Sony Pictures is moving ahead with a 4th “Bad Boys” movie after “Bad Boys for Life” was one of the biggest box office hits of 2020. Netflix is also resuming work on “Fast and Loose”, which the streamer put on hold days after last year’s Academy Awards incident. Those 2 projects will be Smith’s first acting gigs since slapping Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars. Smith is expected to get $25 million for each project, which is only around $10 million less than what he earned on his last 2 projects.

Days of Our Lives” has been renewed for 2 more seasons, guaranteeing the show will reach a historic 60th season. The NBC soap opera successfully transitioned from the traditional broadcast network to Peacock, where it has been joined by the spinoff “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem”. Since Days of Our Lives moved to Peacock last season, the show has been in a Top 10 title for the NBCUniversal streamer.

Grey Sloan Memorial will be losing both of Ellis Grey’s daughters this season. Kelly McCreary, who has played ‘Meredith Grey’s’ half-sister ‘Maggie Pierce’, since the end of Season 10, is departing “Grey’s Anatomy” after 9 years. Her last episode as regular will air April 13. Like Pompeo, who is set to return for the Season 19 finale after Meredith’s big Feb. 23 sendoff, Maggie also will pop in to visit the doctors of Grey Sloan as a guest star.

The post-production editors behind “Saturday Night Live” have reached a tentative agreement with NBC, averting the strike deadline of April 1. If ratified by the crew of 12-20 workers, the 3-year deal will result in pay increases of up to 60% over the life of the contract and deliver immediate pay boosts, plus other benefits and bonuses. SNL has never been targeted with a show-specific strike in its nearly 50-year history.

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Pug owners have happier marriages than other dog owners, says a report.

You have to run 4 miles to burn the calories in one Coke.

Yes, it’s Spring cleaning time and all, but if this new invention pans out, dusting could become a thing of the past! Scientists at the University of Texas are developing “self-cleaning” surfaces that make dust particles unable to stick to them. They say the particles instead stick to each other — and simply roll off the surfaces, thanks to gravity. The researchers were initially focused on space technology, because dust can wreak havoc on space missions and on high-tech space stations, possibly even ruining them. But the scientists believe their discovery could also prove useful on Earth, preventing solar panels from collecting dust and losing efficiency – and even protecting our screens and windows from ever accumulating dust.

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The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated the same year Nintendo was founded. (1889)

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has her own mailbox at the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives.

Studies show your favorite foods are likely those your mother ate while pregnant with you.

A bottle of Coca-Cola can dissolve a nail in just 4 days.

Gasping for air in a high-altitude environment, plus UV light reflecting off the snow, will cause the roof of your mouth to get sunburnt.


Question: Health experts say you should wash THESE 2 to 3 times a year, although many of us don’t. What are they?

Answer: Pillows

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China has unveiled its latest digital news anchor, an “artificial intelligence” entity that its inventors say can provide 24/7 news coverage. The anchor, a virtual young woman named Ren Xiaorong, introduced herself to Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, in a video uploaded by state media. Ren “wore” a black jacket and has shoulder-length hair tucked behind her ears. Her makers say she has the professional skills of “thousands of news anchors.” And it must be true, because in her own robotic words, she works “365 days, 24 hours. News broadcasts about any topic all year round.” The AI-driven chatbot is definitely not a rival to ChatGPT at this point, though. Her only function so far is providing pre-programmed answers to questions about a political conference. But in the video, she says: “Every single bit of feedback you give will help me improve myself.” LINK:

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The UN’s ‘World Happiness Report 2023’ was unveiled. The good news: Despite the world shutting down for 2 years due to COVID-19, that apparently didn’t negatively affect people’s overall happiness. Respondents are slightly happier now than before the pandemic. Here are the top-10 happiest countries . . .

1. Finland (6th year running…)

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Israel (#9 last year)

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Norway

8. Switzerland

9. Luxembourg

10. New Zealand

(Other BS countries in the top 101: Australia (12), Canada (13), Ireland (14), US (15), UK (19), UAE (26), Thailand (60), Jamaica (68), Philippines (76), Hong Kong (82), South Africa (85)

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A fool and his money never should have got together in the first place. - Michael Douglas, Wall Street

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University Awards Full Scholarship To 13-Year-Old Who Sold Tea To Help Earthquake Victims