Show Notes for Saturday, April 29, 2023 & Sunday, April 30, 2023

Today we visit with actress and now DIRECTOR Gina Gershon. (Pretty In Pink, Cocktail, Face/Off, Chucky & much more) Her directing debut is a film called 12 Desperate Hours. Held hostage by a killer, a woman offers to drive the man wherever he wants in an attempt to save the lives of her children and husband. She soon builds a rapport with her captor and uses her wits to help save innocent bystanders from his wrath.


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April 29

World Veterinary Day

National First Ladies Day

World Wish Day

Independent Bookstore Day

National Pool Opening Day

National Shrimp Scampi Day

National Zipper Day

National Peace Rose Day

April 30

National Bubble Tea Day

National Prepareathon! Day

National Military Brats Day

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

National Pet Parents Day

National Sarcoidosis Day

National Raisin Day

National Oatmeal Cookie Day

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

National Bugs Bunny Day

National Honesty Day

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A UK study found the typical British woman will spend 26 years of her life suffering with bad hair. The poll found most women wake up with unruly hair at least three days a week.

Research finds that those of us who include a dish of fish in our diet each week tend to see better.

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The recent explosion of SpaceX’s Starship rocket might have seemed like a disaster — not the kind of result that should have prompted celebration from the SpaceX founder Elon Musk and his employees, who cheered what they considered a major “success”. But SpaceX wasn’t necessarily expecting the rocket — the most powerful and one of the most complex to ever fly — to emerge unscathed. Maybe that’s why many were amused when the company described the explosion on Twitter as a “a rapid unscheduled disassembly” — a cosmic-level euphemism if there ever was one.


Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey may want to call in a true detective for this one. After McConaughey suggested he and Harrelson could be half brothers, the “Cheers” alum weighed in on the possibility during his appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”. He told the host that “there is some veracity to that thought, because we talked to Ma Mac, Matthew’s legitimate mother…and she goes, ‘I knew your father.’ As he explained, it was how McConaughey’s mother said it that caught his attention. Quote: “It was the ellipses I found a little troubling or interesting. ‘I KNEW your father.'”

Time does heal all wounds. Twelve years after Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre’s dramatic falling out on “Two and a Half Men”, which included a fierce public feud and a lawsuit, the pair are back in business together, reuniting on Lorre’s Max comedy series “How To Be a Bookie”. In news guaranteed to make the show one of the most anticipated new series of the year, Sheen is set for a recurring role in the single-camera comedy headlined by Sebastian Maniscalco. No official comment from Max.

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Of the 8 billion people on earth, 2.5 billion lack toilets.

A UK WW2 veteran with no surviving relatives celebrated his 105th birthday with over 3,000 cards from kind-hearted strangers after a charity appeal. Ernest Horsfall, who has seen 27 Prime Ministers and 5 British monarchs in his lifetime, said he was surprised and amazed at how many people wrote to him. He was showered with cards from well-wishers after the Royal British Legion called for the ex-servicemen to be honored for his landmark birthday. After opening all his cards, he said he was looking forward to spending time with his girlfriend, 63-year-old Margaret, who flew in from Iceland to be with him on his special day.

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According to a poll, doctors and lawyers are the worst tippers.

Saturn’s rings are only 30-300 feet (9-90 meters) thick.

A sunset on Mars is blue.

The cardboard holder that you often get around a takeaway cup of coffee is called a “zarf.”

Dogs who bark a lot can get laryngitis.


Question: In a survey asking “What is the hardest driving maneuver?”, the #1 answer was parallel parking. What was #2?

Answer: Backing into a parking spot

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A teenager had to be rescued from inside a large claw game after he climbed in to steal a prize. The incident occurred at the Carowinds theme park in Charlotte NC, where a spokesperson said they were made aware of a 13-year-old male who climbed into a claw machine called the Cosmic XL Bonus Game. The game is about 6½ feet tall, and nearly 5 feet wide, making it much bigger than the average claw game. A medical response team was summoned, which unlocked the machine, and the boy climbed out.

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According to neuroscience experts…

Asynchronous development: Does your bright child struggle with simple tasks like tying shoelaces or remembering to brush their teeth? These are examples of asynchronous development — developing more quickly in some areas than others. It’s common for gifted children.

Emotional depth and sensitivity at a young age: Gifted children may experience more intense emotional reactions to the world around them. Example: They may have a hard time enjoying shows where a character is hurt or is sad. Many also have a heightened sense of justice and can experience frustration when they feel like a situation is wrong.

Existential questioning: Gifted children often have an insatiable curiosity, especially about the existential aspects of life. They may be more concerned about death, poverty, climate change and injustices than their peers, or ask questions like: “What happens when we die?” or “Why do bad things happen?”

Unique interests or a mature sense of humor: If your child is making high-level chemistry puns or studying transit maps of major cities, you might worry they are missing out on their childhood. But they may just have a more advanced understanding of a topic than others their age.

Underachievement in school: Gifted children have a need for constant mental stimulation. In school, they can be easily bored because they learn things faster than their peers. If school is not challenging for them, they may lose motivation.

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It’s always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it’s just hilarious. - Bill Hicks

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Arctic Fox Escapes Zoo But Gets Tired Along The Way