Show Notes for Friday, April 28, 2023

Today we visit with actor Sean Whalen (Twister, Never Been Kissed & Many More) He's shooting his own film right now. It's called CRUST. Crust is a creature feature that Sean says is not a movie for the masses. “I am making this for the passionate fans of cult, comedy, horror films that will love it the way I have loved Sleepaway Camp and The People Under the Stairs. I hope you enjoy it.” There is an Indiegogo Campaign now -

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April 28

National Historic Marker Day

National Superhero Day

National Donate Life Blue & Green Day

National Bravehearts Day

Workers’ Memorial Day

National Hairball Awareness Day

National Blueberry Pie Day

National Great Poetry Reading Day

National Arbor Day

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A study shows Tylenol can ease existential angst.

A study suggests that red meat is unhealthy.

A study finds that dancing comes naturally to infants.

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You know how it is sometimes…you’ve got an itch, and no matter how many times you scratch it, it keeps coming back. Other times, one quick scritch, and it’s gone. So, it’s little wonder that researchers from the Salk Institute have discovered that not all itches are the same. Their study discovered different neural pathways drive different varieties of itches in mice. It is believed that itchiness serves a genuine purpose — an evolutionary protective signal — to prevent parasites from introducing hazardous pathogens into the body. For instance, if a mosquito lands on your arm, you might scratch the spot. But if the mosquito bites you, its saliva will serve as an irritant, resulting in a recurring “chemical” itch. While both types of itchiness result in the same sensation, the research indicates that one brain pathway drives the mechanical sensation, while a separate and distinct neural pathway encodes chemical itchiness. The scientists say their research may lead to new treatment options for those who suffer from a range of chronic itch conditions.


Kelly Ripa started a new “Live” journey with her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Monday. But, during an interview with Variety, Ripa revealed that she considered retiring from the show prior to Ryan Seacrest’s decision to join in 2017. Why? Ripa, who has been a part of Live since 2001, expressed that she wasn’t sure whether she should continue, considering how executives treated her (specifically when previous co-host Michael Strahan was poached for a position on “Good Morning America” without her knowing). She said about her husband joining as a co-host: “It’s definitely breathed new life into me.”

Writers for television, movies and streaming shows have voted overwhelmingly to go on strike if no labor deal is reached before a May 1 deadline. 97.9% of participating union members voted to approve a potential strike. If a strike happens, it would be the first in the industry since 2007, and it would bring production on many shows and films to a halt. The 2007 strike lasted 100 days. The Writers Guild of America, which represents the writers, says it needs to make substantial changes to the way writers are compensated because of the shift to streaming services.

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A study claims that the best way to get a song out of your head is to chew gum.

So much for the old real estate saying “Location, location, location”. To today’s younger homebuyers, curb appeal is the most important factor when choosing a home. In a poll of 2,000 adults in the US, Gen Z (47%) and millennials (46%) were more likely to cite appearance – like the color of the home, decks, and balconies – as a reason for buying than Gen X (35%) and baby boomers (30%). Younger generations were also more likely to purchase their home based on its architecture and style, with 46% of Gen Zers and 43% of millennials doing so, compared to 30% of Gen Xers and 23% of boomers. And just in case you’re looking, make this a part of your budget: the average homeowner encounters about 4 “surprises” within the first year of homeownership, spending around $3,600 to address them.

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Contrary to what you may have heard, redheads aren’t actually going extinct.

Women tend to strike matches away from themselves, while men tend to strike them toward themselves.

Men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators and have longer- lasting relationships.

During Elizabethan times, it was customary for a wife to wear her wedding ring on her thumb.

Riding a roller coaster can help you pass a kidney stone, especially if you’re seated in the rear car.


Question: The average family throws away 70 of THESE edible items every year. What are they?

Answer: Loaf-end bread crusts.

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A Brazilian man got trapped in a sewer pipe after betting he could crawl through it and come out on the other side of the road. Friends promised to reward him if he succeeded. They called emergency services an hour after he disappeared down the roadside hole. Firefighters took three hours to rescue him.

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A Reddit thread recently featured answers to the question: “What’s a profession you’ve seen phased out in your lifetime?” Brace yourself…

❑ “Paperboys. Having a paper route used to be a thing. Now there are very few people who get a daily physical paper.”

❑ “Back in the 20th century, there used to be small huts in parking lots where a person would develop your film in as soon as one hour.”

❑ “Judging by the advertising I see online these days, proof-reader.”

❑ “Executive assistant. When I started my career, even low-level managers had a person to write memos, answer their phone, and plan their travel.

❑ “The entire industry that makes pricing guns. Everything in the store had a small white sticker with the price on it. The UPC code and scanner eliminated this.”

❑ “Door-to-door salespeople. You used to see them pretty frequently back in the ’60s but you never see them now.”

❑ “Cobblers. There used to be people that fixed shoes and shined shoes. Every town had one and every man had his shoes shined often.”

❑ “Bike messengers…Now everything can be done with high-speed internet.”

❑ “I used to be a projectionist at a movie theater. Most theaters are all digital now, with the projectors on timers.”

❑ “Radio disc jockeys. They’re not gone yet but they are dwindling…Local DJs are fewer and fewer as radio stations consolidate.”

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If at first you don’t succeed, quit. When life gives you lemons, quit. When the going gets tough, the tough just quit. - Jim Rome

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1,000 Year Old Canoe Discovered In N.C. Lake, Brings Tribe Members To Tears