Show Notes for Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Today we visit with Brandi Passante from A&E’s Hit-Series “Storage Wars”. A new season just started June 6th. You can watch on A&E and stream the episodes the next day.

Storage Wars” returns to bidding, buying and selling for a new season of wild auction battles in California. Iconic auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson once again lead our buyers through unit after unit filled with all kinds of surprises. As for the buyers, Brandi Passante has focused her attention on home staging and storage lockers have a way of offering her all kinds of furniture and knick-knacks. Darrell Sheets is lured out of a cozy retirement, being simply unable to resist the pull of auctions. Ivy Calvin has added his son to the family business, bringing along Ivy Jr with him to increase his chances of success. Rene Nezhoda finds himself re-arranging his business, potentially moving his storefront to a location closer to the other buyers. And let’s not forget Kenny Crossley, who’s still trying to get the hang of buying treasure-filled units (without having to spend a fortune), all while keeping everyone in stitches. Perhaps the biggest development this season is the long-anticipated return of Barry Weiss. Adopting a strict new buying regimen and working with an internationally-recognized bidding coach, Barry is intent on getting back in the game and playing for keeps this time.

Viewers will join the thrill of the hunt at the fast-paced auctions for a look into the exhilarating, high-stakes world of storage auctions. Buyers go to the storage facilities, willing to risk it all, to bid on the contents of lockers and if they’re lucky, find treasure not just trash!

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June 21

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Which little mishaps seem to find their way into your life time and time again? In a survey of 2,000 adults, some of the most common blunders reported include accidentally sending a text to the wrong person, laundry mishaps that result in shrunken or discolored clothes, mistaking a stranger for someone you know, forgetting a meal on the stove, and trying to enter a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them. Other common errors: preparing a meal for work only to leave it at home, and forgetting to cancel unused subscriptions. Some respondents also admitted they have forgotten about planned events and failed to show up, while others said they have dropped a book while reading…in the bathtub.

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If you’re looking for a big win at the casino this weekend, bring along your earbuds – and some Electronic Dance Music. Recent scientific studies have revealed that having music in the background can significantly enhance your performance in activities such as playing slots. In particular, EDM stands out as a genre that can work wonders on your brain as you gamble. Originally created for nightclubs, festivals, and raves, EDM is generally regarded as happy and upbeat. Scientists say the music can enhance your gameplay by setting the right mood, improving your focus, and give you the necessary ‘oomph’ to get out of your comfort zone as you spin those casino reels. The music also assists with online gambling, the experts, say.


Pat Sajak, the longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune”, has announced his retirement. On social media, he wrote: “I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months….If nothing else, it’ll keep the clickbait sites busy!” Sajak, who is 76, joined the show in 1981. He also hosted a daytime version of the series throughout the ’80s. He’s won 3 Daytime Emmys, plus a Lifetime Achievement honor. In 2018, he succeeded “The Price Is Right’s” Bob Barker as the longest-running host of a game show. LINK:

The race to replace Pat Sajak as host of “Wheel of Fortune” is on — and the first candidate who’s said to be in talks is none other than — Ryan Seacrest. Known for hosting “American Idol” and “Live With Kelly and Ryan”, he is reportedly in contact with the game show’s producers — and some sources say he’s the frontrunner. Seacrest joins a few others who’ve expressed interest in the gig, including Whoopi Goldberg and broadcaster Jon Alba. And fans have also looked to letter-turner Vanna White as a possible replacement, after she previously guest-hosted the show.

If you build it … she won’t leave. Kevin Costner has reportedly asked for a court to help get his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, out of their shared home amid their divorce. Documents show the “Yellowstone” star claims the former model is refusing to leave their house — despite their long-standing prenup giving her 30 days to vacate their home after she filed for divorce on May 1. Costner also alleges that Baumgartner is using her position as leverage to make him agree to “various financial demands.” Costner has allegedly already given Baumgartner over $1.2 million for his prenuptial obligations.

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Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Disney World and the Simpsons.

Well, why not? On a long flight, most of us try to sleep anyway, so Air New Zealand is promising bunk beds in the skies. The company’s reimagined economy-class seating arrangement, Skynest, won the cabin concepts award at this year’s prestigious Crystal Cabin Award, which celebrates innovation in airplane cabin interiors. The beds-on-board concept, set to debut in 2024, works like this: 6 sleep pods in a bunk bed configuration will be available on select planes. The pods will be located between the economy and premium economy cabins on some long-haul routes, including the 17-hour direct between New York City and Auckland, which is among the longest flights in the world. Passengers will be able to pre-book a slot in the pod for US$254-$380 (NZ$400-$600) for a 4-hour block, in addition to the regular cost of their ticket. The cabin crew will change out the bedding after each use. Why 4-hour blocks? The airline found through research that “A typical sleep cycle is around 90 minutes, so a 4-hour session gives the opportunity for customers to wind down, fall asleep and wake up.”

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There’s a 99.9999% chance that any given person is your 16th cousin.

Earth travels through space at 660,000 miles per hour.

Studies show that it’s usually the most talkative spouse who gets her (or his) way.

Crayola is a French word that means “oily chalk”.


Question: Two-thirds of those who own one of THESE — have a name for it. What is it?

Answer: A guitar

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A Belgian company says it has developed a system that converts pig’s blood into water fit for human consumption. Veos specializes in producing animal proteins for the food industry. Until recently, the company relied solely on large quantities of groundwater to clean the massive tanks it stored pig blood in, but, thanks to a €2 million investment in a state-of-the-art water purification installation, Veos can actually use the stored pig blood to make drinkable water. Veos co-CEO Robert Slee said the treatment plant can provide 150,000 liters of potable water per day.

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Though sequels sometimes have a reputation for not living up to their original counterparts, that’s not always the case. Take last year, for example: With nearly 500 films released, a survey found that the majority of people selected “Top Gun: Maverick” as one of their favorites, the most popular choice among those polled. Never mind that fans of the original “Top Gun” had to wait 36 years to see its follow-up story…the point is that it was a sequel, and it still managed to become a fan favorite. Here are the top-5 follow-up films most recommended by film experts…

1. “The Godfather Part II” (1974): With a cast including greats like Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and Diane Keaton, it’s no shock that this film made the top 3 of almost every list we could find.

2. “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980): Yes, technically it is the 5th installment of the “Star Wars” saga, but it was the 2nd movie released. This one not only introduced special characters such as ‘Yoda’ and ‘Lando Calrissian’, it also contains one of the most shocking twists in film history. (Ask your nerd brother…)

3. “The Dark Knight” (2008): Following the success of Christian Bale’s turn as the caped crusader in “Batman Begins”, Christopher Nolan delivered a sequel held in high regard not only for its story, but for its incredible performances, especially by Heath Ledger as the ‘Joker’.

4. “Aliens” (1986): Sure, it’s true that in space, no one can hear you scream, but plenty of us squealed in the theater, as ‘Ellen Ripley’, played by Sigourney Weaver, faces off against not one, not 2, but more Xenomorphs than you can count, in this terrifying sequel.

5. “Paddington 2” (2018): I know what you’re thinking, the movie about the bear who eats marmalade sandwiches? Yep, that one. This sequel to the 2015 film follows the Brown family as their adopted son (who happens to be a bear) finds himself in another sticky situation, and it’s not just jam on his paw.

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New York Rail Workers Rescue 3-Year-Old Boy From Train Tracks