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This #MovieStarMonday we visit with actor NicholasTurturro (Blue Bloods, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Here Comes The Boom) We'll talk about his new film “The Crusades” in theaters now!

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July 10

Chronic Disease Day

Global Energy Independence Day

National Pina Colada Day

National Kitten Day

International Town Criers Day

National Clerihew Day

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A new study took a look into what couples do in order to keep their relationships strong, and found that tactics are surprisingly similar across all types of relationships. Researchers from Greece found there are no fewer than 81 “acts that people were likely to perform” in order to improve their union with their partner, and narrowed them to the most common. The top-5 are, in order:

Try to understand her/his needs

Discuss our problems together

Show more interest in my partner

Create experiences together

Build trust

The researchers found that although these are the ‘most commonly-used’ methods of improving relationships, the most ‘effective’ methods are the top 2, plus “showing one’s love to a partner”. And interestingly, “efforts of self-improvement and enhancing appearances” were both the least common and the least effective strategies.

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Pepsi has announced its first infused condiment. Named “Colachup,” in honor of the Fourth of July, the sauce is meant to be the finishing touch on a hot dog. Starting with a Pepsi reduction, the topping is combined with things like smoked tomatoes, spices, plus onions and ketchup, to create the saucy delicacy. The limited-edition product features the “sweet, citrusy taste” of the carbonated drink, says the company. But online reaction has been underwhelming, with one commenter writing: ““I mean I like Pepsi… but not that much.”


With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s deal with Netflix continuing, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking forward to their next series. The Wall Street Journal says the pair is developing a prequel series to Charles Dickens’ 1861 novel “Great Expectations” for the streamer, based on the character ‘Miss Havisham’. Titled “Bad Manners”, the series would see “the lonely spinster as a strong woman living in a patriarchal society.” Following news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex parting ways with Spotify, a Netflix spokesperson has said that they have several projects in the works with the couple.

Seth Meyers has a plan to keep busy while late-night TV shows continue to be paused due to the writers strike. He took to social media to announce his brand-new podcast with his brother Josh, “Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers”. He explained that he hopes the strike is resolved soon and the writers “get the deal they deserve. But, when life gives you lemons, make a podcast!” The brothers will talk to guests about trips they took as kids, and what it’s like taking trips as an adult with their kids. Guests will include Tom Holland, Amy Schumer, Pete Davidson and more, with the first being Amy Poehler.

After a 10-year hiatus, a trailer has dropped for the return of “Futurama”, which will premiere July 24 on Hulu. The series, which first premiered in 1999, follows ‘Philip J. Fry’, a New York City pizza delivery boy, who accidentally freezes himself and is defrosted in the year 3000. He befriends hard-drinking robot ‘Bender’ and falls in love with a cyclops named ‘Leela’. They embark on thrilling adventures that take them to every corner of the universe. After its initial run on Fox, a roller-coaster of cancellations and resurrections ensued, the most recent ending in 2013. LINK:

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A study shows women are attracted to men in plain white T-shirts.

A report found that cleaning up the clutter in your home cuts out 40% of your housework.

Quiet quitting. OK, are you sick of hearing that phrase yet? Here 2 newer work-related buzzwords that have cropped up recently…

Loud Quitting: While quiet quitting is often regarded as a rejection of “hustle culture”, some workers are no longer keeping their discontentment on the down-low — instead, engaging in “loud quitting.” Almost 1 in 5, of global employees are loudly quitting or actively disengaged, according to a new report from Gallup. It defined loud quitters as those who take actions that “directly harm” the organization, while undercutting its goals and opposing its leaders.

Grumpy Staying: These are workers who are staying in their jobs, but aren’t happy about it. In recent times, they may have joined the Great Resignation or just ‘quiet quit’. But as the job market cools off, and more companies issue return-to-office mandates, some employees are compelled to get louder about their dissatisfaction — while still keeping their job.

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On average, football (soccer) players run as far as 9.5 miles (15.2km) in a single match.

In Italy, Darth Vader’s name was changed to ‘Lord Fener’ because ‘Vader’ sounds too similar to the word ‘toilet’ in Italian.

The first day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is always between June 20th and June 22nd. It varies due to the Earth’s rotation not exactly reflecting our calendar year.

China has only one time zone.

The first stroller, invented in 1733, was engineered to be pulled by a goat.


Question: Nearly half of women agree: A man should never wear THIS to work. What is it?

Answer: Shorts

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Emojis, of all things, could soon start popping up in medical communications such as emails and letters from doctors, according to new research. While that may sound kind of strange (and even unprofessional), study authors say these pictograms are renowned for their “universal” appeal and may be able to replace traditional communication methods and engage more patients. Researchers from the University of California-Riverside propose that employing these expressive icons in healthcare communications could have several benefits, including universal recognition and accessibility across diverse populations.

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As hard as it is to believe, TikTok isn’t even in the top 10 most popular websites in the world, according to the latest data from, which tracks this type of thing (TikTok is #15). Here are the world’s 10 most popular domains so far this year…






6) (Chinese tech company, search engine)


8) (Russian tech company, search engine)



(For those wondering, is at #14)

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