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July 08

National Raspberry Day

National Freezer Pop Day

International Skinny Dip Day

National Chocolate With Almonds Day

July 09

National Dimples Day

National Sugar Cookie Day

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Sometimes, there’s nothing sweeter than taking an afternoon nap. And as it turns out, it’s also good for your brain. Researchers at University College London found that having a quick nap in the afternoon could slow the rate your brain shrinks as you age. That’s right, apparently the human brain actually decreases in size as we get older, and naps help to alleviate that effect. The average difference in brain volume between habitual nappers and those who don’t nap was equal to 2.6 to 6.5 years of ageing. The researchers want their findings to help reduce the stigma associated with daytime napping for adults. In addition, other recent studies found that taking a siesta has benefits for work productivity, creativity and memory. Some employers are now installing nap pods, sleep rooms and other spaces dedicated to power naps for workers.

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The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam hosted a pop-up tattoo parlor, with tattoo artists inking replicas of Rembrandt’s work on paying visitors. Renowned tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher is part of the team that recreated works by the 17th-century artist. As he points out: “Worldwide, more tattoos are sold than works of art to hang on your wall. An old tattoo artist once called tattoos ‘The Poor Man’s Rembrandt’: a work of art that is more affordable than a painting…but no less carefully executed and selected.” Several designs—costing US$109-$218 were on offer through Sunday, including original etchings by Rembrandt, his signature, and his monogram.


Henry Cavill nearly became ‘James Bond’. In a new interview, “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell revealed that Cavill “looked great” and “his acting was tremendous” when he auditioned for the part that eventually went to Daniel Craig. Campbell added: “If Daniel didn’t exist, Henry would have made an excellent Bond…he was in great physical shape… very handsome, very chiseled”, but he “looked a little young at that time.” Cavill was just 22 when he auditioned, while Craig was 38, which worked in his favor, as producers had envisioned a more seasoned 007.

The dress worn by Carrie Fisher in the final scene of the original “Star Wars,” which was long believed to have been destroyed, has been found and restored, and is now up for auction — and could go for as much as $2 million. The dress — worn during the scene where ‘Princess Leia’ gives medals to ‘Han’ and ‘Luke’ — was found in an attic in London, belonging to one of the film’s crew members. It was restored by hand over an 8-month period, according to Prop Store Auction, which is handling the sale. It’s the only surviving costume worn by Carrie Fisher in Star Wars.

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Report: Drinking 42 cups of coffee in one sitting can kill you due to a caffeine overdose.

Starbucks is raising the price of coffee.

A scuba diver has forged an unlikely bond with a wild fish — and the pair meet up every summer for a reunion. Rex Colubra made friends with the small mouth bass while diving in September 2021. The odd encounter resulted in the 40-year-old naming the fish Elvis. Colubra says the pair now see each other every year when he travels back to the Wisconsin lake where Elvis lives. He says he taught Elvis a specific call, a “gulping grunt sound”, to which the fish responds. Colubra reports that his fish friend “follows me around and just stares me in the eyes.” He also claims that Elvis gets jealous if other fish come around when they are together. Elvis is recognizable due to a scar on his face. LINK:

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Your hair contains traces of gold.

Scientists believe that dreaming about an activity can actually help you improve at it in real life.

The use of the abbreviation “OMG” can be traced back to 1917.

The majority of your brain is fat.


Question: When it comes to summer vacation, 29% of parents are concerned about THIS. What is it?

Answer: Their kids won’t spend enough time outside.

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A California man who mistakenly donated $15,000 instead of $150 to a GoFundMe says his blunder turned out to be a blessing. ‘Michael’, posted the now-viral story to Reddit – with screenshots as evidence. After an encounter with a friendly neighbor about a hunger charity he heads in Bangladesh, he says he “wanted to support my neighbor and the charity,” and donated $150. Or so he thought. Moments later, he received a text, warning him “of an unusually large transaction on my credit card,” Michael wrote. He determined that due to a keystroke error, “150 became 15,041.” The good news? Before a refund could be processed, the man who runs the charity sent Michael pictures and videos of people thanking him for the donation, including video of a man surrounded by dozens of impoverished people holding bags of food. After he got a refund, Michael donated $1,500 to the charity. And even better – the story went viral, causing others to contribute, and the fundraiser’s target was exceeded by $10,000.

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A Reddit user recently asked: “What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?” Here are some of the best (and completely correct) answers…

⇒ “Chasing after something that’s being blown away by the wind.”

⇒ “Standing or sitting awkwardly while everyone sings, ‘Happy Birthday to You.'”

⇒ “Getting out of the backseat of a two-door car.”

⇒ “Chasing a ping pong ball.”

⇒ “When you’re walking in the opposite way you’re supposed to go, and you have to do a sudden 180-degree turn.”

⇒ “We all look a bit silly when we confidently walk into a glass door we thought was open.

⇒ “A rant filmed from your car seat.”

⇒ “Trying to take off your pants without removing your shoes first.”

⇒ “Walking through a cobweb that no one else sees, and then waving your arms around a lot…”

⇒ “Running with a backpack on.”

⇒ “TikTok dances.”

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Chicago Police Officer's Heroic Act Saves Drowning Woman