Show Notes for Saturday, April 22, 2023 & Sunday, April 23, 2023

Today we visit with filmmaker Karl Horstmann who is continuing the momentum we're seeing in faith-based films. Horstmann has worked with the faith film greats including Roma Downey, the Kendrick Brothers and the Erwin Brothers to pursue greatness in the faith film industry. His notable credits include THE CASE FOR CHRIST, VANISHED: LEFT BEHIND NEXT GENERATION and his recent project SOUTHERN GOSPEL, the 60’s era faith drama starring Max Ehrich, Katelyn Nacon and Emma Myers.

We will also discuss his new film of a miraculous true story ON A WING AND A PRAYER, starring Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham, produced alongside Autumn Bailey and Roma Downey, available now on Amazon Prime.

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April 22

Celebrate Trails Day

National Jelly Bean Day

National Girl Scout Leader’s Day

National Earth Day

April 23

National Lost Dog Awareness Day

National Cherry Cheesecake Day

National Take A Chance Day

National Picnic Day

National Talk Like Shakespeare Day

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About two in five (39%) people have used online information instead of visiting their physician, with the average person self-diagnosing 4 times in the past year, based on information found online, according to a survey of US adults. Some of respondent’s most common misconceptions about what is and isn’t healthy included believing fish oil (47%), garlic (45%) and honey (44%) are sufficient to cure or treat certain ailments. And 64% associated carbs with being mainly “bad” for their health.

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Research found that listening to up-tempo music while driving increases your chances of being in an accident. An Israeli scientist said those listening to up-tempo songs were twice as likely to jump a red light as those listening to slower tempo songs, or not listening to music at all.


After much speculation, Warner Bros. Discovery made it official at Wednesday’s event to unveil the new Max streaming service: The studio is re-adapting J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books into a TV series with an all-new cast, with Rowling onboard to executive produce. The 7 novels will play out in the form of a streaming show debuting exclusively on Max, the newly renamed service which combines HBO Max and Discovery+. While it wasn’t confirmed that each season will take up one novel, each book does take place over a single school year.

Comedian Kathy Griffin has revealed she’s been diagnosed with “complex post-traumatic stress disorder”. She began a candid TikTok video by saying: “Let’s talk about PTSD. Never talked about it publicly. If any of you know my story, you’ll understand that this really started for me about 5 and a half years ago.” That seemingly refers to her personal and professional fallout in 2017 after she posed for a photograph with a bloodied replica of former President Donald Trump’s head. As a result, Griffin said: “Every single morning I wake up terrified to see if I’m gonna be okay or not.” Her openness about PTSD resonated with many followers, as Griffin took to TikTok again later, stating that she’s “really grateful for [the] response”, also saying: “So far I’m okay and that’s how it is… day by day.”

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It’s been over eight years since Jeff Bezos said Amazon would soon be delivering packages by drone.

Tupperware says it may have to file for bankruptcy.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she no longer cares what people think about her.

Just in time for the weekend, Chinese scientists say they’ve discovered a ground-breaking treatment that may cure hangovers. A team from the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Zoology claims to have genetically engineered a probiotic, taken in the form of a yogurt or pill before a night out, which they say can not only prevent a hangover, it could protect your liver from the ravages of booze. Using an enzyme which accelerates the breakdown of alcohol in the body, their experiments on mice showed that administering the probiotic had the effects of reducing alcohol absorption, prolonging alcohol tolerance, and shortening animals’ recovery time after exposure to alcohol.

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Sherbet contains more sugar than ice cream.

T-shirts were invented in 1904, aimed at bachelors who couldn’t sew or fix buttons.

Your foot is exactly as long as the distance from your wrist to the crook of your elbow.

Until the age of six, roughly 80 percent of children’s dreams are about animals.

The Swedish word “gift” can mean either ‘married’ or ‘poison’


Question: A survey says that almost 40% of us have had THIS stolen at work. What is it?

Answer: An idea

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A Russian fish salad, known as “Indigirka salad”, was recently voted the worst dish in the world by the readers of online food guide Taste Atlas. Indigirka salad originated in Yakutia, which is known as the coldest inhabited region in the world. It’s a simple dish, consisting of diced whitefish combined with onions, and seasoned with oil, salt, and pepper. So, what’s so bad about that? In Indigirka salad, the fish is not only raw, but frozen solid, which may be expected from a dish born in a region where temperatures routinely drop below -70°C (-94°F). It is usually served as an appetizer, accompanied by lemon wedges and a shot of vodka.

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According to AskReddit users . . .

Chicken wings: “They used to be the cheapest part of the bird. Remember 5 cent wing nights? … now 35 cent wing nights or 50 cent wing nights are advertised as a good deal.”

Camping: “Camping with my family in an old tin can camper, best memories of my childhood. Now I work in a campground…gawdy toy haulers everywhere…a large flat screen TV sitting on a picnic table (turned on), using campground water to fill a hot tub…people cutting tree branches so it didn’t scratch their 6-figure RV as it tried to squeeze into a small campsite.”

Football: “It used to be a working man’s game. My Dad took me and my cousin to games every week home and away. This is beyond many now.”

The foodie treatment: “Donuts, cupcakes, hamburgers, wings – have all been given the “foodie” treatment and went from good cheap eats to gourmet pricing without a corresponding increase in quality.”

Ripped denim jeans: “They’re casual, comfortable, and usually ripped in places caused by typical wear patterns. Then rich people had to make them weird…with clear plastic cut-outs…how an alien would guess what ripped jeans are supposed to look like if you translated it into their language poorly…and then (they) charge $2,000 for the monstrosity.”

Houses: “There are so many wealthy people from the city buying up cheap homes where I live simply to rent them to other wealthy people…on Air BnB. People can’t afford to live here anymore but most of the homes are empty 6 month out of the year.”

Auctions: “Storage shed auctions used to be really cheap until that stupid Storage Wars show came along. Now, too many people are jacking up the prices thinking that there’s some lost antiques worth thousands that they’d find in every unit.”

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I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. - Steve Carell, The Office

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Award Winning Documentary About Kindness Features Ben Affleck, Lady Gaga, Garth Brooks And More.