Show Notes for Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13, 2023

Today we visit with filmmaker, on-camera personality, writer, editor, researcher, content creator and entrepreneur Ron Jame of Mutual UFO Network.

MUFON is an International Organization that investigates UFO reports from around the globe and not just The United States. If you are in Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Australia or any other country, please submit your report and an investigator will get back to you! We will talk about his new documentary, "Accidental Truth, UFO Revelations", narrated by Matthew Modine


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August 12

International Youth Day

World Elephant Day

National Julienne Fries Day

National Bowling Day

National Garage Sale Day

National Vinyl Record Day

National Middle Child Day

August 13

National Spirit Of ’45 Day

National Prosecco Day

International Left Handers Day

National Filet Mignon Day

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A study says that 6 minutes of cycling per day is enough to put the brakes on brain ageing. Scientists at New Zealand’s University of Otago found that a brief burst of cycling at close to maximum effort can significantly raise levels of BDNF (a protein linked to your brain’s ability to grow and rewire itself). In fact, a short, sharp session had far more impact than 20 hours of fasting, and about 5 times the effect of slower, prolonged cardio workouts.

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The supposed oldest man in history has passed away. Jose Paulino Gomes passed away Friday — one week shy of turning 128 — at his home in Pedra Bonita, Brazil, according to local media. His family said Gomes died of organ failure, likely due to his advanced age. It’s not clear whether Guinness will examine the paperwork to officially establish Gomes as a world record holder, as his family has cited some local cases of incorrect documentation. According to his 1917 marriage certificate, Gomes was born on Aug. 4, 1895, making him a survivor of both World Wars and 3 global pandemics.

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George Romero’s zombies are set to “live” again — or walk around again, at least – 6 years after the director passed away. The production company Roundtable Entertainment has announced it is partnering with the Romero estate to make the film “Twilight of the Dead”, based on a treatment by the filmmaker and Paolo Zelati. The movie is described as “the 7th and final installment of the seminal Living Dead film franchise.” Shooting is scheduled to begin in Puerto Rico later this year

The Super Bowl is going to be “slimed” next year. The NFL is expanding its alternate broadcasts with Nickelodeon and CBS Sports. This season’s championship game, slated for February 11 in Las Vegas, will be the first to get the slime- and graphics-filled treatment for kids’ audiences, with the telecast airing on Nickelodeon. In the leadup to Super Bowl LVIII, Nickelodeon plans another alternate telecast on Christmas Day at a game in Las Vegas. CBS Sports is presenting the main game on the CBS Television Network, also streaming it on Paramount+, in addition to the Nick-ified telecast exclusively on Nickelodeon.

CBS has announced the 16 new Houseguests who will be moving into the “Big Brother” house for Season 25, including a Deaflympics Gold Medalist, Brand Strategist, Exterminator, Geriatric Physician, Professional Flutist, Political Consultant, and a DJ from Australia. The new season kicks off with a live 90-minute premiere tonight. The series will air Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The show will also stream on Paramount+, which will also feature the 24/7 live feed.

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Some companies looking for a novel way to do some team building in the era of remote work are using “Top Gun” style simulations to rally their troops – and paying an army’s ransom to do so. Companies like

Nike, Pepsi and Bank of America, and any others, who “feel the need for speed,” can have their employees adopt call-signs like ‘Maverick’ or ‘Ice Man’ and engage in missions “to rescue your teammate and bring them home”. A company called Afterburner employs a team of former pilots, Navy SEALs and military commandos to train corporate execs to “execute with the same precision and accuracy as elite military aviators and special operations teams,” according to the company website. “Top Gun Experience” training starts at $10,000 for a small team and can climb to $100,000 for a larger one. Afterburner’s “experiential team building” exercises include a “fighter pilot simulation” designed to “help your team strengthen relationships, build trust, and improve communication.” After adopting their call-sign, team members take on roles such as “squadron commander”, and are thrust into challenging scenarios that sharpen their decision-making skills.

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Very tall buildings naturally lean toward the sun.

Birds do not sweat.

The pleasant feeling of eating chocolate is caused by a chemical called anadamide, a neurotransmitter which also is produced naturally in the brain.

There are 13 minerals found in beer that are necessary for human life.

Statistically, you are most likely to die in January, least likely in August.


Question: Stats show that 21% of us will lose THIS some time this year. What is it?

Answer: A credit or debit card

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The man who is the founder of the Enhanced Games is not only against drug testing, he is actually endorsing the use of performance-enhancing drugs. London businessman Aron D’Souza is planning a series of athletic competitions, open for anyone to apply, designed with the goal of breaking world records. He hopes to bring the Enhanced Games to life in December 2024 as an alternative to the so-called “corrupt” Olympics. D’Souza says competitors will be paid a salary, plus a “large cash prize for breaking a world record”. He claims to be creating an alternative elite sporting competition, which will give “elite athletes the choice between a life of poverty and…financial well-being.” He feels that the underpayment of athletes is the core failing of the Olympics. Athletes at the enhanced Games will be given free range to use performance-enhancing drugs

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⇒ “The soda machine at AMC was completely out of Diet Coke on Barbie opening night women are so powerful” – Emily Faye

⇒ “The hardest part of dating is having to tell your story all over again to a new person like you got accidentally hung up on by Tech Support” – Daley Haggar

⇒ “My dad just ended a conversation by saying, “it’s time for me to go sit in a different room,” and I’ll be stealing that” – Ginny Hogan

⇒ “i cant wait to make my small zit less noticeable by digging a large and horrific wound into my face” — kenzi

⇒ “It Happened To Me: I DM’d a friend and asked why I haven’t seen her online in a while and then I realized it’s because I muted her.” – Akilah Green

⇒ “I sent my best friend flowers as a thank you for planning my bachelorette party and she opened the box and there was a lizard in it. there is now a lizard loose in her house.” – S. Liz

⇒ “My husband threw away a perfectly good box as if we might not need it in 20 years.” – Jessie

⇒ “haven’t smoked weed in like 3 years and tonight I did and at first I was like oh why don’t I do this anymore it’s nice! and now i’m at the club manually breathing” – Ellie Schnitt

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People say money is not the key to happiness, but I have always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.”—Joan Rivers

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Celebrities And Public Unite For Actress Following Low Turnout At Her Play