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Today we visit with Lisa Whelchel (The Facts of Life, Survivor) about her Me TV original series Collector's Call. Season FOUR just kicked off at the beginning of April!

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Everybody does it. But how does it affect us? I’m talking about crossing our legs when sitting. According to a report in The Conversation, crossing your legs could impact numerous parts of the body, and lead to some serious health concerns. Among them: misaligning your hips, and increasing the risk of blood clots as the flow of blood changes. And just so you know, crossing at the knees is worse than crossing at the ankles. Crossing your legs at the knees increases blood pressure because your blood begins to pool – and it could lead to blood vessel damage as well. Both the spine and shoulders can become misaligned and, in the pelvis, muscle lengths can be changed over the long term. Need more? Crossing your legs can also lead to nerve damage in the lower leg, and for men, it can impact sperm count. Not from the “squishing”, but from the resulting heat retention…down there.

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Maybe it’s a good thing that dozens of tech leaders, including Elon Musk, have signed a letter calling for artificial intelligence labs to stop developing powerful AI systems for at least 6 months, citing “profound risks to society and humanity.” This week, a judge in India asked AI if a murder and assault defendant should be let out on bail. Left at a loss for how to handle the situation, judge Anoop Chitkara decided to seek counsel from GPT-4, ChatGPT’s latest update that “exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks”. Armed with the Chat-torney’s legal expertise, the judge ultimately rejected the defendant’s bail bid.

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From “Superbad” to super dad! Jonah Hill is expecting his first baby with his partner, Olivia Millar. The mom-to-be debuted her baby bump Monday while shopping in Santa Monica. In addition to her budding belly, Millar made headlines for the sparkling ring she sported while out and about. Hill and the Chasseresse co-founder, who keep their relationship private, have been dating since 2022.

It hasn’t been an easy time for Jay Leno. He recently reflected on the 2 accidents he had over the course of 2 months, telling Dana Carvey and David Spade on their podcast that he has “an all-new face. The comedian said: “I did it in 8 days” and only missed 2 shows. The most recent accident was in January when Leno was knocked off his motorcycle. Quote: “I got a broken collarbone, I got two busted ribs, and I got two cracked kneecaps, ’cause I got clotheslined on my motorcycle.” Leno was forced to again call the doctor who patched him up after suffering burns in a garage fire in November, saying: “So I called my face guy. I go, ‘Listen, you know that face, you gave me that new face? I gotta get it fixed.’ I drove up there and he fixed it again.”

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NFL teams have proposed 17 rule changes, including expanding the coaches’ challenge system and the 4th-and-20 onside kick.

The National Balloon Classic has been announced for July 28th through August 5 in Indiana.

Some geniuses say they have developed a type of smart sports leggings that can tell you when it’s time to take a break from working out. Researchers at ETH Zurich came up with an electronic yarn capable of precisely measuring how a person’s body moves. The yarn is integrated directly into sportswear or work clothing, and a textile sensor is able to predict the wearer’s exhaustion level during physical exertion. From there, it can alert a smartphone app to tell you it’s time for a rest. The developers say the innovation addresses the issue of people becoming more prone to injury due to exhaustion when exercising or performing physical tasks.

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The inventor of Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough, ate a spoonful of the stuff every single day.

Cookie Monster originally had pointy teeth.

Putting your phone in airplane mode will stop ads while playing games.

The most expensive internet domain name ever sold was for an astonishing $872.3 million.


Question: We do this 20% more on the weekends than on workdays.

Answer: Smile

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Science has finally answered the all-important question of whether beer tastes better from a can or a bottle. And the answer is – it depends. The flavor of beer starts to change as soon as it is packaged and stored. Reactions break down flavor compounds and form others, which contributes to the aging or ‘stale beer’ taste people get when they open a drink. Now, researchers at Colorado State University have found that amber ale is fresher when drunk out of a bottle, whereas the flavor of an India Pale Ale (IPA) does not change when it’s consumed out of a can.

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1. Surgeon

2. Police Officer

3. Firefighter

4. Social Worker

5. Paramedic

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'This Angel Came Out Of Nowhere': Passerby Saves Grandma From Burning Home