Show Notes for Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Today we visit with actress, singer, and producer Barbara Eden, best known for her starring role as Jeannie in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. Her other notable roles include Roslyn Pierce opposite Elvis Presley in Flaming Star and a single widowed mother, Stella Johnson, in the film and two-season television series, Harper Valley PTA. More recently she was featured in a fun Christmas movie My Adventures with Santa.

She will be appearing at Christmas Con in Overland Park Kansas June 9 to 11th.

Line-up Includes 26 Celebrity Guests Including Host Jonathan Bennett, Barbara Eden, Melissa Joan Hart, Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, Andrew Walker, Jesse Metcalfe and More. LEARN MORE: ChristmasConKansas2023

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May 10

World Lupus Day

National Washington Day

National Clean Up Your Room Day

National Lipid Day

National Third Shift Workers Day

National Shrimp Day

National School Nurse Day

National Receptionists Day

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67% of people say their cat is their best friend.

How much money do you spend on food that ends up going to waste? If you’re average, it’s nearly $3,000 a year, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 US adults found that on average, each household spends $248 per week at the grocery store…and $63 worth goes to waste. Respondents said that when they cook, a quarter of them “always” or “often” make more food than they’re able to finish, usually with the intention of having leftovers. The problem (and this may sound familiar…): they don’t always get around to using them up. Nearly a third admitted they’re likely to forget about leftovers once they’re out of sight (32%). And that’s one of the top reasons people end up having food waste. Another reason is other household members not wanting to eat leftovers. While 43% said they prefer to eat their leftovers until they’re finished, a quarter of respondents say they get tired of eating the same thing over and over before they’re able to finish it.

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Researchers at the University of Texas Austin have successfully created an artificial intelligence system that “can translate a person’s brain activity” into plain, readable language. Yup. It can read your mind. The device, known as a semantic decoder, can do so by utilizing similar technology implemented by ChatGPT – and no surgery or special implant is required. A test subject is instructed to listen to podcasts while inside a scanner, before having their “thoughts decoded” by either telling a story in their heads or imagining it. This “allows the machine to generate corresponding text from brain activity alone”, the researchers said.

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Steven Spielberg regrets that he re-edited his 1982 classic “E.T.” to appeal to modern audiences. The legendary director specifically wishes he never changed one scene that showed government agents armed with guns. The scene ultimately didn’t make it into the 2002 re-release of the film and instead had the guns replaced with walkie talkies. Tuesday at the Time 100 Summit, he said: “That was a mistake….I never should have done that because ‘E.T.’ was a product of its era.” Spielberg went on to say: “No film should be revised based on the lenses we now are, either voluntarily or being forced to peer through.”

Another classic “Frasier” character will return for the upcoming Paramount+ revival. Peri Gilpin will reprise her role as radio show producer ‘Roz Doyle’. It’s unclear how Roz will fit into the story, since the revival sees Kelsey Grammer’s ‘Frasier Crane’ back in Boston, far from the Seattle setting of the original series. It is reported that Gilpin will return in a guest-starring role. Bebe Neuwirth is also slated to return as Frasier’s ex-wife, ‘Lilith Sternin’.

Robert Pattinson will star in a new serial killer movie coming to Netflix. The “Batman” actor will play the lead character in the “black comedy taking on serious issues” from “Don’t Look Up” filmmaker Adam McKay. Robert Downey Jr., Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwyler will also have prominent roles. The film, titled “Average Height, Average Build” will see Pattinson as a serial killer who hires a lobbyist to change laws so he can easily get away with his murders. He winds up becoming a hero in Washington while hiding his true motives. Filming starts this summer.

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May is National Burger Month.

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly dating a 28-year-old TV Host.

Apparently, when it comes to new music, singers are getting quieter. A new study found that the volume of lead singers in chart-topping songs has gradually decreased over the past 75 years. Now, whether that’s a good thing, I’ll leave up to you. Traditionally, music has focused on emphasizing the lead singer’s voice, but researchers at the University of Oldenburg in Germany have discovered that lead vocals are becoming increasingly quieter compared to the rest of the band (or music). The researchers feel this trend is due to changes in music technology, but say it could also be related to the “stylistic evolution” of pop songs. Study authors found country music has the highest lead vocal-to-accompaniment ratio (LAR), followed by rap and pop. Rock music had an almost zero LAR, while metal had a negative LAR, and solo singers had a much higher LAR than bands.

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Pilgrims refused to eat lobsters because they thought they were huge insects.

Excluding free throws, Shaquille O’Neal made more than 11,000 shots in his NBA career. Only one of them was a 3-point shot.

A person burns essentially the same number of calories whether they run or walk a mile.

Most toilet paper sold for home use in France is pink.

It takes 7 standard shuffles to thoroughly mix a 52-card deck.


Question: On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day, when we visit THIS place. What is it?

Answer: A movie theater

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Dating trends seem to be getting more and more savage, if the names being given them are any indication. We’ve seen ‘cloaking’, ‘breadcrumbing’, ‘orbiting’, ‘gaslighting’, and even ghosting’…and now, TikTok’er Mariel Darling has taken to the app to share the latest horrifying dating trend: being “zombied.” What does being “zombied” mean? She shared with her 250,000 followers: “It’s like ghosting, but he comes back from the dead after a couple months and hits you up.” Her video has over 1.5 million views, and in a follow-up, she said that as far as she’s concerned, dating in New York City is very much like a zombie apocalypse “mixed with the ‘Thriller’ music video, because all these boys are tap dancing around commitment.” And people seem to agree with her. One commenter wrote: “Have you ever noticed that they all zombie you at the same time? Like why are 4 guys from my past all hitting me up on the same day???” Another: “Mine has a Jesus Christ complex, he comes back every 3 days.” LINK:

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These are the most ear-worthy podcasts out there, according to a survey of fans:

1. “Love, Janessa”: true crime is one of the most listened-to podcast genres. This one focuses on Janessa Brazil – the woman whose likeness has been used to catfish and con countless victims out of thousands of dollars.

2. “The Coldest Case in Laramie”: Another great (and grim) crime-centered podcast. It takes you on a journey through the unsolved murder of a college student in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1985. The story alone is haunting, and the way it is told is sure to keep you on your toes!

3. “Frozen Head”: We still don’t know if we will ever be able to successfully bring someone back to life after being cryogenically frozen. Frozen Head is centered around the true story of a scientist determined to find the answers, discussing the pros, cons, and difficulties of this process.

4. “Can I Tell You a Secret?”: Another true crime series, “Can I Tell You a Secret” focuses on the true story of a cyber stalker. This investigative series covers his motivations, actions and consequences, and keeps you wanting more…

5. “Normal Gossip”: From scandalous affairs to shocking breakups, it covers all the juicy details about the lives of our favorite celebs. What sets it apart is the hosts’ ability to deliver the news in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

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6-Year-Old Recognized For Act Of Kindness During School Field Trip