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Dear John,

I've been living with my boyfriend for three years. Six months ago, my grandmother passed away and I inherited almost $2 million. Ever since I got the money, he's been pressuring me to cover the rent and utilities for our apartment and start putting money into a joint savings fund. I'd be happy to do this if we were married, but we're not. When we talked about marriage in the past he was always against the idea, now he thinks we should get married. I'm not sure. I still pay my half of the rent every month and have started paying for a housekeeper to come in and clean a few times a week, so our apartment is nearly always spotless and looks great. I told my boyfriend he is not entitled to my inheritance, he never even wanted to meet my grandmother. He says I'm being selfish for expecting him to still contribute to the rent when I could easily afford to pay for the whole thing.

Who's right here?


Not His Wife

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At this point, everyone knows that it’s just not good to text and drive. But what about texting and walking? A group of researchers says perhaps phones should be disabled while we are walking, to prevent accidents and injuries. Why? An experiment by Neuroscience Research Australia at the University of New South Wales found that “On any day…as many as 80% of people, both younger and older, may be head down and texting”, and these people are more likely to have accidents. The researchers observed volunteers walking in a simulated environment, with random slip hazards, while texting, or not texting. These people wore a safety harness to prevent injury, and sensors to collect their motion data. The scientists warned the volunteers about the hazard, but found that each person reacted differently. Some slowed down, some sped up in anticipation of slipping. Some slipped, and some managed to avoid the hazard altogether. This led the researchers to conclude that to better prevent accidents from texting while walking, multiple strategies may be needed. They suggest that technology could be used to detect walking — and activate a phone screen lock to prevent people texting while they’re on the move…similar to software that kicks in on some devices when you’re driving a vehicle.

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Who would have thought? It turns out that some of your favorite casino card games…could be rigged. Researchers and hackers showcased their latest findings at the annual Black Hat and Defcon security conferences in Las Vegas. And one group of researchers says they found that “Deckmate 2”, the most widely used automated shuffling machine in casinos, can be fully hijacked by plugging a small device into its USB port. Once compromised, the machine’s code can be tampered with and the order of the deck manipulated. The Deckmate 2 also has an internal camera that can be accessed, allowing the cheater to know the entire order of the deck in real time, and therefore the hand of every player at the poker table. This information can be sent to a partner via Bluetooth, who could then signal to the cheating player.


The period film “The Last Voyage of the Demeter” capsized in its debut at the domestic box office amid the ongoing success of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” After opening softly on Friday, the Dracula movie was projected for a 5th-place debut and a mere $6.5 million gross for its 3-day opening weekend. “Barbie” added $31.4 million in its 4th weekend of release, while “Oppenheimer” added another projected $17.2 million for second place over the weekend.

Kevin Costner is asking a judge to financially sanction his estranged wife amid claims she is deliberately dragging out their divorce to challenge their premarital agreement. The new filing claims Christine Baumgartner has engaged in “gamesmanship of the worst sort” as she sought to delay a hearing on the prenup. Costner claims he served her with discovery requests in May so he could “elicit her contentions as to the validity” of the premarital agreement they entered into in 2004.

Dwayne Johnson says he is “completely heartbroken” by the devastating wildfires in Hawaii. In an Instagram video, The Rock said: “Everything that I’ve seen transpire over these past couple of days, everything that continues to transpire, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, it’s all heartbreaking.” He thanked people “around the world” for their love and support, and urged those who wish to donate to Hawaii to do so by clicking a link on his profile. And Oprah has promised to make a “major donation” to the residents and areas affected by the wildfires, where the death toll has risen to 96. Winfrey also urged others to “do whatever you can,” in a video posted to Instagram.

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Judge Judy is not only one of the highest paid lawyers in the world, she is now the richest TV host in the world, says a report.

What to do with all that plastic that we hear is accumulating in the ocean – and even in our bodies? Well, it turns out that polyethylene, one of the most common plastics used today, is actually very similar in chemical structure to the chief fatty acid in soap, and a scientist at Virginia Tech has discovered a way to convert one into the other. The compound, called a surfactant, may one day be used to upcycle polyethylene plastics into soap, detergents, and more. In other good plastics news, scientists in the Netherlands have shown that the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans is far smaller than believed. Their computer analysis shows that about 3.2 million tons of plastics have made it into the ocean over the last 20 years. That’s about one-tenth the 300 million tons that some projections have estimated.

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✓ “Forty” is the only number in English that has its letters in alphabetical order.

The entire Internet weighs the same as one large strawberry.

Sitting on the toilet for 8 hours uses the same number of calories as one hour of jogging.

Official temperatures used in weather apps are taken in shade, not under sunlight.

Likely due to climate change, allergy season is getting longer and more intense each year.


Question: About 20% of kids know THIS about a parent. What is it?

Answer: Their phone passcode

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Tim W. Bliefnick, a former “Family Feud” contestant who joked about regretting marriage on the game show, received 3 life sentences in an Illinois courtroom for the murder of his wife, Rebecca. Two of Bliefnick’s life sentences stem from 2 counts of first-degree murder, while the third life sentence is for his conviction of home invasion. There will be no opportunity for parole, credit for time served, or possibility of release. He was found guilty 2 months ago.

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Picking the optimum time to do things can make a real difference. Here’s when to do what, according to experts . . .

See a therapist: 9am. Both you and your therapist are relatively fresh and you should still be able to remember your dreams. The therapist won’t yet be rubbed raw by other people’s problems, either.

Go on a date: Keep it light with a late-morning coffee date, a lunch or early afternoon walk in nature. Daytime dates tend to be shorter, so you can be flexible with how things develop.

Do homework: Come home, relax for half an hour, have a snack, and get it done before dinner time. Any later and it drags into the evening, becoming a dreaded task that you put off.

Watch a movie: There are 3 “best times” for going to the theater. For groups of 3 or more, it is after 9pm, following a meal together. For 2 people on a date – it’s 6pm and you eat afterwards and have something to talk about. Going on your own? Go in the daytime, avoiding the crowds.

Work out: Although a morning training session can be more productive and improve your mood for the day, energy and performance tends to improve later on. Try a session at around 6pm, when your hormones are at their optimum level.

Have sex: Morning. Why? Studies show your stress response improves with recent intercourse. Your energy levels are higher, and you’ll boost your oxytocin levels, increasing feelings of bonding, trust and relaxation, which is a pretty good way to start the day.

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Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” —Robert Benchley

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Family Donates Over 200 Anti-Choking Devices To Schools After Christmas Gift Saves Man's Life